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February 28, 2007: Today morning Swami came at 8.15.a.m. after taking the full round of darshan Swami interacted with few devotees sitting on the verandah. After that Swami went inside the interview room at 8.25.a.m. Today's morning Bhajans started at 9.00 a.m. All the devotees sitting in Kulwant hall always keep a close eye on the interview room door specially between 8.50 - 9.00 a.m.  and wait for it to be open since it gives an extra opportunity to have a glimpse (Swami walks/car-chair to the Bhajan mandir from the interview room) of Avatars divine form.  The bhajans ended at 9.35. After the aarthi Swami drove back to His residence.

In the evening Swami came at 4.05 p.m. Swami took a full round of the hall in his car. After talking to few devotees on the verandah Swami went straight to the interview room. Swami came out at around 5.05 p.m. and went inside the Bhajan hall, the evening bhajans ended at 5.35 p.m. after receiving aarthi Swami drove back to Yajur mandir.

Memorable Experiences In Prashanti

February 27, 2007:   Today morning Swami came at 8.45.a.m. after taking the full round of darshan and talking to few devotees on the verandah Swami went inside the interview room at 9.a.m.  The bhajans started inside the Bhajan mandir at around 9. 00. a.m. At around Swami came out of the Interview room and went inside the Bhajan mandir while the Bhajans were in full swing. Swami listened to the Bhajans and delighted all sitting inside the Bhajan mandir with His divine darshan. Swami was given aarthi at appx.9.45 a.m. thus concluding the morning darshan. Swami went back to His residence at 9.50 a.m. Photos of Chinese New Year celebration at Prasanthi Nilayam , Puttaparthi are now updated.  In the evening Swami came at

3.45. P.m. Swami took a full round of the hall after the darshan round Swami’s car stopped near ladies side ramp. The boys and girls of 10th & 12th class were present today to receive the blessings of Swami. Their board exams are soon to be started in the first week of March. Swami blessed the girl students first; Swami passed between the two neatly divided rows of girls students. Swami on His car chair took many letters and blessed the girl students. After the girls student it was the boy students turn they too were blessed by Swami’s proximity. After blessing the students Swami signalled them to go inside the Bhajan mandir. The students were inside the Bhajan mandir with Swami from 4.15 – 5.10 p.m. they also sang few Bhajans for Swami. At appx. 5.15 p.m. the customary evening bhajans started, at around 5.40 p.m. the Aarthi was given to Bhagavan. Swami retired back to His abode at 5.45 p.m. 

February 26, 2007: Today morning Swami came out bit earlier than usual surprising many devotees. Devotees outside the Sai Kulwant hall rushed towards the entrance gate to get inside quickly. It is quite impressive to observe the aged devotees running like young to have a look at their beloved Bhagavan's beautiful form. 

Swami retired back to His abode after receiving aarthi at appx. 9.35 a.m.
Swami retired back to His abode after receiving aarthi at appx. 9.35 a.m.
Swami retired back to His abode after receiving aarthi at appx. 9.35 a.m.
Swami retired back to His abode after receiving aarthi at appx. 9.35 a.m.
Swami retired back to His abode after receiving aarthi at appx. 9.35 a.m.
Swami retired back to His abode after receiving aarthi at appx. 9.35 a.m.

Swami took a full round of Sai Kulwant hall in His car and went to verandah from Men's side ramp. Swami talked to overseas devotees from South East Asia sitting on mens side and called two of them for interview. Two western ladies were also called in for interview. Swami went inside the interview room at 7.35. a.m. and was there till bhjanas started at 9.a.m. The morning Bhajan session ended at 9.30 a.m. Swami retired back to His abode after receiving aarthi at appx. 9.35 a.m.  In the evening Swami came at 3.45 p.m. After taking the full darshan round in His car Swami talked to few devotees sitting on the verandah at around 3.55 p.m. Swami went inside the Interview room, Swami was inside the interview room till the Bhajan started. At appx. 5.00 p.m. Swami went inside the Bhajan mandir for the evening Bhajan session; aarthi was given to Bhagawan at 5.30 p.m. Swami drove back to His abode at 5.40 p.m.

February 25, 2007: Swami didn't come for morning darshan today. In The evening Swami came out looking radiant and beautiful. Swami took a full darshan round on His car. After the darshan round Swami went inside the Interview room. At appx. 5.00. P.m Swami came out on His car chair and talked to few devotees sitting on the portico. Swami was outside for quite a long time and took another round from the ramp near the ladies side down towards the students and gents sitting place. Swami took many letters today and many were lucky to be able to touch Swami’s lotus feet’s. After this round of darshan Swami stopped near the Golden lion statue and talked to the overseas devotees from South East Asia, Swami also created vibhuti for some. Darshan didn’t ended here actually Swami took another round up to the dasa-avatara gateway and then again towards gents side and talked again with Overseas devotees from South East Asia. At around 5.20 Swami walked to His throne and sat while the students chanted the Veda mantras. At around 5.35 Swami went inside the Bhajan hall/mandir the evening Bhajans ended with offering of Aarthi to Swami. At 6.10 Swami drove back to his residence at the entrance gate to His residence Swami got up from His car chair and walked inside His residence compound, thus concluding today’s amazing darshan. The Chinese New Year decorations are being removed now. There is a possibility of a program tomorrow i.e. Lion dance by overseas devotees from South East Asia. It is really amazing to observe Swami’s dynamism and energy; indeed He is working constantly & selflessly for the good of humanity all the time thus setting an ideal example for all us to follow – My Life is My Message.

February 24, 2007: Today morning Swami came at 8.25.a.m. Swami was welcomed out side His residence gate with drums followed by the lion dance also devotees in time-honored kings costumes were there to welcome Swami for this Chinese New year day celeberation at Prasanthi Nilayam. Small boys and girls led the procession! A true, spiritual beginning of Chinese New Year at Prasanthi Nilayam. Swami’s car didn’t took the full round but went from the ladies side up to the dais. After alighting down from His car Swami lit the candles at around 8.30 thus ceremoniously auspicating the program.

 There was brief chanting of Vedam then the program started with a speech by a oversee devotee, after that , traditional Chinese offering were presented to Bhagavan like tea leaves and sweets along with other things; one by one the overseas devotees came and presented their offerings to Swami. Also, the Music & Bhajans by the South East Asian devotees were wonderful and mellow. Prasadam was distributed at appx. 9.00 a.m. After that Swami went inside the Bhajan hall the Customary morning bhajans started at 9.15 a.m. after the aarthi Swami left for His abode at 9.45 a.m.

