Eye witness account from New Delhi

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Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Delhi visit

Eye witness account from New Delhi



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Eye witness account from New Delhi - Sai Darshan - Day 1
 "Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

Sai greetings from Delhi. All these years, when ever Swami went away, I used to bid Him farewell from Parthi but this time, under miraculous conditions, I ended up going to Delhi, 7 hours before Swami's arrival, to receive Him to Delhi.

It is my first visit to the capital city of India. Delhi, like any other city is quite busy. Being the capital city, one would find lots of happening in the streets. Delhi which has a great historic past, has seen lots of ups and downs like any of us. Delhi has given shelter to great men like Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru etc.. you name them, they would have some thing or other in common with Delhi.

This April Delhi was blessed with the divine visit of our beloved Lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who out of immense grace and compassion answered the prayers of His beloved devotees.

Swami is visiting Delhi after 11 years and there was quite obvious curiosity in the public about His visit. Swami was scheduled to stay in Sri Sathya Sai International center in Lodhi Road. The venue was beautifully decorated. Right from morning there were thousands waiting in the queue. The security personnel were seen lined up and keeping a close vigil over the surroundings and more alert were our Sevadals.


The darshan place within the compound of Sathya Sai International Center was beautifully decorated with various flowers. Beautiful carpets were put and the devotees only with the pass were allowed to get in the compound which had a seating capacity of about 3000 devotees.

Anxiety mount up as the arrival time of our beloved Lord was getting closer and closer. Swami this time took a Kingfisher flight from Parthi airport and the flight carrying the bhajan boys, some selected (blessed) devotees landed in Delhi at about 4:45pm and by the time Swami came into the venue it was 5:45pm.

Before Swami's arrival bhajans started at 5pm and out side the hall a band was ready and also balvikas children were lined up to welcome Swami. Swami received a grand welcome as the band was played and the children chanted Vedas.

Swami, after alighting from His car, directly went to His room and after five minutes came out to bless His chosen one with His divine darshan. When Swami entered the premises, Swagatam Suswagatam song was sung, thanking Swami for His visit and making this place holier. Every one who were thrilled to see Swami in their home town and almost every one there in the crowd were shedding tears of joy after seeing our Lord, which is always a treat to the eyes..

After listening to the song for about 10 minutes Swami asked for arathi. While the samastha loka prayer was chanted, Swami raised both His hands to bless the gathering. While chanting Shanthi, Shanthi Shanthi, Swami pressed His hand down for every Shanthi and that was treat to the eyes.

Swami will be giving public darshans upto 14th April excluding the 11th in Dwaraka at about 3 pm.

Swami is scheduled to go to North Indian KODAI, Shimla to inaugurate a beautiful "Sai temple" -
Anand Vilas (photo attached  which is eagerly waiting for the divine energy to be instilled. Not sure how long Swami will be staying there in Shimla.

From tomorrow, Swami will be having a busy schedule as scores of top political leaders are expected to have His darshan.

With Pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,..." submitted to


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Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Delhi visit


 Eye witness account from New Delhi - Day 2

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family

The second day of Swami's Delhi visit was completely divine yet another beautiful day. Swami showered grace in abundance on all of us and the Delhi people were deeply touched by His kind gesture.

The morning darshan was in Lodhi Road, Sri Sathya Sai International center. All the 3000 plus devotees were seated in the little darshan area by 7am.The whole area is very well put up. Delhi is boiling hot now and there was a cloth roofing in the darshan area. There were also fans put up which was very nice.

After about 30 minutes of Veda chanting, the bhajans started at 9am. Ladies and gents were singing bhajans in turns and the whole atmosphere was fully charged and all eyes glued to the entrance of Swami's Delhi Abode.

Swami's abode is right next to the darshan hall and we feel as if we are almost THERE when you are seated in darshan here in Delhi. Words are not enough to appreciate the hard work put in by the Delhi Sathya Sai Organisation and especially Mr. Cheema who has been working tirelessly for the success of this trip.

