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Baba Of India
13th May
Buddha Purnima- Evening-2006
Brindavan Ashram, Bangalore

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Buddha poornima -
Sairam dear members of our [SBOI-Group] sai family HAPPY BUDDHA PURNIMA says the huge banner at the gate of Brindavan ashram ,it has Swami s picture blessing us on one side and on the other side there is a picture of Buddha on it. The decorated gates are open at 6am and as we enter the ashram, our eyes feast on the..."
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13th May Sai darshan update-Evening:

The day of Vaisakh Purnima is considered most sacred by Buddhists all over the world. This day is significant for three reasons. It was on this day that Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was born as Prince Siddhartha at Lumbini in Nepal in 560 B.C. It is also the day when He attained enlightenment at Gaya in India, after years of search and enquiry into the causes and remedy for sorrow in the world. Thereafter, Siddhartha came to be known as Buddha, or the Enlightened one. He preached that desires are at the root of all sorrow and hence advocated the path of right conduct and the right use of senses as the way to enlightenment. He attained Nirvana (Unity with the Absolute) in 480 B.C., again on the day of Vaisakh Purnima. This auspicious day is observed as Buddha Purnima with reverence and piety by believers in the Far East countries and in Sri Lanka and India as well.

The feel of Brindavan ashram is one of Global celebrations everyone is enjoying the Buddha poornima festivities. Buddha Purnima has become more and more popular with devotees from many Buddhist countries, and Indian devotees with Buddhist roots.

Buddha poornima evening program commenced at 4.p.m. with Swami’s grand entrance, Swami blessed and looked at devotees waiting in the Sai Ramesh. The international bhajan singers were enthusiastically waiting to sing in the divine presence. The melodious universal Bhajans were a beautiful live example of Swami’s universal teachings of love and tolerance. Every one was singing with heart and living up to the paradigm: “there is only one language, the language of HEART”. The address by Prasanthi council, International Sathya Sai Foundation and a superb speech by Phoa Krishnaputra of Indonesia were all part of the spiritual & cultural program combined in one at Sai Ramesh.

After the talks by the distinguished guests, Bhagawan, in His munificence, responded to the prayers of the devotees and granted His Divine Message
Swami’s 40 minutes divine discourse uplifted spiritual vibrations in the hall to even higher levels. (We’ll post the excerpts of the discourse later) After, the offering of customary Aarthi Swami left Sai Ramesh hall. After Bhagawan's Discourse, the venue shifted to the Sai Krishan Kalyana Mantapam adjacent to the Sai Ramesh Krishan Hall, where devotees were treated to a impressive cultural feast.  Kalyana Mantapam was jam packed with devotees and many were also standing outside, though there was still some place at men’s side. The drama and dance program was also an global event, it was devotees from Singapore; this youth group had used many months of training and waited eagerly for this particular day and chance i.e. to perform in front of Lord sathya Sai Baba. A Kwan yin dance by children of Nan yang school Singapore Medan and an inspiring drama on the teachings of Lord Buddha by the Singapore Sai youth group were performed in the divine presence. The interest and enthusiasm Swami expresses in the performances of these young artists is incredible, one can really feel ananda (bliss) radiating from Swami’s face, like a mother watching her children, so much love and care. For the ordinary devotees it was a real dilemma, that is, should one watch the superb drama & dance on the stage performed by artist devotees or keep ones eyes on Swami’s divine form. Unquestionably, it is the divine form that really is a magnet and draws us all … in truth, devotees come to have darshan & watch the festival program at the same time. One cannot resist the “divine allure” sitting in the midst; all eyes were rotating between Swami & the performers. Swami was so loving and merciful with the performers they also got the opportunity to come close to Him and take a photograph with Him. Brindavan is radiating with festivity with an undercurrent of spirituality.

Aarthi was given to Swami after the cultural programs conclusion. Thus, concluding the Buddha poornima program for today.

14th May Sai darshan update:
The festivities of Buddha poornima continue today
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Sai Travel News: SBOI has received information from various Sai sources that Swami might leave for His Prasanthi Nilayam ashram in Puttaparthi next week. Kindly note: these are unconfirmed reports; only Swami Himself  knows His exact  travel plans          

Darshan update-  Brindavan Ashram. Bangalore.
" the darshan hall was packed with devotees since today Begum Praveen Sultana a famous singer of India came to get blessings from Swami and also presented a treat of Hindustani music programme in the presence of Lord Shri Sathya Sai Baba..." including the latest - up close and personal with Sai Baba
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All about Buddha:
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