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Om Sri Sai Ram dearest Sai Family,

Muddanahalli the beautiful place discovered by Swami, rather invented by Swami was blessed by His divine visit this morning to lay the foundation stone for the new university campus which will be affiliated to Sri Sathya Sai University thus summing up to 4 campuses. A small village in the foot hill of beautiful Nandi hills, 5 kms from Chickbalapur was beautifully decorated on the occasion of the divine visit. It was my first visit to this beautiful place which I didn't think it would be so

beautifully beautiful.

Swami out of His immense grace blessed me with an opportunity to follow His car and it was first of its kind

SAI adventure and it was full of fun. It also depicted the love of devotees for Swami and the kind of

love He tends to shower on His dear ones..


All the way it was just a reflection of Sai Love. The car started from Puttaparthi. All the devotees were very much

sure that Swami would be going for a day to Muddanahalli. All the streets were lined up with eagerly waiting devotees

with happiness on thier faces to have a closer look at the Son of Holy Puttaparthi, Our beloved Lord. It was not an

emotional one as it usually is, because all knew He would be gone only for a day. At 8:45am Swami came out for darshan and after

quick arathi and while it was still going on, Swami came out to the streets of Puttaparthi.

All the Hospital inmates (except the patients) were eagerly waiting for Swami at the hospital area. All faces lit up

after seeing Swami. Swami's car now passed by the villages and the people were very happy to see Swami.

Swami was traveling in Toyota Innova seated on the rear end and there were few more Toyotas of the same colour in the convoy and it

was little bit confusing for the devotees waiting on the road to pick the right Toyota and to add to the confusion Swami's regular Porte car was also there. Many were left guessing after all the cars passed by..

Swami slowed down a bit near Bagepalli to bless the Orphanage and old age home. and in no time we were in chickbalapur, the familiar

coffee halt for all the devotees coming to Parthi. Muddanahalli is about 5 kms from there. Just as we crossed Chicbalapur we took a right turn and huge flexi banners welcoming Swami and also small arches with beautiful floral decorations were seen. The first one read Hoping for your Divine visit very soon. Thats the expectation we all have. Swami's darshans can never be ENOUGH.


From the busy streets of puttaparthi, to the dusty roads and then to a not UP TO the mark highway we entered the premises of Muddanahalli which is in a very quiet environment, away from the dust and smoke. Like the atmosphere, even the people there were very sweet. The first sight of the beautiful place made me feel as if I was taken to a hill station.

All the way, people were standing some singing bhajans, some giving arathi, some with padukas, some holding large photos

of Swami Ofcourse many were left guessing which car Swami was seated...All the roads were beautifully decorated with rangolis, small temples bearing Swami's photos. It was like a festival for all the villagers there and why not, the Avatar of this Age has decided to visit their home sparing some precious

hours from His busy schedule.

Excellent arrangements were made for all the devotees. Swami after finishing the bhoomi puja for the new campus came on

the beautifully decorated dias in His car chair. The hall had a capacity of about 5000 people and there were three speakers

the last one being Mr.Narasimha Murthy.

As Swami also speaks fluent kannada, every one thought Swami would give His divine discourse in kannada, but Swami started

His divine discourse in telugu with a sweet verse which was sung by Him on various occasions in the recent past.


Parama Pavanamaina Bharata vani yandu, sahana mannade manaku chakka danamu..

(in this holyland of Bharath, what is most beautiful is patience)

Vratamulannitiyandu vanne ganchina yatti ghana sathya seelame khatina tapamu

(out of all the rituals, adherence to truth is the highest form of penance).

pranambu kantenu manambe ghana manu mana desa neetini mantagalipi

(the country which considers self respect more than one's own life is no longer like that)

netikichiri para desa neetula rasi (due to rapid westernizations).

Aura! emandu Bharatha palanambu (Alas, what has happened to this country?)