Swami's trip to a place is not a small thing. There need to be very very apt co-ordination between many things be it the local government, police, municipal authorities etc. People who have worked under the direct supervision know how APT and accurate one has to be when it comes to Swami.
Swami blessed the gathering at about 10:45am. Swami came out in His car chair and went the little dais. Swami was seated on the dais for about 15 minutes after which arathi was given to Swami and Swami then blessed the Prasad for distribution.
Swami then moved to the adjacent building in the compound. Little school children had a small dance programme with theme Unity and after 30 minutes or so Swami retired to His abode after granting padanamaskars, blessing to some devotees. Swami's Delhi darshans are not like Prasanthi, Kodai or whitefield where in He moves among the devotees. Here in Delhi, AS OF NOW He is just coming on to the dais and on the way to the dais, some devotees are getting chance for sparshan and sambhashan to others it is only darshan which itself is a rare privilege.

In the morning, Sri.S.K.Birla, Sri.Sunil Mittal, the CEO of AIRTEL took Swami's blessings.

Evening Darshan:

The whole of Delhi was looking forward to evening darshan as it was open for general public. The DDA grounds where the evening darshan was scheduled, attracted lots of crowd. The ground is almost one and half size of our hill view stadium in Parthi. There was a huge dais put up for Swami.

The crowd were let in after 2pm. There were at least 500 to 600 sevadals on duty along with hundreds of police. As it was in the mid day, the sun was showing His power. It was very very hot. The Delhi Sai organization has done its best to make every one happy. Green carpet was put up and all the devotees were asked to sit on the ground. The top of the seating area was covered and that saved us from perspiring. There were large table fans put up and sevadals were running with 200 ml water packets quenching the thirst of devotees.

The gathering would have been some where close to 75000 devotees, men and women, children and old. Before Swami's arrival, bhajans were sung. In between the bhajans there were so many announcements about missing children, family members etc. There were about 10 fire engines ready in case of any mis-happening. A large team of doctors and paramedical were also ready to help the devotees. The atmosphere was completely charged up. Being in Parthi, I many times take Swami's darshan for granted. After seeing these thousands to just have a glimpse of our Bhagawan, I felt very touched.

The stage as I said was huge. The stage was made of maroon cloth on the outer side and on the inside there was a huge symbol of bright shining sun.
Swami arrived at the venue at 6pm from behind the stage. There were huge screens put up for live video darshan and it was just amazing.
As soon as Swami came on to the dais, Swagatam song was sung and after wards Swami was wheeled down the dais. We all were thinking that Swami would come in between the devotees but Swami was actually making way for a beautiful play to start. Swami sat in a position where in He was facing more towards the stage (drama) and a tiny bit towards the devotees.

A beautiful play by tiny tots was enacted. The play was based on human values, respect for elders and more importantly wise usage of money.

The story revolved around a grand ma and her little grand son Gautam whose parents died in an accident. Grand ma is a tailor and inspite of her old age and unable to walk she stitches clothes to make her living and also give education to her grand son. One day all the school children decide to go to fair. Poor Gautam didn't have any money. Grand ma after much difficulty manages to give 40 rupees to the child. After the child goes to the fair, he sees all the attractions there. Sweets, circus, balloons,magic show, ice creams etc. He also sees other children buying toys, sweets etc. His friends laugh at him and call him a miser for not spending money.
poor Gautam bears all the evil talk and finally he comes to a shop where the shopkeeper is selling walking stick. He goes upto the shop keeper and asks for the price of the best walking stick and the shop keeper says 120 rupees. Gautam is surprised and says 120 rupees is too much. The shop keeper then says ok I will give for 100 rupees and that is the last price. Poor Gautam starts thinking now.He takes 40 rupees from his pocket and gives it to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper initially says no but later on realizes the noble intention behind it and gives sells the same for 40 rupees.

Happily he goes home and grandma asks Gautam as what he ate, where he played, what he saw etc . and when Gautam shows the walking stick, grandma is very touched. She replies if all the grand children have this love and sacrifice there won’t be any elderly people in tears.

The whole drama was fantastic, with nice light effects, the music was excellent. Needless to say the grand ma and Gautam characters were highlight of the show. Swami was very touched by their acting. The fair reminded of Swami's story in His childhood where in He was in a similar situation.
Swami then went upto the children, who were about 150 of them with dancers, support artists etc and blessed them with a group photograph.

