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'Whispers' from Master Divine

an interesting week with lessons galore...

Posted at 20:00 Hrs. June 7, 2009, Prasanthi Nilayam:

1st June, the first day in the academic year, began in an upbeat mood. Having been blessed by Bhagawan just a couple of days ago, teachers and staff of the Prasanthi Nilayam campus were high on spirits and so were the students whose spirits were up with the anticipation of their new stint with their Beloved Master. … And the week that passed by had enough in store for the Sri Sathya Sai University. The first Thursday, 4th June witnessed Bhagawan visiting the Prasanthi Nilayam campus of the University to deliver an exhilarating Divine Discourse. His magnanimity did not end there as He went further to the Senior Boys’ Hostel, most unexpectedly, blessing the student community moving around the entire hostel, in the process, inaugurating a new room dedicated for their ‘Beloved Swami’. The week also witnessed change of guards in two key administrative positions in the University, the Registrar and the Controller of Examinations respectively. Dr. Naren Ramji, and Sri G.S.Srirangarajan, both alumni of Sri Sathya Sai University, have been appointed as the Registrar and Controller of Examinations respectively with effect from the new academic year.

The week was special for its sumptuous darshan sessions and an unusual act of Divine Love. Barring two or three mornings, the week witnessed glorious morning darshans when Bhagawan chose to come out granting coveted darshan sessions. The evening sessions were blissful, with Bhagawan moving among the devotees often ending up on the dais, sitting at times for longer sessions.

5th June 2009, marked an unusual happening that stood out as an apt depiction for His all-conquering love for humanity. On this doubly blessed evening when torrential downpour drenched hundreds of devotees, who got stranded in the lashing rains, Bhagawan most lovingly sent word to accommodate them inside the vacant space behind the Sita Rama Idols. Despite the instructions, when ladies were still not allowed, further instructions went to accommodate them as well. While the whole ‘drama’ was happening, the Lord’s attention was focused on this particular set of devotees. His compassion knew no bounds. After the bhajans and arathi, He moved towards them, to bless them with His close coveted darshan. It was a wonderful evening when the compassion of the Lord came to the fore in apt display of His own dictum, Love All Serve All; Help Ever Hurt Never.

Veteran devotee and bhajan singer Raja Reddy’s name is synonymous with his disciplined devotion towards Bhagawan. Raja Reddy had a long stint with Bhagawan during His early days, serving Him from close quarters. He was an accomplished bhajan singer and during those days, Bhagawan would enjoy bhajan sessions led by the accomplished bhajan singer. Sri Raja Reddy had been ailing for sometime and left his mortal coil a couple of weeks ago in Mumbai. Reminding one and all of His famous dictum, If you take one step towards me, I will take a hundred steps towards you, Bhagawan came out on the 6th morning granting an exclusive interview session for the bereaved family of the veteran devotee. This was followed by yet another session in the evening which was preceded by an open session in the Bhajan Hall for Mrs. Raja Reddy and her son.

The first week also witnessed the tiny tots from Primary School coming out in full force for Bhagawan’s darshan. Thursdays and Sundays, the beautiful mornings, are ‘reserved’ days for the tiny tots of Primary School in Prasanthi Nilayam. 5th morning, being the first Thursday,  the school came in full force. They got yet another opportunity in the evening as there was no darshan in the morning. As Bhagawan went to the University Campus that evening, they missed the coveted evening darshan to full satisfaction and the school yet again came, en masse, on the Friday evening to enjoy His presence in full followed by two more darshan sessions on Sunday. With fresh faces for the first standard also joining this week, Primary School will yet again be the focus of attention for Bhagawan on Thursdays and Sundays.

Summer seemed to be slowly losing her grip over Prasanthi as the monsoon trials have already begun. The week’s weather that had been a mix of both summer and rainy season experienced a cloudy day on Sunday, the last day for the week, heralding the imminence and prominence of a monsoon experience.




June 5, 2009 Special Darshan, Prasadam and Message

"The Avatar's Life is His message", is an oft-repeated quote. It is mentioned in speeches, seminars and conferences held in the Divine Presence, both physical and meta-physical (as in those conducted elsewhere than in Puttaparthi). But more than that, it is a common scene at Puttaparthi to see Swami in action, living this very ideal. These are occasions for all to observe and imbibe. June 5 happened to be one such day.

