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SBOI Darshan News 13th March

 Swami blessed us all with His darshan, both, in the morning and evening! Today 13th March  morning Swami came at around 7 .20 a.m. - 9.45 a.m.  In the evening Swami came at 3:30 p.m. at around 4.00 p.m. Swami called for institute warden Mr. Shivashanker Sai & enquired about something, immediately after he called 2 -3 boys* talked to them & signalled them to get something, right away the boys went towards Bhajan Mandir & brought back musical instruments like tabla, harmonium etc. the boy students from Mirpuri Music College were extra blessed today, apparently they had their music-practical in front of Swami.  It was really amazing to hear these students sing like qualified & experienced singers.  Most remarkably, they performed like professionals. They captivated hearts and souls of all the devotees present in Kulwant hall with their devotional Mira** Bhajans. One could visibly make out that Swami too was enjoying the bhajans. Swami was selecting the Bhajans and these boys would sing that particular selected bhajan. Musically speaking bhajan is difficult to describe because it is not defined by any musical characteristics; it is defined by a sense of devotion (bhakti). Bhajans cover a broad spectrum of musical styles from the simple musical chant (dhun) to highly developed versions comparable to thumri. Even so, these students really were able to express devotion and musical abilities thru these (Meera) Bhajans. Imagine the  good fortune of these students i.e. singing devotional songs in front of God Himself! Swami was all smiles and very playful with these boys. These students sang something like ten bhajans from 4.05 p.m. to 5.05 p.m.

After the bhajan singing by boys of music college. Swami desired to walk; Swami got up with lot of difficulty & walked towards the interview room. After covering 3/4 of veranda by walk Bhagawan wanted to sit on His chair. On the way to interview room Swami talked to the devotees sitting on the veranda. Swami went inside the interview room, meanwhile, usual bhajans were going on outside. Today bhajan mandir was empty since everyone was sitting outside. Surprisingly, Swami went inside the  bhajan mandir & was there for sometime and came back from the other door. Swami was offered Arathi after 3 bhajans. Swami drove back to his new residence before retiring back to his residence..
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*students from Mirpuri Music College

**Meera Bai was one of the foremost exponents of the Prema Bhakti (Divine Love) and an inspired poetess. She is regarded as an incarnation of Radha. She sang in vraja-bhAshA, sometimes mixed with rAjasthAni, in praise of Giridhara GopAla (Shri Krishna), her lord for whom she developed in her heart the most intense love and devotion.

Meera occupies indeed a sacred place in the history of Indian thought and culture for her deep and passionate religious devotion, as also for her poetry in which her genius was well revealed, and which was never bereft of beauty in the true sense of the term. Her odes and hymns are so rich, sweet and inspiring, not because of any high rhetoric or dexterity of language, but because they are characterized by a tenderness and simplicity of feeling as genuine outpourings of a heart completely dedicated to God.

Much legend has gathered around the name of Meera, and there is a good deal of controversy surrounding her time (when she lived) and connection with the Mewar ruling family. According to Tod, the historian, she was the queen of RAna Kumbha of MewAr to whom she was married in 1513.

Meera’s Songs and Her Cosmic Vision

Meera had the beautiful cosmic vision. She saw Krishna in trees, in stones, in creepers, in flowers, thunder, lightning, and in every living and non-living being. As long as there remains the name of Krishna , the name of Meera will be forever remembered. It is extremely difficult to find a parallel to this wonderful personality “Meera”. She was a saint, a philosopher, and a romantic poet. She was a versatile genius and a magnanimous soul. Her life has a singular charm, with extraordinary beauty and marvel. She was a princess, but she abandoned the pleasures and luxuries incident to her lofty placement in worldly sense, and chose instead, a life of poverty, austerity, TyAga, Titiksha and VairAgya. Though she was a delicate young lady, she entered the perilous journey on the spiritual path amidst various difficulties.

She underwent various ordeals with undaunted courage and the conviction that came from the ideals of Truth that she held. Meera’s songs infuse Faith, Courage, Devotion and the unconditional Love of God in the minds of the devotees. The songs inspire the aspirants to follow the path of devotion through a simple sAdhana, true love, and they produce in the singer and the listener a unique experience of exhilaration and tranquility at the same time.

She immersed herself in the love of Giridhara Gopala. The name of Giridhara Gopala was always on her lips. Even in her dreams, she lived in Sri Krishna. Meera was a scholar in her own right: she is credited with the two poetic works ‘rAg-Govind’ and a commentary on Jayadeva’s ‘GIta Govinda’, which had had a profound influence on her psyche as a child. Despite her scholarship, Meera chose to express her love for Giridhari through the simplest and sweetest of lyrics. Meera’s mystic songs act as a soothing balm to the wounded hearts.

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