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Swami took a detour after the ladies side and all the alumni gathered in the marble blocks seemed just a bit disappointed that Swami would not be coming near them. But Swami had another little surprise as He took another detour and moved back towards the old students' area. Completing His round, filling everyone with Joy supreme, Swami moved onto the stage. His path to the stage was paved with those ex-students who had chanted the Vedas as part of the procession. In the portico, students from the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School invited Swami to bless a specially made huge cake. Swami lit the candle and cut the cake which was constituted by six or so parts. He cut every part so sweetly and patiently. Then, He arrived on the stage.
The first thing He did was to light the lamp and thus formally began the New Year celebrations for 2009! A cheer ran through the happy crowd and Swami sat facing all of them, a smile dancing on his luminous face.
  The first presentation was by the former members of the Institute brass band. Offering cards, the songs list and roses to Swami, they sought His blessings and then began.Three pieces were played in all and they were interspersed with introductions to each of the pieces by different members of the band. As they played, it was such a wonderful feeling for here was the band constituted by members through the quarter century of the existence of the Institute and they played like one big family. Once the band finished its performance, the singers from among the alumni came forward to Swami and sought His blessings. Swami blessed them and then they started to sing songs specially composed for the occasion by the alumni. Soon, the three huge cakes were brought up to Swami and with a gentle smile, Swami cut each of the cakes and lit a candle too. Each of the songs sung had short introduction. One of them narrated in graphic detail as to how Swami was splashed with water from a faulty hot water tap that He had come to inaugurate in the Primary School. Swami with a smile had said,"I not only inaugurated the tap but also had the first bath!"  
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