In the Evening Swami came out a 4. 00. pm. Swami took a full round of Sai Kulwant Hall in His car, after alighting Swami walked few steps and talked to few devotees sitting near the dais & then turned back and went inside the interview room, after only 5 minutes Swami came out and walked up to His throne outside. The Drama “My parents my treasure” started themed on How the traditional Chinese customs and traditional Chinese culture has always respected and sacrificed for the parents. The participants were very fortunate
since Swami walked down to them and pictures were taken thus bringing lots of smiles and absolute delight.

At 5. 00 p.m. the South East Asian devotees sang Bhajans at 5 .15 p.m. they offered Aarthi to Bhagavan. Subsequently Prasadam was distributed. Swami went inside the Bhajan hall at 5.16. P.M. a fresh session of customary evening bhajan started inside the Bhajan hall at 6.00 p.m. Swami received the customary evening Aarthi, (Swami was offered aarthi twice today evening) At 6.05. p.m Swami drove back to His abode.

Sevadal doing Seva (service) at Swami’s residence compound are really enjoying Swami’s heavenly hospitality, Swami sends them lots of food and other eatables & savoury dishes etc.
Nothing compares Swami’s love for His devotees.   

Note: "Sai websites down"

February 23, 2007:   Today morning Swami came out to bless us for darshan at 9.a.m. Swami took a full round. At the mandir portico the Budhist lamas from Tibet chanted the mantra, around 36 Lamas from Tibet have arrived here in Prasanthi Nilayam the 6 head Lamas sat on the portico and chanted mantras. After alighting from His car Swami talked (interacted) with these Lamas for nearly 5 minutes after 10 minutes Swami called these Lamas inside the interview room, the interview got over at 8.40 a.m.

After that Swami went inside the Bhajan hall; after the customry morning Bhajan and reciving aarthi Swami left for His abode.  In the evening Swami came at 4.00 p.m. and took a full round of Kulwant hall. Tibet Lamas chanted the mantras. The Bhajns were sung by devotees comprising mainly from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonaesia. At around 5.30 P.m. Swami went inside the Bhjan hall. Bhajnas went on till 6.00 p.m. At one time the aarthi was started but then stopped again since Swami walked back to the portico and sat on His throne giving wonderful darshan to all, here Swami talked to Captain Ong and created a gold chain for him. After that Swami directed prasad to be distributed, Later Swami called the lamas for group photo, Swami had group photos with devotees from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonaesia, Swami also received aarthi from devotees from south east asia. Swami retired back to His abode at 6.30 p.m.   The practice sessions for tommorow's program of Chinese New Year 2007  is going on in Sai Kulwant hall -

 2nd  Maha Shivaratri morning (17th Feb 2007) Divine Discourse   -      Photos: A Program by 10th and 12th Standard Students, 21 Feb 2007, Puttaparthi


February 22, 2007: In the morning Swami came at 8.05.a.m. Swami took a full round of Kulwant hall giving His darshan to all from inside the car. After alighting from the car Swami walked to the interview room. For the most part Swami was inside the interview room, after the Bhajans Swami  returned back to His abode at appx. 9.35.a.m. In the evening Swami came at 3.45 p.m. the bhajan ended at 5.45 p.m. Decorations in Sai Kulwant hall and in ashram for the Chinese New Year 2007 are in full swing The 1st Batch of Madhya Pradesh Seva dal left today, Swami got distributed  One Sai Photo and two packets of Vhibuti to outgoing batch of Sevadal.


February 21, 2007: Maha Shivaratri Divine Discourse   This evening, the passing out batches of school students of the X and XII classes presented their "gratitude programme". At 4.15, Bhagawan came onstage after His darshan round, and the students began their presentation. Students from various parts of India spoke feelingly in their languages about how Swami's love had touched their lives. The short talks by the students were interspersed with group songs. After the hour-long programme, Bhagawan blessed the students and had ladoos distributed for them. Then, He came towards the Bhajan Hall, where Bhajans began. Swami sat for Bhajans till just past six o'clock, when He accepted Arati and left for His residence. Also lots of Chinese devotees in Prasanthi Nilayam preparing to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2007 on 24th Feb.

[Sathya Sai School of Canada scores a perfect 10 in academic excellence]

February 20, 2007 Today morning Swami didn't come for darshan, in the evening Swami came at around 3.15 p.m. at this moment while we are writing this darshan news (4.30 p.m.) Swami is inside the Interview room.

Streaming video of  Christmas-06 Day & evening

February 19, 2007 This morning, Swami came out of His residence very early - 6.45 - and proceeded immediately on a drive. After taking a round of the Indoor Stadium complex, Bhagawan visited the Primary School and then returned to the Mandir at 7.20 am. He came to the Bhajan Hall at 8.50 and interacted with the students there who were waiting to serve to Bhagawan after their studies. Bhajans began when Swami went into the interview room at 9.20. After 45 minutes of Bhajans, Swami came to the Bhajan Hall, accepted Arati, and left for Yajur Mandiram.

In the evening, after His darshan round at around 4.30 pm, Bhagawan came down the upper verandah and sat onstage while the Vedam chanting went on for around 20 minutes. He then came towards the Bhajan Hall. Bhajans began and Bhagawan retired for the day post-Arati after half an hour.

February 18, 2007 : Today Evening Swami came out to bless us with His darshan at appx. 4:15p.m, today the bhajans were sung while Swami gave His darshan inside the Kulwant hall on His mobile Throne. Swami also went towards the back side of the Bhajan hall. In fact, devotees were quite blessed to witness Swami taking many rounds of the hall.

At around 5.20 P.M. Swami sat on dais outside, the Bhajans went on til 7.00 P.M, disturbed by an “electrical failure” for few short minutes, but Swami signalled for Bhajans to continue. Sitting on His throne Swami seemed so magnificent and detached from this world in His Avataric form. Mr.Satyajeet & Mr.Ratnakar came from Swami's residence and then Swami retired back to His abode after receiving aarthi. On the whole, a breathtaking and unusually long and close up darshan for many devotees today. Here are more details of today's extraordinary Darshan: Bhagawan said in His Shivarathri Discourse, "Soon I will make all of you happy" - and He did that so soon! Today witnessed more outpourings of Divine Love. In the morning, Swami came to Sai Kulwant Hall after the morning Bhajans began at 9 o'clock. He sent word for clothes to be distributed to the students. Some of the senior students went to the store-room at the western end of Sai Kulwant Hall and started bringing carton boxes full of white suit material. When sufficient numbers had been collected onstage, the distribution began, on Bhagawan's instructions, by the Warden of the Brindavan campus. Swami then asked whether all had received, instructed that the Prasanthi Nilayam students and teachers also be given the cloth-material, and told some of the students to continue the distribution. He made sure that those seated in the Bhajan Hall did not miss out in the distribution. The Headmistress of the Primary School was called, and Swami asked her to distribute to the bigger boys in Primary School, too. Swami sat onstage and watched the distribution till He was satisfied that all had received, and only then went to the Bhajan Hall. He accepted Arati and left for Yajur Mandiram at 10 o'clock.