Enugetula tana balamu eruga lekunnado atula ayyinaru Bharateeyulu nedu

(Indians have become like an elephant which doesn't know its own strength).

(Even though Karnataka people understand telugu very well, Mr.Narasimha Murthy came next to Swami to translate but

Swami continued to speak non stop in telugu with no interpretation)

Truth is every where. Embodiments of love! the reason for My visit is to give proper education facilities to children of this area.

Today there are no colleges in this area. After finishing the school the children have to go to cities. They don't have any money.

You all know how it is in cities. It is very expensive. For children who have to pursue higher education some times they give up

failing to cope with the expenses. That is why I have DECIDED to give quality education. You all have so many Shakthis. Among all the shakthis, DURAASA(greediness) Shakthi is very fierce now a days. With greediness comes sorrow. Greediness will bring peacelessness.

You have to look with in and realise the Atma and to give all the children this knowledge I have decided to open up a campus here. That is MY ONLY DESIRE..

Today, unfortunately spirituality is lacking even in villages. There are not many who are chanting Rama, Krishna and so on. So to teach the highest form of Knowledge, to make the children well aware of the teachings and significance of Bhagawatam, Ramayana, Gita I have opened up this new campus. This kind of knowledge, will help the children to become noble citizens.

All know about God. You have to practice and share all the knowledge of God. Today I laid the foundation stone.. Amidst loud applauds Swami announced that In 6 months this will be ready. NO ONE CAN GIVE A TIME FRAME LIKE THIS. When I WILL it is bound to happen.

Super hospital in Puttaparthi was opened in less than year's time. I announced that it will be ready by November 23. There was heavy rain the preceding day. Every where there were pits and mud. Every one thought, will the hospital be functional. There were few more equipments to be brought in for the operation to commence. In no time a big truck with all the necessary equipments arrived and it was 11pm by then. Doctors were called upon and on the first day 3 operations were performed. All operations were successful and the patients were discharged in 5 days.

By 2010 February 14 everything should be finished. People should have confidence. All of you have studied English. You all know the story of a poor boy. Because of his poverty he couldn't go out, he couldn't attend the school because all the children were laughing at his dress, at his

financial situation. His mother poured lot of confidence in this boy. She said God is with us. believe in God. Have God in mind. The child taking confidence from his mother, started studying under the street lights. To bear cold he covered himself with gunny bags.

The same child, in the later stages was president of America. He is Abraham Lincoln. After becoming the President he didn't forget his mother. He said, it is only because of his mother he is in this stage.

Today's world is in total confusion. All are in search of God. God is no where else but within you. You should change the society. Only God's grace can change the whole world. So always keep God in mind. Only then the whole world will be happy. Treat yourself as a servant and not a master.

today you see all the Members of Parliaments, ministers, All these positions are temporary. Atma is eternal. One who realises this truth will be successful. Next year 14 February I will come for the opening of the new campus. I will give all the financial support needed for this. Don't worry about money. When Lakshmi is in My heart, there won't be any shortage of money. I don't ask any body for money and you too don't ask for money to any one. I am not concerned of any big expenses. I declare something and it is bound to happen. All will be Surprised when I finish a task. Don't leave your spiritual path. That is the highest Shakthi. You will be blessed with all that you want when you have God in your heart.

Swami in a lighter note and surprising every one very sweetly asked Am I irritating you with My talk, for which there was a big NO..LEDU SWAMI from the devotees. Swami later continued.. all those who have assembled here are very fortunate. Just have faith in God. All your worldly problems will be solved.

While Swami was talking, some one from the crowd said, Swami we feel like we are in heaven.. to which Swami said, very happy... very happy..

It was 12:15 by then Swami then continued

When you meet some one instead of saying hello, hai, you ask dear brother how are you? say Namaskaram. Don't forget your parents are God.

Don't disappoint them in any time. They should never shed tears. God will give EVERY THING to children who take of their parents. Many foreigners who come here are becoming more and more spiritual. In another 18 years the whole world will change. There will be peace and tranquilty. It will be an universal world.

