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November 23, 2006 Om sairam to most dearest Sai family and with Pranams to our beloved Lord a on His 81st birthday…
Don’t know how to and where to start with. The holy land , Puttaparthi was beautifully decorated to celebrated the Holy occasion of the birth of its darling SON our Beloved Swamy…… To witness this, I should say at least QUARTER MILLION devotees thronged to this tiny Hamlet of barely 20,000 population…. It was a heavy task for every one to accommodate this BIG number of devotees… as we say in Telugu, ISUKA VESTA RALANI ANTHA JANAM… (if you throw sand on the ground…. Even the tiny sand particle won’t fall on the ground.. an expression of speech to describe the vast gathering…) Many were of the opinion that the birthday celebrations should have been conducted in the hill view stadium as the crowd were little too big for Kulwanth hall and perfect for venues like hill view stadium..

There were so many activities and Swamy had to personally run here and there as there was change in venues past two days and added to that so many restrictions to normal devotees by the police.. thanks to the VVIPS for the inconvenience… Yesterday (Nov.22) Swamy was scheduled to dedicate the New Sathya Sai International sports center (the indoor stadium) in the presence of the President of India, His Excellency Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. The roads leading to Prasanthi were packed. All the buses were haulted near the old M.R.O office and people had to take rickshaw to reach Puttaparthi through another road, along the banks of Chitravathi river, leaving the main road open for the VIP visit.

No body except the staff and students were allowed into the new stadium which had a capacity of 4000. Special passes were distributed to the staff to enter the premises with in the stipulated time. There were few people who made unsuccessful attempts to get into the stadium without entry pass.

The security measurements were stringent with reports of various Probable MISHAPPENINGS in Prasanthi. First VIP to come the stadium premises was Mr.Vilasrao Deshmukh, chief minister of Maharashtra and followed by few other governors. It was 2 pm by then and President of India, was scheduled to land at 2:30pm and as we all know VIPs in India always come at least 30mins late and Mr.Kalam’s high security plane landed at 3 at Puttaparthi airport. As soon as the news was passed, the roads were made clear and then came the convoy…. And one would be surprised with the number of cars and vans …. One of my friends counted and they were 60of them.. just unbelievable…
Dr.Kalam directly went to the ashram and came back to the stadium at 3:30 with swamy in a white Mecedes benz.
Swamy was cheerful so also was Dr.Kalam and the programme started with inauguration of the stadium.

After the volley ball match the 25th convocation of Sri Sathya Sai Deemed university started. Dr.Kalam in his key note address stressed the need of Values in education and appreciated Swamy’s University’s efforts to give Quality education with Human Values.

Dr.Kalam, an eminent Nuclear scientist by himself, went into technical details of Bio technology, information technology, nano technology.. He was of the opinion that if these three fields were explored there would be miracles in medical field.

He being a Professor by profession, requested Swamy to give him a chance to serve as a professor in Swamy's institute, after his tenure as President of India, while Swamy looked at him with a sweet smile.
He recalled his father’s words to be good and stay away from bad company. Referring to students, he said, that’s what Swamy is telling you.. be good and serve the society.

Swamy rose to deliver His divine discourse… Being a chancellor of the University, swamy spoke on today’s education and also asked students to choose the path of TRUTH.. Further speaking about education, swamy said, If any one asks today's student EMI CHESTUNNAVU (what are you doing?) the student immediately answers, CHADUVU KONTUNNANU (meaning iam astudying and it also means, I am buying education). Swamy expressed concern over rapid commercialization of education. He was of the opinion that education should be imparted freely and also with a HUMAN touch..

Swamy continued “many people ask me WHO ARE YOU? I tell I and YOU are one.. Iam God and you are also GOD.. Understand this principle and lead your daily Life.. consider every one as your own sister, brother and treat all alike..