The evening session was remarkable. Swami sent word for Bhajans to begin before He arrived at Sai Kulwant Hall. The students began the Bhajans before 4.30. After coming to the verandah in His car after a full darshan round, Swami asked to be taken around, once again, for another full round of darshan, in the chair this time. He came to the Bhajan Hall, sat for a few minutes, and then asked to be taken on another round - down the upper verandah, and entering the Bhajan Hall from the rear door, all the way up the aisle, collecting letters from many on the way. After a few minutes, He again asked to be taken around, and indicated that He wanted to go out through the ladies' side door of the Bhajan Hall. Taking a round there, He returned to the front of Sai Kulwant Hall alongside the water-cooler on the Eastern side of the Hall.

Then He indicated that He wanted to sit onstage - and there He remained for the next one hour. For the last part of the session, Bhagawan's body was completely still, similar to the condition in which He used to go into "trances" in the old days. When it was nearing seven o'clock, Bhagawan was taken inside the interview room. In a few minutes, He emerged smiling, and returned to His residence in the chair itself, granting close darshan to many more on the way.

The Bhajans had gone on all the while - the two and a half hour session was the longest Bhajan session in recent times except for the Akhanda Bhajans.

February 17, 2007 :  Shivaratri  Photos  -   Gist Of Swami's Shivaratri Discourse
Also read:  Eye witness account of Shivaratri celeberations 2007 - sent by a devotee in Puttaparthi " " I WILL VERY SOON GO AROUND THE WORLD. Lots and lots of devotees from (South) Africa and Russia are present here. You cannot estimate the devotion of Russians. In this gathering many are from Russia. All are very happy now. they have intense devotion loud applauds). I bless you all. You are no longer Russians you belong to ME (loud applauds) I LOVE YOU…"  read more  -  

 Morning  “Shivarathri was the festival which manifested most of the God that Baba is” wrote Sri N. Kasturi in his narration of the festivity of the seventies and eighties. If God is Love and if that Love has embodied in human form, He is bound to shower that Love…and it was that all-encompassing Love, all-conquering Love that probably precipitated in the heart of each devotee to treasure as most valued…to carry home…and
further on…

Love My uncertainty…Bhagawan seemed to have wanted the thousands assembled to take a note of this often mentioned dictum…The Sacred Vigil that began with the Divine Discourse followed by Akhanda Bhajan continued beyond the scheduled hours as Bhagawan, the One who has an attribute, as beyond time…has to present Himself, to solemnise the occasion…the concluding part of Akhanda Bhajan. With the buzz of another Lingodbhavam still lingering in the minds of thousands, with every baited breath seemed to have prolonged to eternity, it was suspense all around as the whole of Sai Kulwant was in rapt attention with one
supplication, invoking the Lord.

It was nearing 8:00 a.m. All eyes glued to the pathway leading from Bhagawan’s residence…and lo! The dazzling red clad Divine Form just emerged out of Yajur Mandiram, in the wheel chair, in open…Bhagawan was wheeled through the entire pathway through the assemblage of devotees on to the dais. As Bhajans were still continuing Prof. G.Venkataraman, former Vice Chancellor of the Institute was asked to address the gathering…

Thanking Bhagawan for the rare privilege of the most exhilarating and elevating experience of Maha Shivarathri in the Divine Presence Prof. Venkataraman made a mention about the recently concluded Divine visit to Chennai. Referring to the official function organised by the Chennai Citizen’s Conclave, Prof. Venkataraman said that the meeting was indeed a most extra-ordinary one as luminaries from the political scene were sharing the dais with Bhagwan sinking ideological difference and offering themselves at His Divine Lotus Feet. Making a special mention about the Youth, Prof. Venkataraman observed that it was time for the youth to come forward with Bhagawan’s Divine Message to save the world that was in doldrums. Talking on behalf of the old generation, he prayed to Bhagawan for New Role, New Vision and New Action…to rejuvenate and move ahead…He pleaded Bhagawan to help them take the Youth forward…

Man is estimating himself to be great. Without being human he cannot be a human being; if he understands the qualities and manifest human nature, he can be called a true human, exhorted Bhagawan beginning His Divine Discourse. Ego and attachment are the two worst enemies of man today. Man will loose everything because of the poison called ego. Referring to the story of Laila and Majnu, Bhagawan said, Love is grossly misunderstood today and this is because of the effect of bad tendency in the society.

Think of Mother and Father with gratitude…Narrating the story of a person in danger of being killed, wherein instead of calling out God for help as Mother or Father instead he yelled ‘ayyo’ Bhagawan said, Divine Mother is ever ready to come running…He hailed Mother Parvathi as Mother in Love. Mother is God; there is no other God beyond the Mother; once we forget this fact we will have problems. Bhagawan further exhorted the gathering to respect every woman gratitude and serve them…this is the proper relation between man and woman.

Greatness does not lie in the number of books read; instead it depends on how one conducts himself. By virtue of humility, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar attained great name…

After the Divine Discourse bhajans were again started at His Divine Command...after 2-3 bhajans Arathi was offered to Bhagawan. Prasadam was distributed to one and all gathered on the occasion and Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram at 9:50 a.m.

