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9th July

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9th July - 2006.
 In the morning swami came out for darshans at 8 am. He took full round and after coming down from car swami walked till mandir portico and took his seat in front of Ganesha idol. Swami talked to Brindavan students who were showing swami something like a new project of something. Later Swami called Maharashtra seva coordinator who showed Swami some papers, probably about the work being done in Maharashtra. Swami was in the portico till 9 pm. Thereafter swami went inside the bhajan mandir at 9 pm and was there till 9.30 am. After taking the morning aarti swami left for his abode.
In the evening swami came out at 2.45 pm. He took full round. Swami called the Tibetan group for interview. The group was with swami till 4.20 pm. After the interview, Swami called chairman of Nagarjun construction, shri A.V.S Raju near him and created vibhooti for him. Later swami invited a group consisting of 2 ladies,3 gents and 2 kids for interview. They were with swami in the interview room till 4.40 pm. Swami was inside the interview room till 5.20 pm. Swami came out of his interview room and swami went to portico again. The Tibetan group started chanting beautiful prayers in their language in front of swami. They presented flowers to swami before start of the prayers. This continued till 5.40 pm. six Tibetan lamas went up to Swami, one by one, and presented yellow coloured cloth to Swami. Bhagwan was given aarti at 6 pm. The Tibetan lamas also gave Aarthi to Bhagwaan today. After taking the aarti swami left for his abode at around 6.10 pm. Prasad of apples was distributed to the students. - SBOI



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SBOI - Darshan News  - 9th July

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