Swami then sang one of His favourite bhajans Prema Mudita and it was very very sweet..

after the bhajan He continued Get good name to your parents and give them all the happiness. THAT IS WHAT I WANT. Do you think Swami's happiness

is different from your happiness.. Your happiness is MY HAPPINESS. If you are happy and give happiness to parents I AM HAPPY.. so saying

Swami filling our hearts with HAPPINESS concluded His 45 min HAPPY discourse HAPPILY..

Swami asked the children to sing songs and after 2 songs arathi was given to Swami and it was 12:30 by then.

After a short break Swami left for Puttaparthi at 1:30 and it was another joyous ride back to Parthi. Swami amidst tons of happiness returned to His own

physical abode Puttaparthi as Students from Swami's primary school and other devotees welcomed Him with a sweet smile..

Thus ended a beautiful journey with LORD and a beautiful day full of Sai Love..

Swami is so sweet like river which always likes giving giving and we are like the sea water who always like taking and give nothing..

Time has come for all of us to gear up and SET ASIDE THE MAYA and get into serious spiritual sadhana. Time is running short and there is no short

cut to Mukthi. Be it a millionaire or a pauper every one has to get into MUKTHI path and why not start now when our beloved Lord is there to guide us

and take us to the highest level..

Swami says VERY SOON the whole world will be ONE and to achieve this it is our duty to give our share to that achievement. Brothers and sisters lets join together to IGNITE the God in us to know the real HUMAN ness.

With Loving pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Lord,

 R.Satish Naik.. from Kaliyuga's Mathura Puttaparthi
(Submitted to
SBOI-Group by group member Satish Naik)

(humble apologies if any mistakes were rolled in this report)




Bhagawan's Visit to Muddanahalli
Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony, Speeches and Divine Discourse

February 14, 2009


Muddenahalli’s great penance has finally come to fruition. Though, the picturesque hilly terrain that houses a residential model school in the name of Bhagawan had been blessed by His Divine Presence many an occasion earlier, 14th February 2009 would be marked as a very special day as this day was destined for the sanctifying touch of blessing from the Lord when the foundation stone was laid in the immediate Divine Presence of Bhagawan, atop the picturesque hills in Muddenahalli as the fourth campus of the Sri Sathya Sai University.
Reaching the blessed land, hailed by Him as Thapo Bhoomi, Bhagawan arrived atop the hill, the venue for unveiling the plaque formally sanctifying the occasion. This was followed by Bhoomi Pooja, laying the bricks and cementing the same with due rituals done in spiritual fervour. Climbing down the hills, Bhagawan came on to the specially erected dais where thousands were awaiting in earnest eagerness for a glance of the Lord. There were three speakers preceding the Divine Discourse, first being Gangadhara Bhat, Chairman, Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Institutions, followed by Narayana Rao, Secretary, Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Institutions and Sri B.N.Narasimha Murthy, Warden, Brindavan Campus, all of whom spoke in Kannada.

Reasoning out His newest endeavour to impart quality education, Bhagawan said, children from the area were poor and could not afford to go to cities for pursuing higher education. Referring to the declining spiritual progress in villages, He said, this campus would give emphasis on scriptural studies that should help the children to grow into noble citizens. The campus would be inaugurated in one year time, barring all obstacles as it was His Divine Sankalpa, declared the Lord amidst cheers from the audience. Entire project would be borne by Bhagawan alone, ensured the Lord advising the patrons not to accept any money from outside. The Divine Discourse in Telugu lasted for 45 minutes without translation.


Prasadam was distributed to all who had assembled, after which Bhagawan started on His return journey to Prasanthi Nilayam. Sweet memories, abundant hopes, Muddenahalli would be looking forward for an eventful year when the Divine Sankalpa would come true, and when He would be setting His Divine Feet yet again, a date that would go in the annals of His story as a very very special day.


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