February 16, 2007 :  Shivaratri  Photos .   Gist Of Swami's Shivaratri Discourse
 Shivaratri Evening: An electrifying Divine Discourse, an inspiration rhetoric excellence and Akhanda Bhajan
were the highlights of the glitzy Shivarathri evening session at Prasanthi Nilayam in the immediate Divine Presence. In the afternoon it was indeed a long waiting for the capacity crowd assembled in the Sai Kulwant Hall; the hall was occupied by the general devotees, students and staff by as early as 12 noon... and Bhagawan arrived in the evening at 4:15 p.m. Sri A.V.S. Raju. a senior devotee was the recipient of Divine benediction to render his Telugu compositions on Bhagawan...This poetic rendering was followed by an exhilarating, inspirational rhetoric excellence by Sri Ajit Popat from the United Kingdom. His inspirational
speech, a fine blend of Divine Teachings, poetic verses from spiritual classics suffused with wit and practical wisdom was indeed a treat to the huge assemblage of devotees. We are all assembled here with a purpose and the purpose is to contemplate on the journey ahead...and that journey is a journey Onward, Forward, Godward and Upward and not Outward but Inward...and that is our duty...exhorted the speaker...Ending his exhilarating speech the speaker prayed to Bhagawan to hold the humanity to walk the path of Truth and Righteousness...  Also read darshan news Morning Session of Shivaratri

Gist Of Swami's Shivaratri Discourse
Bhagawan began His Divine Discourse at 5:55 p.m. and it indeed was the treat for the afternoon session...Truth is all pervasive...It is everywhere...and lo! He materialised a golden ring substantiating His statement...Everything originates from Truth. Righteousness emerges from Truth. When Truth and Righteousness come together Peace emerges and this is followed by Love. It is Love that brings everyone together. From Love comes Bliss. With Love, there is no room for hatred and this makes way for Non-violence...said Bhagawan.

Exhorting the students to follow the culture of Bharat, Bhagawan declared that very soon all would recognise the culture of Bharat. Acknowledging the devotion of devotees from overseas countries,, Bhagawan sounded, All are one...The Russian blocks, both men and women in the congregation were the recipients of a special Divine appreciation and the group cheered back with raised hands in reverence to the Divine remark. Bhagawan left for Yajur Mandiram at 7:15 p.m. when Prasanthi Nilayam was abuzz with the Akhanda Bhajan...  Gist of Bhagawan's Divine Discourse

After Sri Ajit Popat’s speech Bhagawan began His Divine Discourse with a poem which reads thus:

The creation emerges from Truth and merges into Truth,
Is there a place in the cosmos where Truth does not exist?
Visualise this pure and unsullied Truth. (Telugu Poem)

Truth pervades everywhere. Vision, audition and sense of touch, they all carry with them Truth. Truth is everywhere and has no specific form. Brahma Sathyam Jagan-mithya (Brahman alone is real, the world is unreal). God is the only Truth and the world is illusion. Truth is one and manifests in different forms. Dharma (righteousness), Santhi (peace), Prema (love) and ultimately Ananda (bliss), all have originated from Truth.

Mamaivamsho Jivaloke Jivabhuta Sanathana (the eternal Atma in all beings is a part of My Being). You are I and I am you. Each body has a name for identification, but the Atma is the same in all. Loving the Atma amounts to loving yourself. People think that the relationship between husband and wife, between mother and son is love, but they all represent your feelings and sentiments. Love is one. When there is no duality, there is only one. “A man with dual mind is half blind.” “Brotherhood of Man and Fatherhood of God.” When we live up to this dictum, there will be no chance for conflict. Only then will humanity be One.

Who is Manava? Do you mean to say that Manava is a combination of limbs? Manava means one who has no differences whatsoever. Though the bodies are different, Atma is one. We should not develop differences based on name and form.

Jewels are many but gold is one
Cows are many but milk is one
Beings are many but breath is one (Telugu Poem)

(Pointing to the array of bulbs in the Hall), Bhagawan said, “Bulbs are many, but current is one.” Speaking on the manifestation of Linga, Bhagawan said that He received many letters from devotees and the doctors were also of the view that manifestation of Linga strains His body and that His body was very important for everyone. All have prayed to Bhagawan to save His energy. They were all of the view that Bhagawan should not strain His body to give this joy to devotees. Bhagawan should retain this energy to confer bliss on everyone. Very soon Bhagawan will give infinite bliss.
Speaking on the acronym of the word Hindu, Bhagawan said that the five letters represent five sheaths and five human values.
H – Humility
I – Individuality
N – Nationality
U – Unity
When once there is Unity, you can develop Divinity. We should uphold Nationality. So, it is the individual who safeguards Nationality.

Elaborating on the nature of life, Bhagawan said that without difficulties, we cannot be happy. Pleasure is an interval between two pains. The pain may last for a short while. We should be prepared to face minor difficulties. It also happens that good people face problems. A fruit laden tree always faces a barrage of stones.

One should have total faith in the principle of the Atma. Consciousness (Atma) is verily God. The Atma is the fundamental principle. It is not possible to fragment Atma.

Commenting on the progress of science and technology, Bhagawan said that in countries like America, cows are fed with meat to yield more milk, but it contracts diseases which in turn are transferred to humans. Speaking on the loftiness of the culture of Bharat, Bhagawan said that the culture of Bharat is highly sacred. Very soon even people from overseas will realise the greatness of culture of Bharat.

Speaking about Himself, Bhagawan said: Right from childhood, He was for the betterment of the poor and forlorn. He used to convene meetings in the Puttaparthi village prior to the Independence on the plight of farmers. He would share His food and clothes with the poor. Help Ever, Hurt Never is the motto of Bhagawan and He never expressed His anger or hatred towards anybody. Commenting on the wrong propaganda, Bhagawan said that it was because of jealousy in people. He is Truth personified. Truth has no fear. There is not even an iota of mistake in Bhagawan. “All of you follow Sai.” Sing the glory of God treading the path of Truth. “Whatever I do is for you.” Your life will be redeemed when you follow the path of Truth.

Speaking on the water project undertaken in the East and West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh, Bhagawan said that He is spending crores of rupees for the sake of giving pure drinking water for the people of East and West Godavari, and that He would be shortly visiting East and West Godavari districts.

On the free education being given to students, Bhagawan said that not a pie is taken from students with respect to their education, be it examination fees or library fees. Bhagawan made an announcement that very soon He would go on trips round the world. There are lots of devotees in Africa and Russia. In this gathering, many are from Russia. “You are no longer Russians, you belong to Bhagawan. Russians, Japanese, Americans, Italians, all belong to Me. We have to learn many things from them.” These overseas devotees go to all places that Bhagawan goes. “They even came to Chennai in spite of all difficulties and expenditure.”