It was 7pm by then and Swami left for His Delhi Abode in Sri Sathya Sai International Center thus ending yet another beautiful day and the devotees were thrilled to see our beloved Lord in their own DELHI..

With pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,..."submitted to

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Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Delhi visit


Eye witness account from New Delhi - Day 3

11th April 2010 DELHI DAY 3 Darshan Update

"Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

As Swami is giving beautiful and blissful darshans making every one feel light and cool, the temperature outside is very very hot. Heat waves are blowing in North India and yesterday Delhi witnessed temperature of 43 degrees. For some time I felt Parthi is far better even in temperature point of view.

Being Sunday April 11th, the crowd was very huge. Many non-pass holders made unsuccessful attempts to get into the premises of Sri Sathya Sai International Center, where Swami is giving darshans in the morning, but in vain.

The hall was packed by 7:30am half hour after opening the darshan gates. The floral decorations were mesmerizing. The hard work of sevadals was clearly visible in the form of most beautiful decorations and arrangements.

The Veda chanting started at 8:30am for half hour and then bhajans commenced. Mr.Sinha, the former finance minister was present for this morning's darshan. Mr.(retd chief Justice of supreme court) Bhagawathi was also present along with other dignitaries.

Every one were eagerly waiting for Swami's arrival down stairs. Swami out of His immense grace and love blessed us with His divine darshan at 10:55 am. Clad in His usual orange robe, seated on the golden colour car chair, Swami came to the darshan area. His face was glowing, infact more beautiful than the rising sun. what a great fortune. Two eyes are not enough to see our beautiful Lord. Every time I have Swami's darshan, I always think, I should have His beautiful form in my mind INTACT, but after He goes, I just forget that beautiful form.

When Swami comes out, we are in a fix as what to see. Should we see His beautiful smile, should we see His beautiful hair, Holy feet or for that matter even His beautiful car chair. At the end we forget as what to see or as what we saw.

This morning Swami came out for darshan at 10:45am, a cool breeze blew very softly. His beautiful hair started dancing. Very slowly Swami adjusts His hair. He does that in a very royal way. Looking at the devotees, He gives a sweet smile. Justice Bhagawathi was seated on a chair. Swami very sweetly smiles at Him and holds His hands as a symbol of love. It was beautiful scene. Swami identifies His devotees where ever you are no matter how crowded that place might be. Swami likes His devotees. He will never make them unhappy. After all it is only to make us, the devotees, happy He has come all the way to Delhi .

Swami accepts letters from devotees. The car chair slowly moves in the slightly elevated narrow path which heads towards the dais. Swami, for the first time, making everyone of us happy, came down the dais, to move amongst His devotees. How loving. Every one were taken back by this sudden decision by Swami. Everyone started to get more and more anxious. Swami looks at every one. Those looks were so soothing and full of love. When you see Swami, He is never in a hurry. He always asks us to avoid hurry, worry and curry. Very gently, Swami's car chair moved amongst devotees. Every one were in tears. Those living in Delhi and couldn't make it to Parthi for darshan were much more happy. Those tears of joy were very clearly visible. Swami's SAILENCE itself makes a big statement, the message is passed, the prayer is answered.

Like the great saint Ramana Maharshi, in the recent past Swami is becoming more and more silent. This is only to take us IN. To look into our inner self. To see the Swami who is very much in us.

After taking a full round, Swami came on to the dais. He was in the dais for about 25 minutes and arathi was given to Swami at 11:30am. On His way back to His abode, Swami again blessed devotees who were seated by His abode. A great morning spent in the company of our beloved Lord.

In the evening Swami blessed us with an early darshan. Swami came at 4:30pm and spent more than 30 minutes on the dais. Swami was scheduled to attend a private meeting with dignitaries in Malvankar hall near the Indian Parliament.

Swami's convoy left for the venue at about 5pm. Even while getting into the car, Swami granted darshan to devotees. Sevadals especially had a beautiful darshan as Swami's car was parked behind the dais. Swami smiled at them, a symbol of appreciation for all the hard work they have put in and for making His stay (more importantly His devotees stay) comfortable.

