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This has been arguably the best start to the academic year I've ever seen. Generally the Parthi campus is welcomed by a deserted, dry town, a boring schedule (where the day never seems to end) and the prospect of doing bhajans in front of Swami concealed in a frame. Couple this with the scorching heat and you might begin to question your sanity in being here.

Sai Geeta passed away, Swami apparently reduced his interaction with students and devotees. We were worried what worse could happen. Come June 1, and the scene has entirely changed! Swami, for the past one week, has been regularly coming around student's block, taking letters, giving joy to one and all. He insisted on a programme and the boys were ready with one, the next day. Swami was very happy with the programme as the theme was 'Namasmarana" and the students actually performed lakshaarchana before His presence. Could we ask for more?

Swami agreed to speak to all students in college auditorium on Thursday, being the first moral class session in the institute. It's probably the first time in 20 years that Swami was opening the moral class for us. There was heavy downpour on Wednesday night which continued the next morning. It stopped minutes before Swami's arrival to the auditorium.

Swami came at around 9 am. The Vice Chancellor and Rangarajan Sir spoke in the beginning on the topic of Educare which was to become the central point in Swami's discourse. Swami spoke at length for about 1 1/2 hours. Fortunately, i got a front seat in the auditorium, which also meant i could not sleep during the discourse. Thus i noted a few points from His talk.

Secular Vs Spiritual knowledge

There's more attention given to secular knowledge today, but adhyatmik knowledge is most essential.

Do not pride over your knowledge. Teachers impart only second hand info. Only Atma is the true teacher.

Education Vs Educare

Worldly education includes the 6 vices whereas Educare includes 5 human values (sathya, dharma...)

Importance of human values

He spoke in detail about sathya, dharma,shanti,prema,ahimsa

Human Life

Body is -ve. Name is +ve. Bodies are many, but the indweller is one.

You are a spark of the divine. Hence, lead an ideal human life

We are all actors in the divine drama. So we must realise our true identity.

True moral class is to practice what is taught and to sustain them in life.
Sai vatsalya
Sai students

Study well, get a good name.

Very soon, the University will spread its cosmic vision to the world.

The education dept. wants to make this institute national headquarters for academics

Swami expects students to realise, contribute to the mission and keep the torch burning. World over, people are expecting more and more sai students to spread Swami's message.

Sai Geeta

This was a very detailed topic on which Swami dealt. It brought tears to his eyes. He said he was not sad, but it was vatsalya towards his true devotee. None can live such an exalted and ideal life as Sai Geeta. She is going to be reborn soon here.
It was really a moving experience to see Swami talk about her. I'm sure in the days t
o come, we might expect more pleasant surprises from Swami. At least, we can pray for them. Sai Ram.

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