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LATEST UPDATES from Maha Shivaratri 2009

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Maha Shivaratri 2009 update -photos -videos


Images from Maha Shivaratri 2006   

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  • 27th Feb - Sai darshan news materialization of a Shiva Lingam:  Swami materialized  a Shiva Lingam  this morning at 8.20 a.m.   Today morning (6.20 a.m.) Bhagawan Shri sathya Sai Baba came out to give darshan to the devotees singing Bhajans. As the bhajans were going on Swami showed some sign of discomfort & sipped lots of water a sure sign that Swami is going to materialize Lingam -   The whole hall was in ecstasy by just the thought that Swami is going to materialize Siva Lingam. Suddenly at around 8.20 a.m. The Lingam came out from Swami's mouth. Apparently, Lingam looked milky white in color from distance while it was coming out of Swami's mouth. However it changed its hue instantaneously  to Gold....read more source- SBOI

    Lingobhavam 27th Feb: detailed darshan news of 27th from SBOI member:
    ... Swamy continued drinking water….. 1 glass.. 2 glass..4.. 5… Now His body started to look bit uncomfortable.. All of us assembled there thought “Oh No… Swamy.. Not again… Please help your self”Sometimes He raised slightly from the chair… and sat… He bent His head… By now all the fans were pointed to Swamy… His hair dancing… reminding the Cosmic dance of Shiva…. Swamy called a professor and said something… He ran back to the bhajan singers… suddenly the bhajan stopped… and OM NAMAH SHIVAYA.. mantra was chanted. All of us joined them… The atmosphere in the Kulwanth hall was raising pressures… All of us were sweating as If the Lingam were coming from our stomach….. We could see the pain to Swamy’s body….. read more  source- SBOI-group post

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