If a word has five letters, he is a Great HUMAN BEING who can give the same meaning to each letter in the word.
He narrated a story as an example.. tenali Ramakrishna (great poet and highly knowledgeable person in the court of King Krishnadevaraya(?) who ruled south India long back)… the king asked Ramakrishna to tell him a five letter word which should make a meaning on the whole and the letters in the word should have the same meaning individually. Ramakrishna went home thinking of such a word.. He couldn’t concentrate well in his house, so he says his wife that he is going to his brother-in-law’s house.. He goes to his brother in law’s house and prefers to stay in the cowshed to get more concentration.. The whole night, he stays there thinking of such a word. Suddenly a cow gets labour pains and delivers a calf. Rama Krishna runs to his brother in law to give him the news. Brother in law curiously asks EE AVU RA BA VA.. (which cow was that Brother in law). Instead of giving the answer, Ramakrishna jumps in joy... . surprised Brother in law asks Ramakrishna as what’s wrong with him.. He says.. I got my answer…
Next day the court is assembled and all other poets, ministers of the kingdom are eagerly waiting for Ramakrishna’s reply to the king difficult question.. Rama Krishna says King I got the answer and it is EE AVU RA BA VA … EE (pronounced as A) in Marathi language means COME.. AVU in Hindi means COME.. RA in telugu means COME.. BA in Kannada means COME.. VA in Tamil, Aravam, means COME.. Thus king was very happy..

It was around 7:30 pm by then.. and Swamy said, I better close My discourse now as its getting late and you all are tired. I don’t want to trouble you further … He concluded saying.. LEAVE EVERY THING IN GOD’S HAND… amidst cheers from the students, players and other lucky devotees who could make it to the stadium.

The programme continued further with music programme by Mandolin Srinivas with his Brother and Shivamani’s drums… There were thousands waiting out side the stadium having no idea as what was happening inside the stadium. As the programme was a very lengthy one there was some restlessness amongst waiting devotees who thought Swamy come out in a hour or two….

There was live telecast of the programme in Doordarshan channel and also there were Televisions placed in Kulwanth hall.. Kulwanth hall was jam packed and probably its for the first time that any body is having Swamy’s virtual darshan sitting in Kulwanth hall….

There were long queues every where.. be it near the food, near the stadium, telephone, and even walking on the road…. There were so many devotees inside the ashram that there was no place even to stand…. Some of them barely slept a hour of two. Seeing the vast crowd, I thought 3am is the BEST time to come for darshan where there will be very few devotees and we can easily get into the Kulwanth hall.. I was out side the ganesh gate at 3:10 am only to be surprised to see the line started from the ganesh gate through  the fruit stall area up to General hospital… I was shocked and thought.. O Swamy! Any luck today?? at least let me in the ashram compound…..

With no other option, I joined the queue near the General Hospital and the queues were moving very slowly. 2 feet for every 20 minutes…. There was so much commotion.. Every where you would find just people..people.. some where still sleeping on the floors of the bus stop…. At 4am I was near the auto rickshaw stand…. Close enough to the Ganesh Gate but a LONG way this particular morning…. I was praying to swamy…. And there was man next to me chanting Vedas, I thought, what an opportunity! Praise the glory of the Lord early morning, on His birthday.. I joined him and chanted the Vedas in my mind…

There were loud shouts and vigils by the police to control the uncontrollable crowds…Around 5am I saw my self just next to the Ganesh gate… I thought there would hardly be a line or two inside and it will be a smooth sail once we get in … BUT No… As I entered the gate… I see crowd all over… there was no place to stand.. The space next to Ganesha was full… and there were people up the hill and behind Ganesha.. I was wondering how and why the police let us in… Very slowly.. I went back to Ganesha.. and from there started the pushing and pulling routine…

The crowd were just going mad….. there were children and few elderly people in the crowd.. Few South Africans gave up and left for their rooms.. It was 6am by then.. It took three hours to make it inside the ashram and now how to get in.. Some people said, the hall is full.. and some said, its only half full… the police say if you sit down we will send you one by one and as all of us start to sit down. people from behind fall on us… Atlast at 7am, I found myself inside the Kulwanth hall and it was the BEST spot one would ask for considering occasion..