Yet another display of Divine Leela begins..

It began in the "usual" fashion. Swami arrived for darshan at about 4:30 p.m. The Primary School students had also come though it was a Friday, because the previous day, when Swami visited the Institute auditorium, they did not have the opportunity for darshan. The stage seemed to be set for Swami's lesson. He went on a complete round in the Sai Kulwant Hall. However, on this day He seemed to be in no mood to accept letters. He was telling everyone to keep their envelopes with themselves. He just went around blessing everyone with darshan. Moving to the stage, He sat listening to Veda chanting.

He called one of the students and enquired about one boy from the Brindavan campus of the University. It deems fit to mention here about a fact that is not widely known, much like most of the things that Swami does, the silent worker that He is. Some of the students who have either completed their 12th grade or their under graduation in Bio-Sciences expressed to Swami their desire to study medicine and serve in His hospitals. Bhagavan encouraged them and paid their medical course fees and even got them admitted into esteemed colleges! This "student enquiry" was in this regard.

The conversation between the student and Swami went on, even as two more boys also joined in.

Student: Swami, the discourse yesterday was so nice. Thank you.

Swami: Did all the boys like it?

Student: Yes Swami. It is all your Grace. And you blessed our hostel too. All of us are so grateful.

Swami patted the folded palms of the students and granting them namaskar, told them to sit in their places and then moved into the interview room.

Bhagavan, the Silent Witness
Loving interactions...

The bhajans began at 5:00 p.m. During the bhajans, Swami arrived on stage again. On this day, the bhajans had a new accompaniment - the gush of the pouring rains on the roof! The downpour was so sudden and loud that it seemed to drown the bhajans in volume! Soon, mangoes and sweets - the prasadam for the day - were brought for blessings and Swami blessed them to be distributed. The distribution began and everything was going on as usual when Swami noticed devotees standing in the rain beyond the main gate of the hall where the statues of Lord Rama, Lakshmana and Mother Sita have been installed.

The Sweet Lord consecrating the sweets
Swami blesses the mango prasadam

He told the students by His side that those devotees must be brought in and given prasadam. "They will catch a cold in the rain", He said. As per His command, the gates were opened and the devotees were let in. Swami, however, was not happy, it seemed. He said that there were still devotees getting wet and not all had received prasadam. Then began a flurry of journeys to the gate by various staff and students and all came back with answers with varying degree of convictions confirming that all devotees were in the shelter of the hall and all had received prasadam. Swami was insistent and persistent that all had not received mangoes.

Then Swami said, "There are ladies who did not receive mangoes." This was a revelation. When investigated, it was found that indeed there were a group of ladies just outside the hall in the shelter of a neem tree who had not received prasadam. It was only after the ladies were brought in and seated, and given mangoes, that Swami seemed a little satisfied. "See, now they are getting the women. And you said that all had received!" He then made a brief trip to the interview room and returned, again persisted, "All have not received!"

"There are ladies who did not receive mangoes" - Swami

What followed next was an eye opener for all. A brief history has to be mentioned here. Like the gopikas of the Dwapara age, there are a couple of ladies staying at Puttaparthi who have Swami alone as their everything. Everyday, without fail, from early morning till late evening, they stand watching Swami's residence and Swami whenever He is visible. They run behind His car wherever He goes and that too the entire distance almost, putting to shame many of the athletic men! They keep chanting His name and it is so obvious that His form pervades all their thoughts and their being. In fact, on one occasion, Swami had stopped His car, lowered the windows and gifted them sarees as tokens of His love and Grace. And on this day, it seemed as if one of them seated there, had not received prasadam. As the Aarthi was complete, Swami said, "I will go there!"

The rains had abated, but He still continues
to pour His Love
For the longing devotees, what a shower of unexpected grace!