I was told that Mr. Sunil Mittal, CEO of Airtel and Prof.Venkatraman gave a talk in Malvankar Hall and later Swami stopped by Kulwanth Rais house before coming back to Sri Sathya Sai International Center at about 8pm

With Pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,..."
submitted to SBOI-Group

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Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Delhi visit


Eye witness account from New Delhi - Day 4
"The fourth day of Swami's Delhi trip was a busy one for Swami. Swami blessed the august gathering assembled in Sri Sathya Sai International center around 10:20am. There were murmurs among the devotees that Swami is going out for another meeting after the morning darshan.

Before Swami came out for darshan, Sri.Sushil Kumar Shinde, the union power minister, a powerful leader from the state of Maharashtra took Swami's blessings in the verandah of International center. Swami after blessing him came out to bless the august assembly.

As bhajans were sung, Swami came on to the dais and after listening the bhajans for about 30 minutes, arathi was given and Swami directly went upto His car and left for the famous Lotus temple. There were reports that Swami visited Retd. Justice Bhagawathi's house and Swami and the group of students and officials had lunch at Justice Bhagawathi's house and Swami returned to His abode in Sri Sathya Sai International Center at 2:30pm.

A public darshan was scheduled in DDA grounds in Dwaraka. Many people were already started assembling by the venue and at about 3pm message was passed to inform all the devotees that the afternoon darshan was cancelled. Every thing has to happen according to His will and probably it was not meant to be have His darshan in DDA grounds.

Thus ended the fourth day of Swami's stay in Delhi

With Pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,..." submitted to

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Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Delhi visit


Eye witness account from New Delhi - Day 5
"Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

The fifth day of Swami's Delhi also coincided with Baisakhi festival. Today morning about 1000 poor people were selected for Swami's blessings. There was a Narayana Seva that was scheduled this morning. All the Narayanas were let in through separate gate. Men and women were seated on either side along with other devotees.

This morning also witnessed a bee line of politicians. At 9am Sri.Shivaraj Patel, a long time devotee of Swami also former Minister of Home Affairs came to Sri Sathya Sai International Center. Later Sri.Praful Patel, Minister of civil Aviation followed him. Bhajan singer Suresh wadekar was also seen along with ministers from Andhra Pradesh, Mrs.Geetha Reddy and Marri Sasidhar Reddy.

The hall was packed very soon this morning. As the days are passing by the number of devotees is also increasing.

The veda chanting started at 8:30am until 9:15am. The bhajans were going on. It was 10am, 10:30 and in no time it was 11am. Every one were eagerly awaiting the arrival of our beloved Lord. The bhajan singers started to plead Swami to bless with divine darshan,through their bhajans like Aavo aavo Sai Hamare. They even sang the bhajan Aana hi padega Baba aana hi padega (Baba you have to come and give us darshan) Shirdi se aavo ya Parthi se aavo (no matter you come from Shirdi or Parthi) Mathura se aavao ya ayodhya se aavo (no matter you come from Mathura or Ayodhya),Mecca se aavo ya madina se aavo (You may come from Mecca or Madina). Every one were singing this song full throated as many of us had the doubt, what if darshan is cancelled this morning.

At 11:45 the most auspicious moment of this morning arrived and here was our beautiful Lord coming out to dip us in the ocean of bliss, to take us to Sai paradisewhere it is all smiles and smiles. Sri.Shivaraj Patil and Sri.Praful Patel took Swami's blessings and Swami moved on to the dais.

All the beneficiaries of today's Narayana Seva were eagerly waiting for this momentous moment. After seeing Swami their happiness knew no bounds. For many of them it was their first darshan. Due to poverty they hadn't been to Parthi but they were very much in Sai Fold. Swami knew their situation. Swami answered their prayers, by making a physical visit to Delhi. Every one in the hall were praying to Swami to come down the dais like yesterday. Every one of us want to have close darshan of Swami and our omniscient Lord, very kindly came down the dais. While Sevadals were distributing the gifts, Swami went close to the devotees and blessed them. Every one were amazed to see Swami from so close. Swami was equally happy to see them happy. As Swami always says, Your happiness is My happiness. How true that statement was.

After a full round darshan Swami came on to the dais and arathi was given to Swami at 12:35. Swami directly went upto His car and drove to a devotees house to bless the family.