The atmosphere was unusual… There was so much tension amongst people and every one wanted to get into the hall. At 7:25 the sevadals locked the gates as it was jam packed. Many unhappy faces were seen outside the hall clinging to the wall.. Exactly at 8:10am there was some activity near Swamy’s residence signaling the Swamy’s arrival.

Swamy’s special golf car with open seat in the front and driver behind…was brought.. there were musical bands waiting for Swamy .. first two girls from Anantapur campus went to Swamy and took His blessings and they slowly marched into Kulwanth hall.. Band from Primary school followed them and behind them were primary school boys wearing white shirts and dhoti chanting Vedas...The boys from Prasanthi Nilayam campus followed them.. and behind all of them was the birthday (boy) our beloved Swamy, clad in Pure white robe….with His sweet nectarine smile…. Enters the Kulwanth hall as all the devotees raise their hands, clap, chant SAIRAM loudly….

Swamy looks at every one… the car was bit slow, brother Sathyajit, who has the reputation of being a devotee friendly driver, drives the car slowly giving enough time for Swamy to look at every one and to the devotees to enjoy the blissful form to heart’s content...Swamy comes to the half way and we were eagerly waiting for a close darshan and definitely not for a right turn to the dias… Swamy’s car comes straight… as the car comes closer and closer… the view gets better and better…. Tears flow down my eyes… as if my tears were more eager to see Swamy than me… I rub my tearful eyes to enhance colour, brightness and contrast of my eyes…

Swamy had enough time to look at both sides bless all of us…His face glowing like an apple… Smiling joyfully like a child when it gets a new dress and special attention on his/her birthday…The devotees waiting outside chant sairam…. Sairam..bit loudly and Swamy with His sweet smile reciprocates… waves His hands making equal number of devotees waiting outside jump in joy….

Swamy’s special car now gets in front of the dias… Primary school boys were holding a cake and some other gifts for Swamy.. Swamy blesses them and slowly the car halts at the interview room. President Kalam, who was already in the hall, goes to Swamy and all his security personnel, photographers surround Swamy as we all were eagerly looking as what’s happening… Amidst the crowd (surrounding Swamy) comes President Kalam, facing us, he waves, as all of us reciprocate… He immediately sits on the FLOOR… while all the devotees were surprised seeing this interesting moment, where the Head of the country sitting on the floor… a perfect example of simplicity…MINUS pomp…

Another VIP sitting next to him offers a cushion and he even refused the cushion.. the devotees many of them watching this in closed circuit TVs once again applauds his simplicity.. The President’s security turn back and see their BOSS sitting on the floor… with blank faces.. they run here and there… suddenly another student comes running and offers a chair to him and the President say NO…..

Swamy slowly walked on the dias as two students were holding Him…His (body) walk showing some discomfort of the previous day’s hectic schedule…. Very slowly He sits on the Big chair kept at the center of the dias… another chair was brought and placed next to Him.. He signals, the President, to sit next to Him.. when the BIG BOSS offers, the poor President had to accept it… With a smile.. President sits next to Swamy holding Swamy’s hands he speaks to Swamy.. Both of them went into deep conversation….. leaving us wondered as what the topic would be.. but our hearts were full seeing the Head of the country speaking to the Head of this universe.. what ever may be they would be speaking about our welfare…..

After about 5 minutes.. Swamy asks President Kalam to speak… with blessings from Swamy, he starts… “Iam very thrilled to be here.. I have been to Puttaparthi many times before.. and Its always a pleasure being here in the immediate presence of Swamiji…I see perfection here.. Perfection in speech and also in action.. In 2002 Swamy declared that He would supply water (to Chennai) and He did it.. He always declares His future projects and by next year, He sees that its finished.. the stadium which was inaugurated yesterday is a beautiful one…

He further added.. I have written a poem on Swamy yesterday and want to offer it on this occasion”. Taking permission from Swamy, the president hands over the copy of the poem in Telugu to Prof.Anil Kumar and Prof.Anil Kumar reads it out..