After this, Bhagawan signalled to the students to commence the nightlong Bhajans. Bhagawan retired to His abode at around 7.15 p.m.
Morning Session
The unprecedented gathering converges in Prasanthi Nilayam during the occasion, thoroughly unmindful of the inconveniences that is indeed natural for an assemblage of gigantic proportions, is an apparent testimony of the inner urge of man to realise his essential Truth. The inflow of this ‘would be’ unprecedented rush began filling every inch of space available in Prasanthi Nilayam from 15th evening onwards and one could see long disciplined queues making a beeline, much before the first rays of the Sun peeped through the eastern horizon, to ensure a safe place on the coveted occasion in the Sai Kulwant Hall that is estimated to accommodate nearly 40,000 devotees.

On the auspicious morning Bhagawan came out in His car at 8:00 a.m., moving gently among the devoted assemblage, completing one full round reaching the dais…Craning necks, glued eyes, folded hands and prayerful lips, minds attuned to the ecstatic vibrations and hearts beating to the melody of souls…He was the focal point….for the weak and the meek, rich and the poor, men and women…for one and all…The special Shivarathri Cakes prepared by the overseas group of devotees as well as by the students were blessed and cut by Bhagawan before He chose to occupy His seat on the dais.

His Glory does note require any catalyst to express…Sai Kulwant Hall filled to capacity reverberating with the Vedic chants, and the every single heart beating with bated breath and all the eyes glued to the beauteous form of the Lord with rapt attention, Bhagawan sat through the session for nearly fifty minutes, blessing the privileged folk of Prasanthi Nilayam…His Students! Bhagawan blessed the Primary and Higher Secondary School children who came forward with Shivarathri Greeting to their Beloved Bhagawan. This was followed by a musical bouquet by the senior students glorifying Eashwara. Music Programme intertwined with short commentary dwelling upon the Greater Glory of the Lord of Kailash Mountains…Sambha Shiva…Students declared: You are the Puppeteer and the world dances to Your tunes…and ending the programme they offered a prayer…You are Samba Shiva…Mother and Father…and we seek solace and refuge in Thee… Prasadam was distributed and after receiving Managala Aarathi Bhagawan left for Yajur Mandiram at 9:30 a.m.

Maha Shivarathri - The Night dedicated to Eashwara -
Divine Discourse by Bhagawan to Adilabad Devotees, 11 Feb 2007  

February 14, 2007 :  Yesterday, instead of coming first to Sai Kulwant Hall, at around 8.50 am Swami went for a drive through Vidyagiri and returned via the rear gate of the Ashram. Then He came to the Bhajan Hall where the morning Bhajans had begun, and later left for His residence after Arati.

This evening, after His darshan round, Swami came down the upper verandah at around 4.20, and turned back via the lower verandah, speaking to and Blessing some of those seated on the way. He came into the Bhajan Hall and spent some time there talking to a few of the teachers and students there before returning to the interview room. Later, He came to the Bhajan Hall again for Bhajans.

February 11, 2007 :  This morning, Swami came for darshan at 8.10. The devotees from Adilabad were seated in the centre of Sai Kulwant Hall where the students usually sit. Bhagawan came onstage and asked the Adilabad group to begin their programme. They sang songs for nearly an hour. Swami was pleased with their effort and Blessed three of them with chains. Some young boys who had learnt Vedam chanting came up to Bhagawan and chanted for a few minutes. Then, He decided to speak to the gathering. Seated on His chair, without translation, Swami spoke for 20 minutes. He stressed the adherence to the Human Values of Satya, Dharma, Santhi, Prema and Ahimsa: Money comes and goes, while virtues come and grow. This He illustrated with the story of Alexander, who set out to conquer the world and finally had to leave this world empty-handed. Swami ended with 'Bhajan Bina' and asked for prasadam to be distributed to all. The Vedam chanting by the students started again. After a few minutes of Vedam, Swami left for His residence after Arati at around 10.15. (click on the [right] pic to download 6 new Saiart-Wallpapers)

In the evening, Swami came to Sai Kulwant Hall by 3 o'clock. A large number of the Adilabad devotees were waiting near Shanthi Bhavan for coming in procession to the Mandir and present their dances and songs to Swami. At nearly 4.30, Swami sent word from the interview room that the procession may begin. As the
procession reached the stage, in ten minutes' time, Swami also came onstage to Bless them. More than twenty dance troupes, many presenting various tribal dances, came up and went to their designated spots in just fifteen minutes. Then the Telugu drama prepared by them was presented. Swami's message of Unity of Faiths and getting joy from community service was developed as the theme of the drama, revolving around the plans of a group of youth for New Year celebrations. The participants were Blessed by Bhagawan after their presentation. Bhajans by the devotees went on as prasadam was distributed to all, following which Bhagawan accepted Arati and retired for the day. The devotees then went on to have a procession through the Puttaparthi village outside the Ashram. Evening report & Photos of Procession and Skit by Adilabad Devotees

Photos: Music Programme by Adilabad Devotees February 11, 2007

"...The Fun an frolic with Swami..." at Chennai email

February 10, 2007 :  

Thousands of devotees from Adilabad have arrived at Prasanthi Nilayam as a group and were seated together, filling half of Sai Kulwant Hall. Youth from Mumbai have also arrived in strength, to collectively invite Bhagawan to their city for the next Ati Rudra Maha Yagnam. During His evening Darshan round, Bhagawan paused near the Adilabad group and had a few words with them. Then He came onstage and sat there for nearly half an hour while the Vedic chants went on. Some of the students who were to write the GATE exam (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) were Blessed. One of the students got a chain from Swami, too. Later, Swami came into the Bhajan Hall as the Bhajan were going on, and had a few words with some of the students and teachers there too.

February 9, 2007 :

This evening, after His darshan round in the car, Bhagawan went into the interview room and emerged in a few minutes. He came to the Bhajan Hall and enquired whether the "Meera boys" were ready - the Music College students who sing Meera bhajans for Him.

He called in a group for interviews and later came to the Bhajan Hall during the second bhajan. At the end of that bhajan, He asked the "Meera boys" to start. After three Meera bhajans, the song "Chal re man" was sung, and that ended the session as Swami indicated for the Arati.

February 8, 2007

The Primary School students offered an elaborate card to Swami during His darshan round in the car. On reaching the Verandah, He went into the interview room and emerged a few minutes later in His chair and proceeded to take a full round of the front part of Sai Kulwant Hall, in front of the students. When He reached the rear door of the Bhajan Hall, He came inside, and then again went out and later entered the interview room. At around 4.15, He came again to the Bhajan Hall, and spent a long time interacting with the students, especially the Music College students who sing Meera bhajans. Bhajans were at five o'clock as usual.