Yesterday (12 april) evening Swami visited the forgotten prime minister of yester years, Veteran Sri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Sri Vajpayee , is an ardent devotee of Swami and has come to Bhagawan many times during his prime ministerial tenure. Every one would remember his gracious presence during the opening of Super specialty hospital in Bangalore and if I am right he even came for the first anniversary of the hospital.

Mr.Vajpayee whose health is in a bad condition now, according to the reports was thrilled to see Swami. Any one in his place would be very touched to have Lord of the Lords visiting you when you are bed ridden. Blessed is Sri. Vajpayee by Bhagawan and his life is sanctified and all his struggle and sacrifice has bore the fruit by the divine visit..

The evening darshan is scheduled in Dwaraka and tomorrow (the 14 april) Swami is expected to visit Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar School , Kalkagi area at 10:30 am.

With pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,..." submitted to

Eye witness account from New Delhi - Day 6
Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

The day 6th of Swami's Delhi visit is also the last day officially even though He will still grant darshan to Delhites on 15th morning before He takes the flight to Shimla.

Day 6, had Mr.L.K.Advani and family along with Nazma heptullah waiting for darshan. Being the last day, every one made sure they were THERE to have darshan of Swami as no one were sure as when He is going to come back physically to Delhi.

Swami blessed the gathering with His divine darshan at 10:15am. Swami's car chair moved very slowly today, blessing every one with His abhaya hasta and smiling at every one. After staying on stage for about 15 minutes Arathi was offered to Swami and Swami as scheduled left for Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, a beautiful all girls, school run by the Delhi Sai devotees.

The school is situated in Kalka Ji area. Swami's convoy left at 10:30 from Lodhi Road. Starting from a beautiful posh area with neat roads, the convoy entered into a very DIFFERENT Delhi where the roads were shabby. The area seemed to be a locality of lower middle class families and the infrastructure sounded poorer than our next door Bukkapatnam town near Parthi. The convoy passed through under construction roads, wine shops, non-vegetarian food counters and then from no where this beautiful building is appears. The first sight of this beautiful school takes you to Parthi. The paintings on the walls and the shape of the school resembled that of Swamis school buildings and there was a pyramid shape roof with a Lotus on the top.

Just as Lotus blossoms in dirty water but is untouched with the surroundings, this school is Mattilo Manikyam as they say in telugu.

Beautiful arrangements were made for every one. Two large screens were put up and the girls of this Sai School were very very disciplined and the teachers were very vigilant on every child. Swami's seat was arranged right in the middle of the ground facing the dais. A beautiful drama, based on the life of Swami was enacted by the little girls.

Back home in Andhra Pradesh, in the recent past it has become a new trend, for telugu speaking people to use some English words here and there even though it is not necessary and many times it is to SHOW OFF that they know English. This beautiful drama which was in English had few telugu words here and there which was so sweet to listen. The drama started with the birth of little Sathya and the leelas He did in His childhood. The most famous incident that happened, when little Sathya was asked to circumambulate around the Hanuman statue and the way Hanuman Himself appeared and apologized Swami was enacted very well.

Another incident of the British officer who hunts down a tiger was also beautifully done. The jeep in which he was travelling was shown and it seemed as though it was a real jeep.

In between there was bangra dance which depicted all the service activities taken up by Swami.

The whole play was fantastic and Swami enjoyed every bit of it.

Around 12:10 arathi was offered to Swami after which Swami went to the school building and all the children had beautiful darshan there inside the main building. Swami spent about 30 minutes with them and after quick lunch left for a devotees's house.


Yesterday evening itself it was announced that darshan in Dwaraka grounds is cancelled. Swami blessed all of us with His divine darshan at 7:15pm in Sri Sathya Sai International Center. Like in the morning, Swami looked at each and every one assembled there. Delhi darshans have been beautiful. Very close and one to one. Swami went on to the dais and later preferred to go to the devotees assembled there. Swami took a full round of the hall. Even people seated in the last line had close darshan and when Swami came so close the devotees happiness knew no bounds. Every body were crying and they were crying loudly for their beloved Sai Ma. It was very touching to see the Creator and Creation share this kind of bond. Swami accepted maximum letters and looked at every one smiling.

As it was the last day, devotees were very very happy and Swami made their day worthwhile.

