Have faith
in your God

Please teach
me to be

is growing

I look into
Your Eyes



Sun & Sai


Dear Bhagavan

We call You Bhagavan, We call You Guru
because You are our Dear Beloved Father
You are our Greatest Teacher ever, the only Teacher at all
we are Your pupils, we can never teach
but only be Your instruments and learn, always learn

Our school is life itself, the classroom is the world
there are no free hours, never a minute to waste
every second has its own life, no moment is just ordinary
No sparetime exists, no time to waste
We have to be ever watchfull and think about You

We might try to escape from the lessons
We might try to hide us from You, Bhagavan,

but You will be there always , You will be there

in the form of the trouble we create ourselves
by not listening to You, Our Inner Self
The homework we then get may seem so hard

but You will be there always, You will be there

in the form that softens our pain and makes us happy again
because no matter how many times we try to escape
and how much time we need to learn
how imperfect we might be

You still love us, You still love us

You guide us, You guard us, You lead us, You love us
Please let us never forget, please let us never forget

The lesson we have to learn is love, love, love
to become pure love - to be just the Love that You are
And when we graduate everything is Love
and there shall be peace in the world

As blowing as wind, as moving as the wave
as the shadow of the tree, as warm as the fire
as changing as the body is life
But the Love that nourishes us remains forever - Eternally.



Poem submitted  by Inge Lise
copyrights www.saibabaofindia.com