February 7, 2007 :  Today morning Swami came at 8.15 a.m. at around 9.10 a.m. Swami went inside the Bhajan mandir after attending the bhajans for 20 minutes Swami accepted the aarthi and retired back to His residence. In the evening too Bhajans began at 5.00 p.m in the Bhajan mandir, and Swami sat in the Bhajan Hall till He accepted Arati and retired at 5.45 p.m. click on the picture (right/left) to enlarge

February 4, 2007 :  Today also Bhagawan sat onstage for around half an hour after His darshan round in the car at 4.20 pm. He blessed the "Birthday Boys" from among the students and sat there enjoying the Vedic chants. The Primary School children were chanting with gusto, and Swami asked the senior students to briefly stop chanting so that He could listen to the younger ones chanting in their high-pitched voices. Swami came into the Bhajan Hall and asked for Bhajans to start by 4.55 pm. During the Bhajan, He enquired after some of the Music College students. At 5.25, Swami accepted Arati and returned to His residence.

February 3, 2007 :

This evening, Bhagawan came for darshan at around 4.45 pm. Many Sai Youth from Chennai had gathered over the weekend to express their gratitude for the Ati Rudra Maha Yagnam at Chennai. Swami paused near them and spoke a few words to them. After His darshan round in Sai Kulwant Hall, Swami went out in the car for a drive up to the Music College. On His return, He sat onstage listening to the Vedic chants till 5.25 pm. Bhajans then began in the Bhajan Hall, and Swami sat in the Bhajan Hall till He accepted Arati and retired at 5.50 pm.

February 2, 2007 :  Swami came this morning at 8.50 a.m. and left for His abode after the bhajan & aarthi. In the evening, after Bhagawan's darshan round, He came and sat onstage at 4.15 pm. As announced last evening, Sri. S. V. Giri, former Vice-Chancellor, who had accompanied Swami on His Chennai visit, was to narrate the highlights of the trip. Sri Giri began after receiving instructions from Swami.

In his hour long narrative, he stressed on the subtlety of many of the events which occurred, and brought out Bhagawan's overall themes of Unity, Purity, Divinity and redeeming oneself by helping others. The devotion and discipline of the mammoth gatherings at Chennai, the transformation Bhagawan brought about in the hearts of the highest in the land and the joy of the people at Prasanthi Nilayam on Swami's return were all highlighted. After Sri Giri's talk, Swami asked for Bhajans to commence at Sai Kulwant Hall itself. After a brief visit to the interview room, Swami sat onstage while the bhajans went on, receiving Arati at 5.45 pm.  read more details from SBOI group post

February 1, 2007 :  Kulwant hall was packed with devotees today morning but Swami didn't come out for darshan. In the evening Swami blessed us all with His darshan & quenched our thirst to see His divine form. Swami spent nearly an hour inside the bhajan mandir after the bhajan session customory Aarthi was offered to Swami. The car parked on the veranda drove forward and stopped in front of the Interview room. Now, all eyes were fixed on the Bhajan mandir door to see Swami coming out, smilingly Swami walked out from the Bhajan mandir and alighted inside His waiting car and drove towards his abode thus ending todays darshan. Puttaparthi is once again alive with joy and hope of daily darshan of Avatar...Sairam

  -     Ati Rudra Maha Yajna In Chennai -  Final Day Photos 

After Noon - UPDATE: 31-01-2007: Swami's plane landed at Puttaparthi airport this afternoon at 12.12 p.m. local time! All the main roads were decorated with Mango leaves decorations &  banners in Telugu and English language welcoming Swami back to Puttaparthi. Devotees mostly ladies decorated the road crossings and main gates with beautiful rangoli showing sign of joy and welcome for our Swami. Swami's car drove directly to His ashram amid a cheerful crowd of devotees waving and cheering Swami all the way from airport road to the main entrance of Prasanthi Nilayam. Swami's car drove thru Kulwant hall to His residence, Yajur Mandir.

Welcoming The Lord - Prasanthi Nilayam – 31st January 2007. After ten days of silent prayers Puttaparthi was once again full of life…the hamlet turned township was bustling with joy of imminent arrival of its very Life, Soul, the Master, Bhagawan whom she has been missing for past more than ten days. It was on the 19th January Bhagawan set out embarking on a 12 days Divine visit to the South Indian city, Chennai in connection with the Ati Rudra Maha Yajnam that was conducted at the auspices of Bhagawan for world peace and prosperity and concluded yesterday with Maha Poornahuthi in His immediate Divine presence.


For Puttaparthi these were the days of separation…separation from the Beloved. Expectancy was very much in the air and with the minds and hearts joyful and exuberant; it was yet another day, another occasion for the villagers, for the entire township to relive its golden days of greater glory embracing the Divine physical frame.

Bhagawan arrived at Prasanthi Nilayam airport shortly after 12:00 noon and drove down through the flower strewn, beautifully decorated roads to Prasanthi Nilayam to arrive in the Mandir at 12:40 p.m. Thousands turned out to stretch at every possible place in the 3 k.m. road from the airport leading to Prasanthi Nilayam welcoming Bhagawan back to their fold. In Prasanthi Nilayam, Bhagawan was accorded a grand traditional welcome with Poornakhumbham and Vedic Recital by the students of the Institute which was followed by a colourfully attired dancing troupe from Higher Secondary Wing and a welcome song sung by students from the Institute. Bhagawan who chose to halt for sometime in the middle in a packed Sai Kulwant Hall left for Yajur Mandiram after receiving Managala Arathi.

Back in Chennai, it was pangs of separation. Sundaram, the Divine Abode in Chennai, which was bustling with excitement, jubilant for past 12 days with His immediate presence was the scene of a tearful farewell to its Beloved Lord who most compassionately rejuvenated her spirits by His mere presence…Chennai would miss Bhagawan’s physical presence. But, the spirit of Chennai and its devotees would definitely be on the high after this epoch making Ati Rudra Maha Yajnam and Bhagawan’s physical presence over there. Through this Yajna the city was indeed blessed to have her share in achieving world peace and prosperity.


31-01-2007: WELCOME Back to Puttaparthi Sri Sathya Sai Baba:   Puttaparthi is all set to  welcome Swami after nearly 13 days of "separation". Today Swami's plane is expected to land before noon at Puttaparthi airport, Many devotees who followed Swami to Chennai have also started coming back. Yesterday was a festival day here in Puttaparthi & the rest of India i.e. festival of Muharram . Muharram is the start of the Islamic Year. There were street procession with dance etc. Also the Pir panja insignia which has been given to the Muslim community of Puttparthi by Swami was carried in procession.

