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All the updates & Photos - Happy Birthday Sai Baba - 23 November

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Updates : Happy birthday Sai Baba



29th Nov. Birthday streaming video: Excerpts from the Birthday celebration. We see the opening parade, Swami's arrival and sitting with the President of India, the President's remarks, excerpts from Swami's discourse, and Swami cutting birthday cakes. There are also excerpts from the music program in the evening.
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23rd Nov. Birthday News + latest photos "
..10: 20 am - On this auspicious birthday morning Sri Sathya Sai Baba came to bless us all with His blissful darshan at 8.25 A.M. Wearing white robe ..." Read more -

 Bhagawan's 81st Birthday Discourse

Photos 18th Nov 2006: 
Rathothsavam (Chariot Festival) - 18th Nov 2006, Images  

18th Nov :
Sai Geeta's New Home's ceremonial inaugural by Swami - Images  

18th Nov: A Cultural Program of Russian Folk Music 

Devotee's experience: of 18th Nov. A mail sent to SBOI group by a devotee

19th Nov : Ladies Day 2006 - Morning & Evening


20th Nov. Easwaramma Women's Welfare Trust Program  &  Dance Program by Students of SSSIHL - Report on the 81st Birthday Celebrations

22nd Nov. Inauguration of the Sri Sathya Sai International Centre for Sports

23rd Nov. Birthday Morning darshan photos

23rd Nov. Birthday Evening darshan photos

20th Nov.
Download: Birthday Edition Wallpapers

20th Nov.
Download: Birthday Edition animated Screen Saver

20th Nov. Download: Sai  Birthday Greeting cards

Birthday Special
: “Out of Love and Affection for All” Article by  Prof. Anil Kumar

th Nov. Darshan Mail: Eye witness account of 81st Birthday celeberations sent by a devotee in Puttaparthi  "I thought 3am is the BEST time to come for darshan where there will be very few devotees and we can easily get into the Kulwanth hall.. I was out side the ganesh gate at 3:10 am only to be surprised to see the line started from the ganesh gate throught the fruit stall area up to General hospital… I was shocked and thought.. O Swamy! Any luck today??atleast let me in the ashram compound… read more
19th Nov. Excerpts from Ladies day Discourse By Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

24th Nov. Discourse Excerpts from 25TH Annual Convocation of SSSIHL  By Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba



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