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Darshan at Brindavan, 21st -2006

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today the 21st of may, a Sunday and as we reach the ashram the time is around 6:30am.The sun has risen and is already shining brightly already at this time ,on the gate there is a banner which says KERALA SAI YOUTH SADHANA participants: Sai students ,sai teachers, doctors and Para medical staff ,all from Kerala state.
The gate is decorated with plantain leaf cutouts, as we enter we can see colourfull small triangle flags fluttering all along the portico, on the entrance to Sai Ramesh hall there are pretty colourfull umbrellas attached to the wall of the hall all around, The Saraswati idol is decorated with fresh garlands and roses.
Inside the hall below the clock facing the stage is a huge banner which says WE LOVE YOU SWAMI, and all along the roof are long rocket shaped colourfull shining cloth hangings with the sarva dharma symbol on top of each and all along the sides are plantain tree cuttings ,on the stage we can see the beautiful decked floral arrangements ,covering the pillars on stage, and small brass lamps are hung all along the stage lights with two long brass Kerala lamps on the sides too... looks beautiful.. inside on a few pillars are words
SAI lence please asking all to be quiet.
The hall is getting filled with delegates wearing orange scarves sitting in the front reserved for them today chanting the Sai GAYATRI and pretty soon the gents side about three fourth hall is filled with them. The time is 7:15am and the token lines are allowed in but only a few are accommodated with the rest sitting in the hall outside. On the other entrances too there are banners saying
All are seated and eagerly waiting for the programme to begin ,and we see the lights are on followed by darshan music at around 8 am.
chanting of OM>>OM>>>OM>>>> begins followed by Balavinayaka bhajan ,and soon we see movement behind the stage curtain and SWAMI makes his grand entry on stage, walks till the railing and is soon seated....
Bhajan singing continues till the 3rd bhajan and soon there is silence and we hear an announcement that Bhagwaan has showered his grace on an I.A.S officer on deputation with the Government of Kerala and we invite him to share his experiences with us today..........................................................
Soon there is movement on stage with a student arranging table ,mike etc;
The officer comes on stage seeks Swamis permission and begins his talk with OM SREE SAI RAM.......... Mr. LAL coming from a communist background from kerala, spoke about how when he was 8 years old ,he got a disease called meningitis and his parents took him to a doctor who told them that ,we had 2 similar cases and both the patients died, so you please pray to God to save him.My father was a Shiva devotee and mother a Shakti devotee and they both prayed and the result is before you that today i am alive and speaking before you and the living Shiva Shakti avatar of this age.
He also spoke about how Swami transformed him from......... an
I...A...S... meaning I -for ego.... A- for anyone else and S- for service into the reverse S- service,,, A,,, any other person and then I - the self..........
he narrated how it took him 18 years after that to come close to Swami.
How swami helped him when he was in the interview for ias and also when he was on deputation in Bihar as election observer, He had recommended the expulsion of a Goonda candidate, who on knowing this called him and told him at 10;30 pm that we are coming to meet you.... Mr lal got scared and was praying to swami to save him, he had a picture of Swami in his pocket which he kept on the table, waiting for them to arrive .Soon they came with 5 goondas and as they were seated in the hall one of them seeing Swamis photo got up and said OM SAI RAM my god even goondas are swamis devotees i thought... and soon they told him that they had come to tell him that don't worry this area is of Maoists but nothing will happen to you here we shall protect you..... the person whom he recommended to disqualify a sai devotee stood and WON the election and nothing happened to me even as riots broke out and even a top cop was killed in this rioting... thank Swami.... .......
He even spoke how Swami arranged his marriage also with a Sai devotee.... next he spoke about how Sai helped his transfer from Orissa to Kerala his home state and how he won the case of his transfer in the supreme court of India ....... and soon there are loud claps in the hall.
He ended his talk with a message to the youth of today not to waste this wonderful Golden opportunity of coming close to the TRUE LIVING AVATAR of our age and surrender at his lotus feet ....... he comes and bows to SWAMI ,who with a circular motion of his hands materialises divine VIBHOOTI for Mr Lal and lovingly puts some in his pocket too......... loud clapping from all.
The time is 8;50 am there is silence and soon the music starts with chanting of Vakratunda Mahakaaya Surya Kooti Samapraabha........ an invocation to lord Ganesh followed by Classical Bhajan singing......Swami seems to enjoy this till about 9;15 am when we hear OM JAI JAGDISH HARE SWAMI...........
Aarti is taken SWAMI gets up turns and slowly walks back .....NARAYANA >NARAYANA >OM jai satguru devaa.......... om Shanti Shanti shanthi..... Swami is slowly moving towards TRAYEE... and the stage lights are switched off ....... it was a wonder full talk on how SWAMI showers his grace on his true devotees but only at the right time maybe even our time may come soon now or maybe after a few years or maybe even after a few more births who knows only SWAMI knows till then we can only pray to SWAMI to please bless us too........................

SAIRAM ..............Sanju

Source: SBOI

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