Thus it was that for the sake of one devotee, the Lord moved all the way to the main entrance. He personally ensured that all, including the 'gopikas', had received prasadam. The rains had abated by now but He was continuing to pour His Love. Hundreds of devotees thronged the gates with shouts of "Sathya Sai Baba Ki Jai." Swami advised everyone there from the distribution boys to the security people on how the devotees must be properly served. Pointing towards the people, He told a student, "See, they are not satisfied." The student replied, "Swami we gave all of them mangoes." Swami immediately retorted, "You and your mangoes! They have come for Swami, not mangoes. They want more of Him." An eye opener again! When we are physically close to the Lord, let us always remember the millions who would do anything to get that proximity at that time.

All souls were drenched in Divine ecstasy!

Swami then moved back towards the hall. He took a detour and instead of using the car, returned to His residence in the chair itself.


June 5, 2009
yet another display of Divine Love

World is a big stage and we have greater lessons to learn watching it. With Bhagawan, one has to be on a constant watch as every moment is counted and if one is focused you have lessons galore to learn. After a momentous Thursday, the day when Bhagawan decided to bless the University Campus in Prasanthi Nilayam by His Divine visit, came a pleasant Friday. Though summers clutch has been loosened, it has not left the spiritual township completely and the days weather has been a mix of both summer and rainy season; and by the time for evening darshan, weather has been bit chill with ominous signs of rains.

In the evening, Bhagawan came for a complete round just after 4:30 p.m. and came on stage for a brief spell watching students chanting the Veda. Bhajans started at the scheduled hour at 5:00 and Bhagawan came on stage yet again. And following Him came the showers lashing from the heavens as if the mythical Rain God was waiting for the Over Lord to come and occupy the dais. Lashing rains with strong winds splashed the rain drops all around bringing in chilly feeling. With Bhagawan on stage granting coveted darshan, with bhajans on, hundreds of devotees who had been waiting outside the main gate next to the Sita Rama statue got stranded in the rains leaving them completely drenched.

Bhagawan, the silent witness that He is ever, whose foremost precept Love All Serve All - Help Ever Hurt Never has been the epitome of His teachings had something to demonstrate and thus to teach the vast congregation of devotees. Though bhajans were on, He was glued to the main gate where hundreds were getting drenched.

The security has been disciplined enough to maintain the peace, especially when Bhagawan was onstage. But, the compassionate Lords heart melted for those stranded souls, getting drenched in the lashing rains and He desired peace for those souls. He asked the boys to instruct the security to allow the devotees to occupy the vacant place behind the Sita Rama Temple. Security being extra alert, allowed the gents, leaving the ladies out, as in Prasanthi Nilayam, as a matter of strict discipline, gents and ladies were not allowed to mix-up in the darshan hall. Bhagawan sent special instructions to allow the ladies as well, to let them occupy one side of the vacant spot.

Bhajans went on till 5:50 when Arathi was called for. After the Arathi still Lord was gazing at the devotees who had the twin blessing in abundance from the Over Lord" and the Rain God. He moved unto them granting them the darshan of their livesand one could hear ecstatic hearts, drenched, but doubly blessed souls of the eventful and beautiful evening chanting Jaikars reverberating the entire hall. Indeed those souls were drenched in Divine ecstasy!

A wonderful lesson for the thousands assembled in Sai Kulwant Hall to imbibe Him following His precept, Love All Serve All, Help Ever, Hurt Never

Latest photos June 4, 2009 of Bhagawan's visit to the Sri Sathya Sai University,
Prasanthi Nilayam and Sri Sathya Sai Senior Hostel for Boys.

June 4, 2009

Everything Bhagawan does is a treat to watch if one has the eyes to observe and the heart to follow; and once you are tuned there comes lessons galore to imbibe and practise. Perfect master that He is, He never leaves any stone unturned to mould the students into future citizens of a promising era. Read more



Monday, June 1, 2009
New Academic Year begins in Prasanthi...

From The Prasanthi Reporter

Posted at 19:30 Hrs. June 1, 2009, Prasanthi Nilayam:

Marking the advent of the month and the pleasant climatic transition there was slight drizzle in the previous night and the day has been cooler. Bhagawan came out in the morning at 9:15 a.m. for a complete round of darshan. Two of the outgoing students were called in for a private audience along with their family members.

The day that marked the first day of the academic year also witnessed the solemnizing of the appointment of two of the senior students from the University, Dr. Narain Ramji and Sri G.S.Srirangarajan, both from the School of Business Management and Finance, as the Registrar and Controller of Examinations of the University respectively.

