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SBOI - Darshan News & Photos - 7th  - 4th - 3rd - 2nd July

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7th July 2006:-Swami came for darshans early today. He came out at around 7.30 am and took full round. Students of Mumbai and Goa presented a colourful programmes before swami. Slokas on swami were also delivered by the students. At 8.50 am swami went inside interview room and soon came out .On his instructions white cloth of trousers and shirt were distributed to the boys who performed. Sarees were distributed to all the girls.  Later prasad was distributed to all the devotees present in the Kulwant hall.

In the morning shortly after 10 am swami drove through VIP's guest house, hospital route to the site of indoor stadium. Swami did the Bhoomi pooja today. Swami returned through normal route taking lot of devotees by surprise who were unaware of the visit.

In the evening there was a programme by Maharashtra boys. Swami came out at 3.30 pm and did not go towards gents side. The programme went till 4.30 pm. There after swami went inside the interview room. The boys from Maharashtra who were sitting outside ,started singing bhajans. Swami sent a word through one of the students that they should stop singing. Thereafter regular bhajans started from the regular singers inside the bhajan hall. Swami retired for the day at around 5.25 pm after taking the aarti. Swami got distributed the prasad of 'soan papdi in the evening.  SBOI - read more detailed report from 7th July

4th July 2006:-Swami arrived in Kulwant hall at 8.05 am. He did not go to the gents side. He straight went in the interview room. Mr. Ashok singhal, vishwa Hindu parishad leader, was granted interview among other selected devotees. Swami came in the bhajan hall at9.07 am and was in the bhajan hall till 9.30 am. Aarti was given to Bhagawan and he went back to his abode.
In the evening Swami came out for darshans at 3.10 am. He took full round. Swami went to interview room to 3.15 pm. At 3.45 pm swami came out of the interview room and took his throne in the mandir portico in front of the Ganesha idol. Swami called a devotee sitting on the verandah and took his letter. After talking to the devotee he create VIBHOOTI for him and sent him back. Later swami started calling selected students and took there letters. He blessed some students who were carrying trays and letters in the tray. Swami took the rice from the trays and put it on the heads of the students. Swami created vibhooti for one of the students. Swami went back inside the interview room at 4.15 pm. Swami came our from the interview room at 4.50 pm and bhajans started early. Swami retired for the day after giving him the aarti.

3rd July 2006:-Swami came out at7.35 am. Did not go towards gents side. Straight went inside the interview room. Swami walked to bhajan hall at 8.40 am. Swami signalled the start of bhajans early i.e. at 8.50 am. Bhajans concluded at 5.30 am with aarti to Bhagwan and thereafter he retired for the day.
In the evening swami came out for darshans at 2.55pm.He took the full round. In the gents, side swami picked one young boy named, Dario for interview. He is from Spain and is in puttaparthi for last one year. His constant prayers reached to the lord and swami in the interview room granted him admission in the music college for which he had been praying for last one year. Dario, was told by swami to call his parents for interview. His parents had not come for afternoon darshans and he ran outside ashram to make a phone call to his parents who were living outside the ashram. They arrived in 15 minutes and whole family were in the interview room. All of them were beaming when they came out of the interview room. Swami was in the interview room till 4.45 pm. He walked to bhajan hall and signalled the bhajans to start at 4.50 pm. Swami was given aarti at 5.25 pm and thereafter he retired for the day at 5.25 pm.

2nd July 2006:-In the morning swami came out of his abode at 8.15 am. Swami took the full round (that is from gents side also). Swami straight went to interview room and came out at 9 am. Swami was in the bhajan hall till 9.30 am when aarti was given to Bhagwaan and he drove back to his abode. In the evening swami again gave a very pleasant surprise to the gents devotees when he again took the full round. Swami came out for darshans at 3.20pm.After completing the round swami went straight to interview room. Swami walked from interview room to bhajan hall at 4.45 pm. He sat on his throne till 5 pm and signalled start of bhajans. The bhajans went on till 5.40 pm and aarti was given to Bhagwaan. Thereafter he left for his abode.

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7th July Bhoomi puja photos- courtesy: puttaparthilive.com