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Baba Of India
14th May
Buddha Purnima2006
Brindavan Ashram, Bangalore

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14th May Sai darshan update

Detailed darshan news:

 The festivities of Buddha poornima continue today 14th May: the day started with the typical routine of devotees lining up and anticipating to get the best sitting place inside the hall & experience the close presence (darshan) of Swami’s physical form.

Bhagawan came out for Darshan at appx 8.30. (read details below) The programme started with Swami’s arrival in the hall & the singing of melodious (International) bhajans. The bhajans really purify & elevate the Brindavan morning atmosphere. Also, Swami was clearly enjoying the (international) Bhajans, His face expressions and the tapping of hand reveals His limitless blissful nature and approval of bhajans and music in progress. The musical program by Indonesian BAL Vikas was spectacular also the choir arrangement by Malaysian Chinese Sai-devotees was remarkable presentation. The cultural program ended with offering of Aarti to Bhagwan Baba. Later there was Narayana Seva, that is, feeding of the poor and Vastradaan, i.e. the distributing of new clothes to the unfortunate and poor.

The cultural and musical program will continue in the evening by Sri Lankan devotees with their traditional drum beats. Just like the previous year, Sri Lankan devotees are again very much involved in organizing the 2006 Buddha poornima program here in Brindavan ashram. Also, Balvikas children from Indonesian will present time-honoured traditional dance. The evening bhajans will be presented by international Bhajan singers/ devotees.

Weather in Brindavan , Bangalore is pleasant though afternoons can be quite hot in the sun. Hotels and rooms are  readily available outside the ashram.

14th of may
Detailed darshan news:

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SAIRAM to all dear members of the sai family SBOI-Group
Today  the 14th of may its a Sunday and a holiday, as we reach the ashram we can see lots of cars  and other vehicles already parked outside the ashram, indicating that already devotees have started coming in the time is 6;30 am and there is an air of excitement as we reach the gate of the ashram .
The banner saying HAPPY BUDDHA POORNIMA day is  still put up and those red ball shaped lanterns are hanging below it there are fresh plantain leaf cutouts on both sides of the gate too,  .Outside there are lots of policemen controlling the traffic and asking us to get inside soon ,probably a vip  devotee may be expected.
We enter the ashram and find those colourful flags fluttering softly, Swami 's banners are still hung up everywhere saying happy VESAKH day, devotees are rushing inside to get a good seat. The delegates wearing scarves saying Buddha Poornima Celebrations at the lotus feet 2006 Brindavan, are hurrying in and are allotted special seats reserved in the front, both in the gents and ladies side too. The  floral decorations on stage have been removed but for a few fresh flowers put up now. The lanterns are still hung up on the roof too.
The time is 7;30am by the time we get to sit, swami provides us a fairly close seat today and pretty soon as we look behind we can see the hall is packed with eager devotees for the programme to begin as Buddha Poornima celebrations continue today too.......
Its 8:10 am and we see the lights are on and the music starts, prompting all to sit up in their seats with eyes on stage chanting of..................
OM..OM...OM.... begins followed by GAJANANNA >>>>>>>> bhajan invoking the blessings of lord GANESH at the start of the programme............ the ladies side get to sing next ,today's bhajans are bieng sung by an international group from Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka,Malaysia, etc ,doesn't sound like outsiders are singing [all the devotees are one sai family, as generally the  local students of sai get to sing ],the singers do a pretty good redention as they have been practising for months together for this special day.
Swami enters the stage soon and walks till the railing blesses everyone and  is  seated ,deeply engrossed in the bhajans until about 8:40 am when there is a short silence in the hall..........
We can see children from Medan, Indonesia dressed in their traditional dress enter from the eastern front ladies side entrance bow before Swami and begin their traditional dance on the lively Indonesian music looks good........ they end their dance bow again and soon we see younger girls dressed in bright golden traditional dresses enter and bow before just near the Ganesh statue and begin their performance .
This dance by children of Subabaya, Indonesia again on traditional music is entitled The dance of a thousand Hands and is dedicated to Kwan Yin....... a truely great performance from those young girls ,ends with loud clapping from all in the hall, there is silence and arrangements are made for mikes before the next performers soon.
Bhagawan has on many occasions ,appreciated the Malaysian  SAI choir, and soon we are going to witness this performance conducted by a Chinese Malaysian devotee Bro. See Kim Boon.
the choir begins with invocation to lord Buddha , the conductor is standing below the stage and we can see him moving his hands in tune with the music and sound of the artists ,he looks pretty charged up ,as they are performing before the MASTER performer who is enjoying the choir sitting on his sofa and we can see his hands beating to the tune of the choir.
Truly a great performance in which four songs are rendered by the group..........The choir soon ends with Shiva Maheswara........... prompting loud claps and we see SWAMI move his hands in a circle and ............ A GOLD CHAIN is materialised in swami's hand amidst loud clapping from the charged devotees who have been treated to a wonderfull performance from the Malaysian SAI Choir.
The conductor is soon called up on stage ,he bows before Swami and Swami is personally putting the chain around his neck,it takes a few minutes and the lucky man gets to to padanamaskar at the LOTUS FEET of the MASTER ......... loud clapping continues till the choir performers charged up again begin thier best redention while their teacher is being conferred the honour of receiving the chain .............. soon he returns and again conducts the ending few lines............ loud clapping from all..............................
 the time is 9:40am............ soon we hear and see the aarti begin.........
....OM JAI JAGDISH HARE..SWAMI SATYA SAI HARE...........  swami is standing with the support of the railing .....
.......OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI HI............ excitement fills the hall as Swami is signalling to come down after Aarti, we can see the vip {chief minister of Karnataka} walk up in between till the Buddha stupa put up on the right side of the stage  towards the gents side and is soon blessed by Swami who by now has come down from the right gents side lift, in a few moments Swami moves in the front in  his chair towards the eastern ladies side exit ,all the ladies charge towards the front but Swami after blessing the young performers moves out towards the Kalyanamandapam, where Narayana Seva (feeding of the poor) and Vastradaan (donating clothes) is arranged for the poor ,huge piles of sarees are arranged and all are seated with leaves in front of them, while Swami blesses the food and NARAYANA SEVA is begun.... soon inside the  SAI RAMESH hall all the gents are eager to see the chain given to an exited Bro See Kim Boon but he is soon taken away inside and by now the stage lights are switched off signalling that Swami is on his way back to TRAYEE Brindavan.. bringing an end to the morning programme...............  my my truly a great start to Mothers day which is today.....................SAIRAM wish you all a GREAT day...............
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