Karnataka Chief Minister Sri Yeddiyurappa with Bhagawan

With the beginning of the academic year, evening session became doubly alive as students came out in full attendance; and there was a dignitary move as the Karnataka Chief Minister Mr. B.S. Yeddiyurappa along with two of his ministers paid a visit to Prasanthi Nilayam. The Chief Minister was closeted with Bhagawan for almost forty minutes for a special audience. After the Interview the Chief Minister and his entourage left Prasanthi Nilayam. After half an hour bhajans, Bhagawan called for Arathi before retiring to Yajur Mandiram.
Biding Adieu to the Summer MonthsWelcome June- From The Prasanthi Reporter

Posted at 19:30 Hrs. May 31, 2009, Prasanthi Nilayam:

With the last week of summer month passing by, heralding the advent of another New Year in Prasanthi, June brings a fresh and colourful Prasanthi Calendar with greater hopes and enthusiasm. The commencement of the new academic year is apparently the New Year of Prasanthi, when students, fresh from the vacation join back the hallowed portals bringing colour and lustre to the spiritually charged up Prasanthi ambience.

The week that is passing by has been a quite normal one with Bhagawan granting regular evening darshans. Setting an upbeat mood for the ensuing academic year, teaching and non-teaching staff from the Brindavan campus was blessed with Paadanamaskaar just a day before their departure to the campus in Whitefield, Bangalore, on the 27th evening. Similar story repeated when the whole group of teaching and non-teaching staff from the Prasanthi Nilayam Campus sought Divine Blessings on the evening of 29th May.

Addressing the group, especially to the newly designate warden of the Prasanthi Nilayam Campus, Dr. Pallav Kumar Barua, Bhagawan said: The children must be properly cared for and disciplined. What is most important is Daiva Preeti (love for God), Paapa Bheethi (fear of sin) and Sangha Neethi (morality in society). These values have to be cultivated in every individual. Discipline is a must and must be strictly enforced; discipline brings fear of sin. However, the first and foremost is Daiva Preeti. If one inculcates Love for God, the other two will automatically follow.

After their brilliant performance in the CBSE 12th standard examinations bringing laurels to the Institution, this week witnessed another brilliant performance by the students of the 10th standard in the recently announced CBSE 10th standard examination results. Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School scored cent per cent success with 86 percentage achieving distinction, and 99 percentage passing in first division. Sai Aditya Nagaratnam who scored 97.6 per cent stood first in the school, followed by the trio, Rohit Kumar Chawla, Debadrita Saha and Preksha with 97 per cent coming second, and R. Ashwin with 96.2 per cent coming third.

The last (set of results), but not the least, the results for the first standard entrance examination was announced this week. 90 tiny tots, 60 boys and 30 girls got selected, who would be privileged and blessed to start their education at the Sri Sathya Sai Primary School, Prasanthi Nilayam.

Dr. (Mrs.) J. Geeta Reddy, an ardent long time devotee of Bhagawan paid a thanksgiving trip to Prasanthi during the week, after getting elected to the Andhra Pradesh assembly in the recent elections. Dr. (Mrs.) Geeta Reddy has assumed the office of Minister for Information, Public Relations and Tourism in the newly formed government. She was blessed with an audience by Bhagawan.

31st May, the last day of the summer month of the Prasanthi Calendar had an added lustre with most of the students returning from vacation. A new Academic Year, a new Prasanthi Calendar and with the Master gracefully moving among, students and staff and the whole lot of devotees are looking forward to the New Year with greater hope and added enthusiasm. And blessing the vast conclave of devotees assembled in the Sai Kulwant Hall, Bhagawan sat through for almost an hour on the penultimate evening, giving a fillip for the ensuing season.

Welcome June 2009 and with an early monsoon and a wonderful New Year.
From The Prasanthi Reporter

Posted at 20:00 Hrs. May 24, 2009, Prasanthi Nilayam:

The new week had a cool beginning as heavens sprinkled cool showers heralding the imminence of ensuing monsoon season. And the weather has been unusually pleasant during the week, with the scorching sun simmering down giving way to cloudy skies and intermittent showers.