30-01-2007 Maha Poornahuthi

The day has finally arrived. The day to offer Maha Poornahuthi at the
Ati Rudra Maha Yajnam in Chennai, that has been going on for the past 11 days, done at the auspices of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba aimed at Universal Peace and Prosperity. Thiruvanmiyur, the blessed venue has definitely earned a name to posterity being the chosen venue for this epoch making Maha Yajna. And more so, would be the disciplined assembly of devotees, dedicated youth and sevadals, scholarly rithwiks, and the beautiful mornings and evenings blessed by His Mighty Divine Presence…all these would be etched deeply in the memory of every spiritual seeker who chose to make it to the venue for the coveted, holy occasion.

Photos day 10 Picture source:

Ati Rudra Maha Yajna In Chennai -  Final Day Photos  
Religious fervour and devotion marked the Maha Poornahuthi offered at the Ati Rudra Maha Yajnam in the Divine Presence, culminating the 11 day spiritual feast. The last day's function in the morning was attended by a huge multitude of devotees from various parts of the world.

The proceedings of this day started as early as at 4 a.m. Devotees were pouring in from midnight onwards and every inch of space was occupied. Chantings of Rudram and Chamakam and Rudrabhishekam went on in the same order of preceding days of the Yajna. This was followed by gopuja, with a cow and a calf brought into the scene and as a customary ritual, were offered to a brahmin couple. Bhagawan arrived at the dais at 10:50 a.m. and Maha Poornahuthi began at 11:15 a.m. with Bhagawan, the Yajna Purusha occupying His seat right in front of the main Yajna Kundam (fire pit). With the chanting of Rudram in the backdrop, ghee was offered in continuous stream into the fire by the priests. This was followed by sacred offerings containing navadhaanya and navaratnas; Bhagawan blessed the same by taking a fistful of the contents to cast into the fire pit followed by dried coconuts filled with turmeric and kumkum respectively…Kumbabhishekam was the next to follow, the kalasas laden with holy water that were installed on the first day of the Yajna were opened and the holy water was offered to the Shiva Linga. Bhagawan chose to move around the assembly of devotees; the rithwiks, at Bhagawan’s instance, were seen sprinkling the sacred water on to the devotees, blessing one and all, a final boon that the gathering would have definitely yearned for. Bhagawan left the venue after receiving the offering of Maha Mangala Aarathi at 11:50 a.m.

Earlier in the day a two minutes silence was observed marking the National Martyrs' day.

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Chennai Ati Rudra Maha Yajnam  Eighth Day...  

On the eighth day of the Ati Rudra Maha Yajnam, at Sundaram, the Divine Abode in Chennai, Bhagawan came out at 10:15 a.m. and most magnanimously moved around the assembly of devotees leaving trace of bliss in every little hearts present over there. This was a day when everyone in the society had their share of Divine Blessing, the general devoted public, the traffic and police personnel and a even the Supreme Court Judge who was present.

 Photos of day 8 & 9 - click to enlarge  -    

Day 9
Picture source:      

Bhagawan arrived at the Yajna site at 11:20 a.m. and the veda chanting was on…Bhagawan listened to the hymns of Rig, Yajur and Atharva Vedas and towards the end blessed the entire gathering before leaving the premises.

In the afternoon, Bhagawan arrived at 5:15 p.m. After a short bhajan session, Sri G.K.Raman introduced the first speaker for the session, Sri. “Pulavar”Arivudai Nambi. Sri Nambi has been in active politics, and was a member of Legislative Council and a patron of “Thiruvalluvar Thiruchabai”. Before handing over the mike to the speaker, Mr. Raman thanked the 4000 odd sevadals arrived at the venue on the previous day to participate and partake the blessings of the Yajna.

Sri Nambi’s rhetoric exposition in Tamil had tales from the lives of great saints of Tamil Nadu, namely Thiruvalluvar, Thirunavukkarasar, Thirugnanasambandhar and Vallalar, household names among the devoted. He recalled a beautiful incident that had happened in his life wherein he was saved by Bhagawan. Once when he was critically ill and was in coma, a white clad person came to his house and told his wife: “Don’t worry, your husband will be alright with the grace of the Lord of Puttaparthi; he shall be cured within few days.” …then he declared: “Till date, I have had no problems with my health. I have been a devotee ever since for the past 10 years!” At the end of his speech Bhagawan blessed and materialized a ring for the speaker.

The second speaker, Sri Vijay Krishnan, Youth Leader for the state of Tamil Nadu prayed to Bhagawan, - We bow down at Thy Lotus Feet, O’ Mother Sai. We are indeed blessed to have received Thy Divine Command in August 2006 to organise Ati Rudra Maha Yajna in Chennai…A complete living is only when a person lives in accordance with God’s Command and Bhagawan has given us that chance…Just like a mother feeds her hungry child with healthy food, our Mother Sai has fed us with this Yajna, the spiritual food…Only with Bhagawan’s grace, we, ordinary people have been able to do extraordinary things. Many incidents have happened during the preparations and every time, we have felt the presence of Bhagawan either directly or indirectly…” Ending his speech, the youth leader prayerfully requested Bhagawan to bless the audience with His Divine Discourse.

That was the moment they have been waiting for…and there came the announcement. Bhagawan has conceded to the prayer to deliver a Divine Discourse. Bhagawan started his speech in Tamil switched over to Telugu. Following are the highlights of the Divine Discourse.

Karma is the cause for all; with God’s grace we can overcome the same; you don’t have to search for God anywhere else; you are all embodiments of love; all are sparks of divine…

Youth is a stage in which there is strong body, mind and intellect. But, you are misusing this gift of God. Instead, make proper use…What do you mean by making proper use? It is to use them in the Pravritti Marga. Soordas was blind but he always had Lord Krishna in his lips and finally Gopala Himself granted Darshan to him. Sing Divine glory; lips are given with that purpose; sing with love and not with arrogance; song is sung not for Raaga but to cure the Roga (disease).

The Nama of Krishna of the Highest of all…Service to the needy is more important thatn chanting the Name of the Lord. One should speak softly and sweetly; speak wholeheartedly…

Love is the most powerful of all. We are all the children of One Mother, God Himself. Always recall, “The Brotherhood of Man and Fatherhood of God” It is God’s love alone that protects the entire Universe. We too should love such that our love should generate love in others.

