Clay Ganesha in the village 27/08/06 before sunrise




Sai Ram All

I am back in Australia, tired, but all is well.

I will finally just reflect what had transpired since the last post.

The evening prior to Ganesh Chaturthi was basically a almost sleepless night. There was Ganesha bhajans (the popular Indian commercial versions) playing loudly thru loudspeakers most of the night, in the area where I was staying. I felt, I needed to get up early to go to morning darshan, as I was expecting a large crowd. I slept through the alarm and woke up around 5.30am. Oh bother! I will miss darshan. About 10 mins later, I heard from my room, Ganesha pooja over the loud speakers and rushed out with video camera to film one of the many dotted around the village. Photo included. After that a school group of mostly young girls sang wonderful Ganesha bhajans. I felt Swami set this up for me, as it was timeless to experience this, in the back lanes of Puttaparthi. These sorts of events happened alot for me during the last week, while I was staying in the village, and was also fortunate enough to film. Priceless! is all I can say. Eventually I went to darshan. I was astonished to see the small amount of people in the hall. Only a few decorations and the Ganesh statue duly decorated. Swami came out and went straight to the interview room. He came out a short time later and sat in His chair to hear the students sing Ganesh prayers and bhajans. A short time later Aarti was performed and He left. It was time to go back to village room and pack-up ready for 4.15pm departure by taxi to Bangalore. I had no intention of going to afternoon darshan, as I was very tired and just needed to organize a few things before finally leaving. One thing I didn’t realize, is that banks are closed on Sunday’s and I had no Indian money for taxi etc. So I spent the next couple of hours trying to get Australian currency changed. Its about 1.30pm and by now I was beat. I needed to rest and it was hot. I also missed lunch. The Russian lady insisted we see Anil Kumar (Swami’s translator), to ask him for permission to get on first line, as it would be my last darshan. I basically said to her, I had no intention of going to afternoon darshan. I finally surrendered and we went to his place and he said just go to the security office and speak to so and so. But be there in 20 mins. I had my camera and tripod with me, so I would need to go back to my room to deposit them. As you all know, taking them to darshan is not allowed. It was 1.55pm when I was at my room. 5 minutes to get back to the security office. No way! I just sat there and said to myself. I’ve had it and need to rest. But a inner prompting told me to go. So I did and arrived at the office 2.20pm. They basically said it was too late, as everyone was in the hall already seated. One mentioned just try the VIP gate. I did. No! No! No! was the response. That was it!!! I asked and pleaded within, to Swami. One more time, I asked, and a Seva Dal suddenly took me to a spot in the first row. Sai Ram!!! Swami came out at 3.00pm and for the first time in 3 trips, Swami looked at me for 3 seconds directly and took my letter (the man who walks along with the car takes it and gives it to Swami through the open window). First time since my first trip in ‘92. Now in all my other trips, when Swami came close to me, He would suddenly look away. I think He was trying to tell me something. To look within. Don’t concern yourself with the outer form. Still its nice, if He, at least acknowledges you in the hall. For about 10 mins, I had tears of total peace.

Back to worldly maya. I got up and left the hall and walked back to my room. Takes about 15-20mins. So, I can’t tell you what happened after that in darshan. It was now about 3.20 pm and the taxi man was already there waiting to wisk me away. Note: I had booked for 4.15 pm. I quickly packed and was on my way by 3.35pm to Australia. All the way the taxi driver expouned me on the yagnam and the rituals. Quite amazing! Also note: The pilot of the plane was Sri Mr. Rudram.

Landed in Australia at 7.45pm on the 28/08/06.

Its nice to be back.

May Bhagavan bring joy and peace to you all.

He is the motivator and doer of ALL THAT IS. Why fear when He is with you at all times and all places. Love, love, love. LIVE IN LOVE

Thankyou and Sai Ram