Admission results for the coming academic year of the Sri Sathya Sai Institutions were out this week and one could see a mix of joy and sorrow on many an aspiring face who have toiled hard appearing in the entrance exams hoping to learn at the hallowed portals of the prestigious Institutions.

CBSE results for the XII standard examinations were announced this week and a whopping Ninety-seven per cent from Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School, Prasanthi Nilayam passed with distinction. Of the 116 students who took examinations, 113 passed with distinction and the remaining three passed in first class, making it cent percent first class result. C. Sai Krupa from the Girls Wing of the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School scored a highest 98.2 pc, followed by Gokul Jayaram and Saru Trikha 96.4 pc and L. Naveen 95.6 pc who stood third.

It is primarily the Grace and Blessings of our Dear Bhagawan that enabled me to achieve this success said a delighted Sai Krupa who was specially blessed by Bhagawan during the evening darshan on 22nd May.

This is a residential school in a rural setting and our teachers are available to students for around 10 hours every day, said Y. Shivaramakrishnaiah, Principal. We adopt a holistic approach to education. Academics apart, sports, cultural and spiritual development, and extracurricular activities are all given importance. The school that strives for bringing up self-confidence with faith in God along with best academic excellence has over 1,500 students and 150 teaching staff making it a unique unit, a rare gem on the national school map of India.

Readers may be reminded that Kumari Chaparala Sohini from the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School had secured first rank in the all India CBSE examinations for the year 2008.

22nd May marked the second anniversary of the passing away of legendary
Sai Geeta , Bhagawans pet elephant. Though no special programme was arranged on the occasion, the new incumbent, the little Sathya Geetha was brought to the Divine Abode, Yajur Mandiram, on the 21st evening and Bhagawan was welcome with loud trumpeting of the little one when He came out of the Abode for granting darshan.

With one more week left for the institutions to reopen, students on vacation would be returning to the respective campuses by the month end. Barring UG in Economics, all other Under Graduate courses for boys would be shifted to Brindavan Campus, Whitefield, with effect from the new academic year.

With the University and Higher Secondary school admission procedure completed, the focus of attention would now be on to the Primary School Entrance Exam results, due by this month end. Hundreds of tiny tots from all over India took exams during this week end, ever ready to bloom and get groomed at His Divine Lotus Feet!

Yet another 'eventful' Summer Week

Posted at 20:50 Hrs. May 17, 2009, Prasanthi Nilayam:

Summers travails seem to have not affected the hallowed spiritual township, Prasanthi Nilayam. Despite scorching summer, the township was abuzz though no special programmes or events were scheduled for the week. With Bhagawan granting darshan invariably every evening, often spending time onstage interacting with students, the week was indeed eventful for the hundreds and thousands of devotees present here.

Followed by the President of Indias visit coupled with some other popular political figures during the last week, two more politicos, the VHP leader and veteran devotee Ashok Singhal followed by the Maharashtra Home Minister, Jayant Patil, visited Prasanthi Nilayam during this week, paying obeisance to Bhagawan.

Entrance examinations for the University, the Higher Secondary and Primary Institutions entered the final phase with last set of exams and interviews scheduled for the week end. The coming week would be a week of expectations for many a student aspirants when results are expected to be announced.

The coming week would also mark the second year of passing away of Bhagawans pet elephant, illustrious Sai Gita. It was on 22nd May 2007 at 1800 Hrs. IST that the pachyderm dropped down after a lengthy script of glorious fifty years of dedicated service at His Divine Lotus Feet!

With yet another summer week comes to an end, one could see a steady stream of devotees flowing to the township to catch a glimpse of the Lord; and Prasanthi is abuzz.
An eventful week marked with the Divine Return, Festivities and visits by Political Glitterati

Posted at 20:10 Hrs. April 10, 2009, Prasanthi Nilayam: With simmering summer reigning supreme, with days swelter to high over forty, academic year enjoying summer halt with most of the students staying away from Prasanthi, the life in Puttaparthi sketches a different picture altogether during the summer time.

Much against the normal schedule that had been in place for many a year, Bhagawan, for the past two years has been spending maximum time in Parthi encouraging and entertaining the devotees to brave the oddities of summer.

