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Sri Sathya Sai   - Darshan 6th Sep.

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 at around 2.40 p.m. Swami drove out towards the construction area. Swami came back very soon back to Ashram. Right close to the main gate Swami accepted a letter from a devotee from inside of His car and from far away it appeared as if He also talked to the devotee.
In the evening Swami came at around 3.55 a.m. after the full round of Sai Kulwant Swami's car stopped near the Interview room i.e. on the portico. Swami also went inside the interview room after sometime Swami came out and went inside the Bhajan mandir. The Bhajans started at 5.a.m. after the customry Aarthi Swami came out walking toward His car which by now was parked on the portico. The angle of the car is such that many devotees sitting inside the Sai Kulwant hall cannot see Swami but there are others sitting at the right spots and angles do get good look at Swami alighting His car. Swami's car drove towards His residence and after a minute's drive Swami's car halted outside Swami's residences main enterance. At this time most of the men side was up on their feets and crowded near the centre inner wall of Sai Kulwant hall, the reason for this is simple becauces this is the best place/angle for "ordinary" devotees sitting inside the SAI Kulwant hall  to see Swami when He alights from His car and walks back i.e. towards His residence quarters.


The Onam decoration on the main gate were taken off today after the evening darshan, also, at around 7.10 p.m. one could see Seva dal wrapping the Onam buntings etc beside Swami's residence that is, near the gate of building adjacent to Swami's residnece.     

Today is a multi weather day in Puttaparthi most of the day its been moderately warm and humid but at around 7.15 p.m. the sky was thundering and one could clearly see the lighting bolts in the sky then the wind started blowing pretty heavly and the lights went off all over, for few moments the whole ashram was pitch black dark but it din't lasted for very long and the lights came back. However the weather had to show some more "colors" yet! it started down pouring...  All in a relief from the warm weather and the roads etc got a wash over.

Below are few of the latest pictures of putaparthi weather & the indoor stadium near the Sai Gita shed & planetarium building, the construction is in full swing. Swami has been visiting this construction site lately and this has been a boon for many Sai Devotees. Every time Swami visits this site, the devotees rush to the main road to get the car darshan.


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