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Sai Darshan news 17th April -2006 Kodaikanal

Today morning Swami came out at around 9.55, for His darshan 'means of transport' Swami used an ordinary wheel chair, after a small stop at the covered balcony, near the slope where Swami sometimes also sit. Swami came down and took a complete round on menís and ladies side.  Oddly, today morning Swami didnít took any letters; however, Swami was blessing a lot with His divine hands to the sitting devotees. Swami also blessed the prasadam of Laddus which was then distributed to all devotees, devotees have been getting blessed prasadam two days in a row.


The usual morning Bhajans are sung outside in the darshan zone and evening bhajans are always inside the bhajan hall. Also today Swami walked a little but Swami needs  somebodyís assistance and therefore there are always few attendants around to assist Swami. The darshan ended after the Aarthi at around 10:30.    Somehow everyone felt that Swami was not in very joyful mood rather sad and he did refer to this in His evening discourse today at Bhajan hall. Today the students accompanying Bhagavan   went out for a shopping trip with Swami's Permission. Weather is lovely but It rained in the afternoon.  We'll send today's evening darshan news later with brief high points of Swami's discourse from the evening.

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