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The word Vibhuti

The word Vibhuti can be divided into two parts: Vi and Bhuti. The word Bhuti appears in the third part of the last verse of Gita along with Shree (prosperity), Vijay (victory), and Dhruva Niti (righteous policy). These four terms Dhruva Niti, Bhuti, Vijaya, and Shree stand for Dharma (righteousness), Artha (glory), Kama (victory), and Moksha (spiritual prosperity). Hence Vibhuti means "special" glory or extraordinary glory of God Almighty.

Looking into the Sanskrit dictionaries for the meaning of the word 'vibhuti', one finds such definitions as 'manifestations of divine power' or 'opulence by which God controls the whole universe.' Other words used to define the meaning of vibhuti are divine glory and splendour and magnificence. In some translations of the Bhagavad Gita, we find the title of Chapter Ten is, "The Yoga of Vibhuti" while in others it is called "Manifestations of the Power and Glory of God". And we so learn that the union with the divine which we seek is aided or perhaps accomplished by the power, glory, splendour and munificence of God and this is called vibhuti.