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Dasara - Veda Saptah Maha Yajnam Day 4 Images
September 29, 2006
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September 29, 2006

 Offering my humble pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Lord,
A warm Sairam to all. This afternoon was another memorable day in the land of our Lord with few surprises, materializations and also bonus bhajans by Swamy.

This afternoon, the Kulwanth Hall, the holy place, where devotees from all walks of life and from all corners of the world, assemble to see our sweet Lord, was full by 3pm. As all the devotees were eagerly looking towards the car parked before Swamy’s house, Mr.Chakravarthi, Secretary of Sathya Sai Central Trust, comes out from Swamy’s residence and walks briskly towards Kulwanth Hall. After few minutes He takes over the stage ready for an announcement. As all of us were eagerly waiting with ears wide open wondering what the news would be… a good news or a sad news…. As he came from Swamy’s residence there would be a definite message from Swamy…

“Om Sairam.. with blessings of Swamy and His consent, Swamy has blessed two speakers this afternoon to address the august assembly Mr.Gokak, the present Vice-Chancellor of Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning and very familiar speaker for years now, Mr.Venkatraman, eminent scientist and a long time devotee of Swamy”.

All of us were surprised with a big Question mark on our faces, as why Swamy didn’t come out (ofcourse He explained that in the discourse). It is very rare for any programme to start while Swamy is still in His Abode.

Mr.Gokak explained the importance of Navrathri and threw some light on Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswathi and just after 5 mins of his talk, Swamy’s car enters Kulwanth hall. Swamy stopped by ladies side and accepted letters from 2 ladies and also spoke to them for a while. Swamy took a full round and the car was parked at the usual place just next to interview room and the door slowly opens giving a full view of the blissful form of Swamy; as the chair slowly lands on the ground. The boys slowly removed the foot guard under Swamy’s feet (they do that when Swamy prefers to walk).One of the boys got up to help Swamy and Swamy signals him to take his seat.. Mr.Gokak was still continuing his talk and Swamy still in the wheel chair. After the talk Mr.Gokak went to Swamy and took His blessings and Mr.Venkatraman followed him. Prof. Venkatraman spoke on the value of eduction and reminded the students as how lucky they are to learn education from the source Himself. He also remembered

a visit by Swamy to two villages which coincidentally, is scheduled in tomorrow’s grama seva programme. Swamy had said that those two villages are His two eyes. He showered lots of love and blessings during His visit to these villages. Swamy was still seated in the wheel chair and the car parked behind Him. Prof.Venkatraman continued, considering the distance between me and Swamy, I would take some courage and request Swamy to bless the august assembly with His divine discourse even though Swamy’s discourse is never preplanned. Swamy responded with His Sweet smile making our hearts jump in joy as we were going to hear the golden words from Swamy 3 days in a row, Hatrick as we call in the game of cricket.

Prof.Venkatraman went to Swamy (who was still near the car) took blessings and later Swamy rose from His chair and walked the few steps to reach His thorne placed in the center of the dias. One boy was holding His right hand and Swamy walked bit slowly.

Swamy signaled the boys to start Veda chanting and the primary school kids were in the driver’s seat with their characteristc full throat chanting. After about 5 mins Swamy signaled to stop.It was 4:45pm by then and what next??… Swamy signaled for the discourse table … the moment of the day atlast came and hall was pindrop silence.Swamy slowly rose from His thorne and as Prof.Anil Kumar was ready for his interpretation, and as we all were eagerly awaiting the first word fromSwamy… will it be a verse or Prema Swaroopula….

Excerpts from the discourse:
It was the second one… Prema Swaroopulara… reading the audience pulse… Swamy started to explain why He came late for darshan… “This afternoon, as I came late.. Many people had their own conclutions, doubts (Apohalu) I have to satisfy every body.. there were few devotees waiting for me at My residence, I spend time with them and made them happy and here Iam to make all of you happy (applauds)..What ever I do is for My devotees. There is nothing I do which is personal. Even the food I take and the water I sip is for the sake of My devotees (loud applauds again). Today’s world is experiencing many troubles and worries and also there is so much pollution all over. Even Iam affected by this pollution!!
All your worldly knowledge is of no use. You say I have a MA degree, MBA degree but what are you giving to the society? What seva are you doing?. People should think of EDUCARE… today there is no EDUCATION there is AGITATION.. Because of there there is unrest in the world.There is no peace its all pieces.. pieces.. Even a millionaire come to Me and says.. Swamy I have every thing… But no Peace. .. Where from this peace comes.. its within you…

Students you should know why you are here. Many are not doing what they are supposed to do here. Enhance devotion within you.Read only good books. Dont read CHEAP novels and become CHEAP...instead become CHIEF.

God’s incarnation mysterious. When Krishna asked Narada, How is the world? Narada replied Krishna, People cry when some one dies and rejoice when some body is born. Is this world not a strange one?

Swamy continued His talk till 5:40 almost one hour talk… He sang Govinda Krishan Jai bhajan with full strength and also repeated all the stanzas twice… and just as we thought He is finished… He picked up another bhajan Vahe Guru Vahe Guruji Bolo…. He sang about three lines of the bhajan and suddenly His voice was sounding bit weak. Swamy stopped there and continued to speak… Iam speaking all the time, in My house and also here so my voice has become weak and to add to that because of this pollution, water and the food are polluted and so my voice has become much more weaker.

Swamy later asked the boys seated in the front… “What do you want?” the boys replied in one voice Swamy!!! Swamy with His sweet smile replied.. Iam always there for you… Take me…. (there were loud applauds and some even cried).Swamy later continued and what He said, just made me cry…. Iam there any time for you. You just have to tell me when. ... What a remarkable statement.. Swamy only YOU... and ONLY YOU can tell this from the BOTTOM OF THE HEART......

Swamy suddenly materialized a golden chain to a boy sitting in the audience amidst roaring applause. The chain was smaller and Swamy opened the link and put it around the boys neck.. thus ended a hour long Divine Leela full of Atma Gnana.

So ended another memorable day in Puttaparthi.
With Tons of Sai Love from Puttaparthi
Satish Naik





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