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Sri Sathya Sai Third World Youth Conference
July 26-28, 2007

Read: 29th July: CLOSING CEREMONY OF YOUTH CONFERENCE excerpts from Swami's discourse sent by a devotee


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It is out of Truth that the entire creation is made by God and the whole of the cosmos merges back into the Principle of Truth. There is no place anywhere where there is no Truth. That is the pure unsullied non-dual Truth. ….Everything has emerged out of this Principle of Truth. Nothing can ever happen without this Truth. That Truth is in the possession of only One…Bhagawan Himself… exhorted Bhagawan to the Youth and the thousands of others gathered in Sai Kulwant Hall in a fitting finale to the three day Sri Sathya Sai World Youth Conference while delivering the valedictory Divine Discourse. In a rarity Divine Discourse Bhagawan touched upon various aspects that would lead humanity ultimately to attain the final goal, Self-Realisation. He repeated His famous aphorism Less Luggage More Comfort stressing the point to cut down attachment to reach man’s self-state of bliss. Humanity would experience the Divinity latent if they would follow Bhagawan’s words and procedures laid down in His teachings. Referring to the presence of the thousands gathered in Prasanthi Nilayam, especially the Youth from various countries and their love for Bhagawan, He said: Bhagawan is extremely happy and if they were happy anywhere Bhagawan would continue to be happy. There is no greater or higher medicine beyond Love. Bhagawan’s Love is the most powerful medicine that everyone needs. Be Peaceful, Be Happy, Live in Harmony as you live in a family, urged Bhagawan to the Youth of the World.

The Ideal Sai Youth has the head of Shankara, the heart of Buddha and the hands of Janaka, said Mr. Shitu Chudasama expressing grateful thanks to Bhagawan for the wonderful opportunity the Youth have been blessed to have during the three day conference in Prasanthi Nilayam. Commencing the proceedings of the valedictory function for the three day conference Mr. Shitu Chudasama summarised the collective wisdom shared by eminent speakers during the three day conference.

Devotion alone is not enough; transformation is the need of the hour; transformation has four facets: Love God, Fear Sin, Lead a Moral Life and Perform Selfless Service.

The easiest way to experience God is through selfless service and its real value is that it transforms us. Let’s remember that we are walking temples of God and that it is an honour that we are Messengers of Sai. Swami! The Youth are ready. The time is now. Let’s be the force to bring about individual and world-wide transformation. Swami has said: Give me just one youth, strong in character and I can change the destiny of the whole wide world. Let each one of us make the pledge today to become that one youth strong with character. Let each one of us unconditionally say “yes” to Swami, for He is our true friend, He is our best friend. On this final day of the Sri Sathya Sai World Youth Conference let us resolve to choose any one of His Teachings and practise it diligently in our lives.
My Dear Brothers and Sisters!
Take back the Message of Sai Love to your countries and be the torch-bearers of His Message and remember!
Never hesitate to say that God lives in Prasanthi Nilayam…advised Chudasama to the World Sai Youth.

Dr. Narendranath Reddy, a practising endocrinologist from the United States, Director of Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation, President of Sri Sathya Sai Society of America while profusely thanking Bhagawan for all the guidance and in-depth detail involvement right from the conception of the idea six months behind the scheduled conference through to the successful completion of the same urged the Youth quoting the famous Jesus aphorism, Many are called, Few are chosen “ You are the blessed and fortunate one’s who have been chosen”. Calling the entire event a unique exposure of Unity in Diversity, he thanked all who associated and helped during the run-up to the conference and during the conference to make the same a grand success. Dr. Michael Goldstein, Chairman, Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation in his short but inspiring rhetoric exclaimed to the Youth:

It is essential that we enquire, what is the purpose of being here in His Divine Presence? What is the purpose of being? Is human life nature’s accident or is it God’s plan? From time to time, from age to age mankind is bent upon self-destruction… The Lord comes…He comes as Avatar…He is here now as Kaliyuga Avatar Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba….He is the embodiment of Divine Love and Divine Truth…the Same Divine Love and Truth that is ever present and always accessible, deep in sacred spiritual heart of every man and every woman…every single individual…ever there…waiting for the realisation of our true being…

What is the purpose of being?
By being here in His presence we accelerate our movement Godward, toward the realisation of our Divine nature…by being embodiments of Divine Love and Truth, we glorify and please Him…We fulfil the purpose of human life, said Dr. Goldstein.

During the course of the conference the speakers shared the proscenium illumining the youth are Mrs. Mallika Srinivasan (IND), Mr. Sanjay Sahani (IND), Mr. Jeremy Hoffer (USA), Ms. Alma Berra (ARG), Mr. Shashank Shah (IND), Dr. Samuel Sandweiss (USA), Mr. Narasimhamurthy (IND), Mr. Leonardo Gutter (ARG), Mr. Srirangarajan (IND), Mrs. Phyllis Krystal (USA), Mr. Ivan Bavcevic (CRO), Ms. Chetana Raju (IND), Dr. Shaun Shetty (USA), Mr. Dimitry Udovikin (RUS), Ms. Rita Chudasama (UK), Mr. Sanjay Mahalingam (IND), Dr. William Harvey (USA), Mr. Anil Kumar Kamaraju (IND), Dr. Geeta Reddy (IND), Dr. Narendranath Reddy (USA), Dr. Michael Goldstein (USA), Mr. Sheetu Chudasama (UK).

A enthralling music concert titled Eurpoean Muscic Programme was an apt offering at His Lotus Feet marking the grand finale participated by youth from Germany, Russia, Poland, Latvia, Italy and Czech Republic.

The youth who have been preparing for the Conference by adhering to an intensive Sadhana (spiritual discipline) programme resplendent with nine spiritual disciplines hosted an exhibition on the nine path way of devotion, titled Sadhana, a combined effort of the Youth from over 166 countries, reflecting on the teachings they have imbibed from Bhagawan’s Life and Teachings.

…and more than thousand Youth from the state of Karnataka has been on a relentless, selfless service at the instance and blessings of Bhagawan serving food to the Youth from all over the world on all the three days of the conference in a sprawling specially erected shamiana behind the north block of Prasanthi Nilayam. Cuisines with variety suiting the blend of Youth from the world over were specially prepared under the able guidance and co-ordination of the Youth from the state.

Unity in Diversity and Practice before precept, these teachings of Bhagawan were conceptualised by this blend of Sathya Sai Youth from all over the globe and this was very much on the fore in its entirety in this spiritual township in South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh in the immediate Divine Presence of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Watch out for these Youth for they are indeed charged…with His Divine Love!!!