"...Yesterday on Swamis pic, 109 Rudraksha appeared... I have taken pics in
 different angles for a better view. They started falling with Vibhuti as the day progressed. A spatik mala
was also materialized...."

 - Ganesh Ganjawalla



Sathya Sai as Agnipurusha

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Om Sai Ram My name is Kiran Patel and we have Swami's " Shivam" Temple in our house in Nacogdoches. Texas. U.S.A. We had performed 11 GAYATRI yagna by chanting 11 different gayatri's i.e... Gayatri Mantra, Sai Gayatri Mantra, Surya Gayatri.....etc 108 times by doing homa's on March 14th 2008.  Yagna was preformed by Rajiv Adatia of UK we took lots of photos of yagna and when we played photos as slide show in one photo Swami has given us divine darshan in flame which is miracle of his. Sri Sathya Sai Baba as Agnipurusha for all of us and we would like to share this with all of our sai brothers & sister around the world.

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Jai Sai Ram
Strange are the Leelas of Baba. Every Thursday HE is showing HIS Leelas here at Sidhartha Extension, New Delhi. On Saturday the 22nd March it was Holi and as we went to the Mandir in the early morning to wish Nameshkar (Good Morning) to Baba, we saw Baba has already had dots of Chandan on the nails of HIS hands and feets, on the Dwarkamai photo which is on the wall. Mrs. Gupta did the Pooja of Holi the previous day in our own Mandir and had applied Chandan on the forehead of Baba and it seems Baba had applied the Chandan on the nails of HIS own. Perhaps Baba is saying that HIS Singaar should be done that way. For the last few days Mrs Gupta was having a feeling as if she is in Dwarkamai in Shirdi. Udi was also oozing from the main photo of Baba and statue in the mandir. I am attaching the two photos taken on that day.
Ashok Gupta - Submitted to saibabaofindiagroup -SBOI-Group
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