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Car Darshan 1st Sep. Photos:
Swami's  car driving  outside on the main road
of Puttaparthi, outside the Ashram compound.

August 31, 2006 - Prasanthi Bulletin

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1st Sep. Latest Photos:
Ganesh Chaturthi and Immersion Day - Images

August 31, 2006                    Upcoming event: 5th September Onam

It was the fifth day after 'Ganesh Chathurthi' and Swami had instructed that the Ganesha idols worshipped for the past 5 days, be immersed in water. About 20 chariots and palanquins, each hosting a benevolent, richly painted and decorated Ganesha, were ready to go in a procession from the senior boys' hostel. The making of the chariots and palanquins deserve a special mention. Each of them was conceptualised, designed and built by Swami's students working as teams. Tremendous creativity, hard work and many sleepless nights went into their making. What was the common driving force? It was Swami, of course. Each one wanted to please Him and hence hardships don't matter.

The procession which started from the senior boys' hostel reached the Mandir at around 3:20 P.M. Even the medical team from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences and General Hospital and the staff at the airport joined, with their Ganeshas in chariots. All the chariots were aligned and positioned from the Ladies gate right up to the East Prashanthi entrance! They were so many in number, with chariots from the Primary and Secondary schools and the Ashram, joining the rest. Everyone eagerly waited for Swami. He came out of Yajur Mandir at 3:40 P.M and inspected every chariot placed on the left side of the path His car took. After Swami sat in the portico, a couple of His school students dressed up as Lord Siva and Ganesha, approached Him. Swami gave a sweet smile which conveyed His amusement on seeing them.

This was followed by a small skit by His students which highlighted the meaning behind the immersion of the Ganesha idols in water. Firstly, the act of building the chariot together promotes the spirit of brotherhood and harmony. The act of immersion of these idols made out of mud, have a deeper import. When immersed, the idol which is made out of mud, loses its form, and becomes mud again. It comes from mud and goes back as mud. Similarly, we all come from God and are journeying back to God, and the physical body is but a temporary vehicle for this journey. This subtle message was brought out through the skit.

Thereafter, Swami permitted all the students and staff to go around the Mandir while He Himself was seated at the centre. What a joy it was to each one! To see a lovely smile on Swami's face as His children walked towards Him. Finally, each of the chariots was brought to the centre of the Kulwant hall. Swami blessed every chariot and instructed them to go ahead with the immersion. With hearts filled, they lead their Ganeshas. After sometime, Bhagawan wanted Prasaadam to be distributed. Swami went into the Bhajan hall at 4:50 P.M. Bhajans commenced at 5:15 P.M and the joyful day concluded with Aarathi to Bhagawan at 5:40 P.M.

Prasanthi Bulletin




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