It was 9am by then and President Kalam, raises form his chair and takes leave from Swamy….Swamy gave pada Namaskar to all the security personnel as each one left with the President…

Later it was announced that Swamy would delver His much awaited Birthday Divine Discourse…. The discourse table was brought and Swamy looks at every one and slowly raises from His seat as the boys hold Him… After adjusting the mikes and after the boys were settled down…Swamy’s melodious voice was heard…

Swamy started with a telugu poem…a very good one…

Excerpts from the discourse…

Talli Garbhamu nundi janminchu nappudu

Kanta mala levi kana ravu


Manchi muthya pu sarul Machukanu Levu


Rathnala haramul ranjillaga ledu

Kovedikapu mala Kuda ledu




Kaladokka mala mee K anta mandu


Purva Janmalu Ponduga Pondu Parachi


Brahma mee kichi pampenu Baruvu mala


Karma Lanniyu Cherchina kanatamala


Embodiments of Love, Students, Boys and girls,
The main reason for unrest in today’s world is Greed. Never crave for wordly things and spoil your lives.. LESS LUGGAGE,MORE COMFORT…Keep the divine name always in your hearts.. its God who is the doer and he is your TRUE friend…He is all pervasive.. He is present from micro organisms to Macro organisms…

The mother of this body is Eswaramma… Her name originally, was not Eswaramma… Just before my birth she was named Eswaramma, meaning Mother of Eswaramma.. She used to feel proud of her name and used to say, I am IN FACT mother of lord Eswara…
She was a devoted woman… Always had God’s name in her heart…She was also very caring..

Another person is Karanam Subbamma… She knew My mood.. Any devotees coming to Puttaparthi, in those days stayed at her house.. She used to cook for them and take care of their wellbeing and also about Me…She is a virtuous woman

Today’s men are craving for worly education with out morals.. What for is all your education when you don’t have even one HUMAN quality… I would ask you for only one thing.. Give up worldly desires… Don’t crave for materialistic possessions.. its your noble qualities which comes with after you are gone.. You don’t bring anything when you are born.. nor you take any thing when you leave your body.. then what for all these wants and desires?… Its only God, whom your should crave for.. He is Permanent….

Students, you should not waste your time always in reading.. read what you are supposed to. Do service to society.. you are part of the society and its your duty to offer your help to the society..

Respect your parents.. They are living God amidst you…
Later Swamy recollected His school days…Right from My school days I used to say this to my friends… respect your elders.. I used to materialize so many things to them and all were surprised as from where Raju, brings all this stuff.. In those days.. I didn’t even have a Penny (naya paisa)….. One dayI left My school bag in the class room and went out…. All the boys wanted to check if I had hidden anything in the bag.. they couldn’t even find a small pin in the bag…]

(by then Swamy was leaning more on His right and His BODY seemed to be in bit discomfort …)

He sat on His chair and continued His discourse.. His voice further minimized and was barely audible and more over.. there was lot of disturbance from people outside….

After another 30 minutes talk… Swamy ended His Birthday Discourse with Hari Bhajan Bhajan….

Prasadams were distributed and the morning programme came to an end with Arathi….
Like last year, In the evening Swamy wore a Yellow robe and swamy drove into the indoor stadium to witness a friendly match between India and Indonesia.. and later followed the Basket ball by Globe totters (?)....

swamy came back to Kulwanth hall around 6:45 and there was a musical programme by Mrs.Sultana.. Mr.Mandolin Srinivas and Shivamani...
It was 8:30 by the time Swamy retired to His Physical Abode after a Long day's HECTIC Schedule..

Thus Ended our Sweet Lord's Sweet Birthday another LANDMARK in the TENURE of this Avatar...... Another Deadline for us to take an Oath to transform ourselves into TRUE HUMANS

With Humble Pranams at the Lotus Feet our Our beloved Lord...

Jai Sai Ram
Satish Naik -


Submitted by Satish Naik to SBOI group

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