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Sai News: Prasanthi Nilayam 18th Nov. 2005 <<back to Sai News 
click on the picture (left) to see large size collage of  Rathotsavam

Dear devotees, Sai Ram! According to  SBOI group  source: today the week-long celebrations commenced with the traditional Rathotsavam.  Swami came at 8.a.m in the morning to bless all for His darshan and commenced the Rathotsavam (Chariot Festival).    The Rathotsavam (Chariot Festival) at Prasanthi Nilayam is a tradition that goes back many decades to the early 1950's. On this day, the students of Bhagawan, chanting Vedic incantations and singing Bhajans, lead a procession with the idol of Lord Krishna on a rath (chariot) and the idols of Lord Rama, Lakshmana and Mother Sita on a palanquin, to the Old Mandir or what is now the Kalyana Mantapam, in the village of Puttaparthi. After worship is offered to the deities, the idols of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita return to the Mandir. Later, in the evening, the idols are taken out in a procession in the village of Puttaparthi, amidst joyous celebration by the villagers. Also from today 18th Nov. and up until 24th Nov. Free food (quick meals) will be provided to all devotees. Therefore South Indian canteen will be full of activity and Sevadal  will continue working  round the clock to prepare the food and keep the supply of  necessary green groceries, rice, dal etc in full flow, already many truck loads of food has arrived.

click on the picture (left) to see large size collage of  Rathotsavam


Sacred past: Swami’s dance performance at Kothacheravu, during the Rathotsavam festival.

Before long, a professional dramatic troupe visited the area and enacted some musical plays that attracted mammoth audiences. They put up their stage at Bukkapatnam, and later moved to Puttaparthi, Kothacheruvu, Elumalapalli and other big villages and their performances became the talk of the entire district. They had a girl dancer, with the stage name of Rishyendramani, who combined, in a series of dance items, both gymnastics and music. Her piece de resistance was a dance, in which, keeping track of the timing and the tune she danced with a bottle balanced on her head, bent low, sat, and laid herself on the floor, with her back up, bit with her teeth a kerchief placed on a matchbox on the floor, and with the kerchief between her teeth sat back again rose, and stood, with the bottle still balanced on the head! A pretty difficult assignment indeed! By long practice, she had trained herself for this tortuous feat. No wonder, she won the applause of the people wherever she did it.


Sathyanarayana went with others to witness the plays of these professionals and, he too saw this item. Later, after he came home, he tried to do it himself and , to the surprise of all, he could do it without much ado! When the elders asked to be shown this new item in Sathya's repertory, he withdrew within himself and hesitated. But, the news got abroad and some enterprising young men persuaded him to agree to dance the famous feat, at Kothacheravu, during the Rathotsavam and Cattle Fair. They had the temerity to announce that the famous Rishyendramani herself will appear in the play, for they felt so confident that Sathya will not disappoint them or the audience. The sisters dressed the brother as girl, completed the hairdo and personal decoration and took him to Kothacheruvu. Pedda Venkapa Raju who heard about the audacity became suddenly afraid to the consequences of the foolhardy adventure into which Sathya was inveigled. The curtain rose; Rishyendramani tripped her way into the Durbar Hall of Kamsa; the audience was too wild with excitement to note any difference; the famous dance piece began; Sathya had improved upon it and substituted a needle, in place of the kerchief; it was lifted by the eyelids! Yes; the 'Rishyendramani' of that day, did it!!

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 Images Swami performing 80 marriages!



SBOI has also released a collection of 18 rare & beautiful pictures of Swami. An 80th birthday tribute, we encourage everyone to visit this page and enjoy charming Sai. Also, spread the joy by sending this photo link to your fellow devotees.


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 Exclusive cards: Sai Baba's 80th birthday E greeting cards - Free!