At about 8pm Swami went back to His abode after arathi, for the day thus ending yet another beautiful day.

Students who accompanied Swami have left by bus to Shimla and Swami and about 15 devotees would be flying to the hill station Shimla around 11:30 am tomorrow the 15th April, 2010.

According to the reports, Swami will be flying back to Delhi from Shimla on 17 afternoon. Delhi tes will have one darshan on the 17th evening and one more on 18th April (Swami willing) after which Swami will be leaving to His (bodys) HOME TOWN, Puttaparthi which according to some friends, is getting BIT restless because of His absence.

With Pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord, submitted to
Eye witness account from New Delhi - Day 7
Om Sairam dearest Sai family,

15th April 2010 was unofficially the 7th day of Swami's stay in New Delhi. All arrangements were made for Swami's departure to Shimla. This morning, only sevadals were allowed for darshan. They were about 2500 of them. Many sevadals came from far off places like Rajastan, Bihar, maharastra etc and I was speaking to the District President of Bhilwara, Rajasthan, Mr.R.K.Modi who came with largest number of sevadals from an area. He was saying that some sevadals who are with the group were very very poor. They had no money even to eat 2 meals a day. In spite of all the life's adverse TESTS, out of love for Swami they have come all the way to serve Him and not worried if they will get to see Him or not. What can be said about such devotion? The pinnacle, acme of devotion. There were many sevadals who were assigned duties at a place where they had no chance to have Swami's darshan.

For those humble souls, Swami's exclusive evadal darshan was a welcome gesture. After all they are also devotees like us who have the urge to have darshan of our Lord. This morning, Swami blessed the Sri Sathya Sai International center darshan hall with His divine darshan at 9:15 am.

Just 30 minutes before Swami's arrival for darshan, Prof.Anil Kumar and party left for Delhi Airport. Only Sri.Srinivasan was left with Swami and Swami went on to the dais and sat there looking and appreciating the hard work put up by sevadal brothers and sisters.

After about 3 bhajans Arathi was offered to Swami and immediately after Arathi, Swami got into His Toyota Estima to head towards the Delhi airport. Even while getting into the car, Swami raised His abhaya hasta to sevadal brothers and Delhi police, who were on duty by the main gate. Every one were so thrilled to see Swami so close and very rarely one would get a chance to see Swami while He gets into the car. While the car chair was taking Him in, Swami very slowly gazed at every one of us. Though there were about 200 people around the car, there was pin drop silence. Every one were immersed completely in the beautiful Form. Every one were praying for the car chair to become standstill at least for few seconds so that they would have more darshan of our Lord.
There was one sevadal brother with rose and Swami blessed him by touching the flower. There was one more brother with another rose and Swami blessed him as well. Swami was holding about 3 or 4 vibhuthi packets in His hand and one of the brothers got one packet while Swami's car chair was slowly getting into the car.
Swami signaled SriSrinivasan to get into the front seat next to the driver. The signal was so minute, just a slight move of eyelid and the most experienced Sri Srinivasan received the divine command and the door slowly closed. Every one were so happy on this holy sight. It was just magnificent, un believable, matchless and DIVINE.

Swami's convoy headed towards the airport which is 20 minutes drive from Lodhi road. This evening THIS BODY would be heading back to Parthi.

Thank you Swami for letting me immerse in the ANANDA SAGARA FOR SIX DAYS. These days were the most memorable days with Swami. The darshans were beautiful. Swami is very kind.. THANK YOU MY LORD..

Special appreciation goes to Sri.Cheema and Group for the excellent arrangements they made for Swami and His devotees. This was a perfect TEAM WORK. Only Swami can make this happen. There was zero error in all aspects. The devotees were very well taken care. The sevadals were very understanding , kind and most importantly smiling all the way.
Above all Swami was so kind to grant darshan at various venues. Visit His beloved ones homes. Even though there was no divine discourse delivered any where, the MESSAGE was passed to every one. Swami's message of LOVE and SERVICE is going to be more rigorous from now on. Very soon the BIG CHANGE is going to happen and Swami will be the happy MOTHER seeing Her children leading the path that She had shown..

We love You Swami.. Hoping to see You soon in Parthi

With Pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,...submitted to SBOI-Group  

by Satish Naik

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