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  The beginning of a New Year is something that everyone looks forward to for that is a time when life seems to begin afresh in right earnest. Resolutions are made after the victories and defeats of the past year are analysed. A sense of euphoria fills the air and optimistic energy seems prevalent everywhere. Hope is rekindled and faith reaffirmed. Puttaparthi is no exception to these things. In the place where every moment seems new and fresh and every day is a celebration for it is in the physical presence of Divinity, New Year's day has been gifted to the alumni for it seems as if Swami wishes to begin His New Year with His beloved children. And with each passing year, the alumni too have been assembling in ever increasing numbers. The first day of the year 2009 saw more than 700 alumni gathering in the Kulwant hall waiting in readiness for Him.  
  Flower Decoration at Prasanthi Nilayam  
  A Veda chanting contingent and a squadron of flag bearers waited at the Yajur mandir to escort Swami into the Kulwant hall. It was after 10 am that the doors of Yajur Mandir were thrown open. And what a sweet surprise Swami had in store for all! He has often said, "I am a man among men, woman among women and a child among children." It was as if He was saying, "I am a student among students" as He too, like them all, came dressed in white!! He was seated on that special throne-chair and there could have been no better way to start the New Year. There is a prevalent belief that what happens on the first day of the year continues throughout another variant of the famous, "Well begun is half done". If that belief is true, the year is going to be sublimely special and it is going to be so even if that belief is not true!  
  The chanting began as soon as Swami came out and the person holding the Poornakumbham got it blessed by Swami. The flag bearers neatly filed past Him and saluted Him as they did so. That having been done, Swami too joined the procession that made its way towards the Kulwant hall. The procession hid Swami from the eager eyes that were waiting to see Him. But like the full moon appearing from behind the clouds, Swami emerged as He fell behind in the procession and soon there was a resoundingly cheerful applause that spread through the hall. The Lord in white is a glorious sight. He looks as if He is wearing His purity and innocence on His person.  
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