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Dasara - Veda Saptah Maha Yajnam Day 3 Images
September 28, 2006
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September 28, 2006

Bhagawan came to Sai Kulwant Hall at 9.30 this morning. Once He reached the Mandir verandah, He asked for Prasadam to be distributed, so the students got busy with the apple vessels once again. Next, Swami gestured for the students to go around the Mandir and proceed with the Grama Seva programme. That was done, and the Vedam group students left for the Poornachandra auditorium where the Yagna was underway from early in the morning. Bhagawan also came to the Poornachandra by 10.10 am. After sitting for sometime onstage observing the proceedings, Swami said that He would 'go and come' and left. Once again, at 10.30, He came onstage in His chair, sat for a minute or two, and then asked for the Arati. The priests conducted their concluding rituals with Arati to Bhagawan to the chants of the Mantrapushpam at the western end of the stage and Swami retired to His residence.

Today's Grama Seva was to villages in the Bukkapatnam and Kothacheruvu mandals.

Evening darshan was at around 4 pm. Bhagawan went into the interview room and came onstage at 4.15 pm. This evening there were two speakers, Sri Ajit Popat from the UK, followed by Sri V. Srinivasan, All India President of Sai Organisations. Both of them stressed the need to practise Bhagawan's teachings in our daily life. At 5.30, Bhagawan rose and gave His 40 minute Divine Message in which He exhorted all of us not to be swayed by modern bookish learning, but to give importance to Wisdom. Following Bhagawan's Discourse, which He concluded with 'Hari Bhajan Bina', bhajans were sung for 15 minutes with apples being distributed to all, finishing with Arati at 6.20 pm.

September 27, 2006

This morning, Bhagawan came to Sai Kulwant Hall at 8.45 am. At 9.10, the students were asked to proceed for the Grama Seva. Swami came and stood onstage while the students were circumambulating the Mandir prior to going for Grama Seva. After the students left, Bhagawan called some devotees for interviews, and left for the Poornachandra at 11 am. After taking Arati there to the priests' chanting of the Mantrapushpam, Swami retired to His residence.

Today's Grama Seva was for some of the villages in Puttaparthi mandal.

In the evening, Swami went inside the interview room after His darshan round in the car, and came onstage around half an hour later. Just a minute or two after He sat onstage, He asked for Sri S. V. Giri, the former Vice-Chancellor of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. After Blessing the "Birthday boys" Swami asked Sri Giri to speak. Sri Giri narrated a personal experience of his where Bhagawan saved him from a very sticky situation when he was in charge of relief operations during the floods in the Telangana and Godavari districts in 1986. His theme was the gratitude which we must all offer to our Divine Parent for all that He is doing for us. After his 30 minute talk ended at 5 pm, Swami stood up and delivered His Divine Discourse (link to the text will come in a day or two) for nearly 50 minutes, concluding with the bhajan 'Prema Mudita'. Then He asked for more bhajans to be sung. After 20 minutes of bhajans by the students, Swami accepted Arati and retired for the day.
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