This year He stayed away from Parthi for 10 days, from 23rd April to 3rd May, when He moved to His ashram, Sai Shruthi in Kodaikanal. It was on the 23rd April, He flew in a specially chartered chopper from Prasanthi Nilayam to Madurai and from Madurai by a special helicopter to Kodaikanal. An entourage comprising of over forty students along with some senior staff members were sent in advance who received Bhagawan at Sai Shruthi for a ceremonial welcome.

Ten blissful days of darshans, both mornings and evenings, packed with Burra Katha sessions, a folklore art form of Andhra Pradesh by talented students of the University depicting the lives of Shirdi Sai Baba, Easwaramma etc., speeches, Bhajans, Sai Shruti was immersed in bliss enjoying the rarest privilege of housing and serving the Lord walking on two feet.

True to His promise and expectations back in Prasanthi Nilayam, Bhagawan returned to Parthi on the 4th May, two days in advance of Easwaramma Day celebrations. From yester year onwards, Prasanthi Nilayam was fortunate to have this festivity celebrated in the Divine Presence, which otherwise used to be celebrated either in Brindavan or in Sai Shurthi,

Kodaikanal depending on His physical presence. The day witnessed Bhagawan visiting His Parentss Samadhi Mandir, sanctifying the place and the occasion, symbolically offering Vastram (clothes) to parents and a beautiful golden necklace to Mother Easwaramma. Bhagawn spent almost half an hour inside the Samadhi Mandir before returning to Sai Kulwant Hall. This was followed by Narayana Seva, a regular feature during the Easwaramma Day celebrations.

It was time for Buddha Purnima, the most sacred day in the Buddhist calendar, as the Buddhists prefer call, the day that is thrice blessed. This is the day when Buddhists all over the world commemorate and celebrate the birth, enlightenment and nirvana of one of the greatest spiritual masters of all time,

Lord Buddha. Over 820 devotees from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Bhutan, Nepal and Hong Kong thronged to Prasanthi Nilayam to celebrate the occasion in the immediate Divine Presence of the Master of all masters. Cultural programmes on the theme Ahimsa Paramo Dharma was the highlight of the occasion, an apt commemoration to the master whose life and teachings inspired millions upon millions over the past two and a half millennia throughout the world.

Joining the gathering of devotees from various parts of the globe, over thousands devotees from the state of Karnataka have come, joining in a Parthi Yatra invoking His Divine Benediction.

Today, 10th May 2007, after staying indoors in the morning session, Bhagawan came out in the evening at around 16:20 Hrs. IST for a full round of blissful darshan. Coming onstage in the pretext to spend time in the middle listening to Vedam chanting, as usual interacting with students, Bhagawan, most magnanimously granted His coveted Divine darshan to those hearts and souls who braved the simmering summer to travel to Prasanthi Nilayam, the holy abode to have a glimpse of His Divine Form. A primary school boy from Iran, who was adept in chanting Vedam was specially called to chant some of the verses and there were rapturous applause around when the boy successfully chanted the Veda much to the appreciation of Bhagawan. Bhajans as usual started at 17:00 Hrs. and Bhagawan retired to His residence after accepting Mangala Arathi at around 18:00 Hrs. IST.

It is admission time in the Sri Sathya Sai University and the allied institutions. And one could see flocks of students with parents moving around the ashram, vying for a coveted admission in the prestigious institutions, a rare privilege to be at His Divine Lotus Feet, to learn under the True Master. After the entrance exam for the girls for UG program that was over last week, it is the turn of the boys for the UG program which will be followed by higher secondary entrance examination. This will be followed by the entrance tests for post graduate courses in the University, finally to end with, last but not the least, the first standard entrance exam for the Primary Wing of Prasanthi Nilayam.

Prasanthi seems to be constantly attracting political glitterati. This week has seen the visit of Her Excellency Mrs. Pratibha DevisinghPatil, the President of India, followed by the Chief Minister

 of Maharashtra Mr. Ashok Chavan. Today, we had another politico, Mr. Praful Patel, the Union Civil Aviation Minister here for Bhagawans Divine Darshan. All the three politicos were blessed with special audience by Bhagawna.

Yes, Prasanthi Nilayam is indeed the most happening place on earth, where the Lord of the Universe does things in His most inimitable style for the world to watch, to emulate before experiencing the bliss. An eventful week during the summer time.