With a touching incident that had happened during the Rangoon war Bhagawan re-iterated the absolute importance of serving and loving mother as God. He said: “During Rangoon war time, a mother and her child survived and came to Madras (Chennai). The mother, in order to feed her son, had to go out into the streets to beg leaving the child under a tree. The son ate everyday and as time passed, he grew strong and in turn the mother became weak. One day the son told to his mother, “O mother, now you take rest, I’ll go and get food for you.” He went and begged. A learned man, who happened to see the boy, took pity on him and offered him food. The child kept it in its pocket and continued begging. When the man enquired the reason, the child replied: “This is for my hungry mother. She is weak. All these days, she was feeding me. Now, I am strong enough to beg. It is my turn to feed her hereafter.” Uttering these words the boy collapsed and died.

To Love God is to Love the Children of God…When you solve their problems, that is Liberation…There is no greater charity than food; There is no greater divinity than Parents; there is no greater enemy than anger…If you want to deserve the love of God, first deserve the love of people…HELP EVER, HURT NEVER…have a sacred heart.

Concluding His Divine Discourse, Bhagawan said: “You are all embodiments of Love. I AM NOT SEPARATE FROM YOU; I AM IN YOU AND YOU ARE IN ME.”

The discourse came to an end with the bhajans, Prema Mudita Mana Se Kaho followed by Govinda Krishna Jai.

Photos of day 6 & 7 - click to enlarge -

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Chennai Ati Rudra Maha Yajnam Seventh Day...   Also read: Yajna post from devotees etc.

As the Maha Yajna is closing in to the final stage there was lot of bustle among devotees to get a glimpse of the most coveted occasion. There were devotees from all over the globe pouring in to the venue. SaiRam was the mantra one could hear all around and the trademark discipline of Sai fraternity was very much in practice with the surging devotees, inspite of little hardships, common with such a mammoth occasion. This was vouchsafed from the remark made by a police official who has come for the first time on duty, “though I am a skeptic, the devotees’ love for Bhagawan Baba and their discipline is amazing and I am witnessing the power of Bhagawan Baba’s divine love.” Indeed, Thiruvanmiyur, located at the southern end of the city of Chennai, better known for housing the legendary Marundeeswarar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva has a new name and fame ever since Bhagawan has blessed it to be the venue of this epoch making spiritual festivity.

On the morning there were close on 12000 devotees gathered in the hall and the proceeding began with abhishekam followed by Rudra Parayana, Rudra Homam, Ashtavadhana Seva in the order. Towards the end of the session a melodious Tamil hymn rendered the air, cooling the minds. This was followed by Mangala Aarathi marking the end of the morning session.

Devotees in Chennai are reaping the benefit of Bhagawan’s Divine Darshan at His Holy Abode Sundaram every day …and they seem to be enjoying every bit of it. This was a day when devotees were fortunate to watch His bounteous love and compassion coming to fore in reality. Bhagawan came on to the stage at 10:15 a.m. while bhajan session was on…and shortly climbed down the dais to move in to the entire length of the devoted gathering leaving everyone happy beyond expression. There was still something to come…a rare display of His love and compassion!… a poor boy seated among the devotees was blessed to be drawn towards Him, almost unaware of…Bhagawan called the boy near and after enquiring his name materialized a long gold chain to put the same around the boy’s neck…leaving devotees with awe. God’s perfect Master Plan…right time and right occasion…and none fails to get his or her dues!

In the afternoon an estimated 60000 devotees had gathered at the Yajna site, and a few more were seen standing on the sides, failing to find a place, still determined to get a glimpse of the Lord. After the regular rituals, bhajans began at 5:35 p.m. Bhagawan arrived at the venue at around 6:15 p.m.

Sri G.K. Raman, Convenor, Sri Sathya Sai Trust, Tamil Nadu, introduced the speakers for the evening. Sri Vijay Krishnan, State Youth co-ordinator, Tamilnadu, the first speaker for the day, began his speech thanking Bhagawan profusely for making this Ati Rudra Maha Yajna a reality. He said, from the day Bhagawan made this declaration, it was only Bhagawan’s love which had been guiding the youth. He further added that Sai path was the only path for global peace and sought Bhagawan’s blessings for the project, the Youth has prayerfully proposed to Bhagawan. The project named ‘SHARE’ – Social Harmony and Rural Empowerment, has been envisaged to empower 250 villages in a period of 3 years. Concluding his speech the youth leader prayed to Bhagawan to guide and bless the youth in their endeavour.

Sri T.G.Krishnamoorthy, formerly, President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations, Tamil Nadu, the second speaker for the day appealed to the devotees to thank Bhagawan profusely for the boon of Sai Ganga Project. He said God has incarnated as Sri Sathyanarayana in Puttaparthi, and Bhagawan’s physical features match with the descriptions available with Srimad Bhagavatam, about the coming incarnation. It was indeed a scholarly exposition and the devotees enjoyed every bit of the speech and gave a thunderous applause to the veteran speaker.

The guest artiste for the evening was Sri Ustad Rashid Khan and party, and it was all along loud applause around. The evening was made doubly beautiful by the Hindustani rendition that left the audience in divine ecstasy. An immensely pleased Bhagawan materialized a ring for the artiste at the end of his programme. Bhagawan left the venue at 7:20 p.m. after receiving Manga Aarathi.


Chennai Ati Rudra Maha Yajnam Sixth Day...
- Jan 26th A devout follower of the Sathya Sai Baba, Sachin (Indian star batsman) went to seek His blessings on Friday (January 26) in Chennai. SACHIN TENDULKAR presented a bouquet of flowers to Swami.  Bhagawan also granted SACHIN Padanamskar- CHENNAI - click on the photo (left) to enlarge
On the sixth day of the Yajna, Bhagawan arrived at the venue in the evening, while bhajans were on… The speakers for the session were Hon’ble Mister Justice, R. Ramasubramanian
and Sri Jagadish Chandra. Justice R. Ramasubramanian has the distinction of being the youngest justice from Tamil Nadu, and belonged to the first batch Balvikas of 1971 and Sri Jagdish Chandra, is currently pursuing M.Phil programme at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prasanthi Nilayam. The State Trust Convener, Mr. G.K. Raman introduced both the speakers to the assembly.

“With Swami, all are heroes; without Him, we are mere zeros…” was the emphatic declaration by Justice Ramasubramanian marking the beginning of his speech. Highlighting an incident wherein a boy of Christian origin was made to chant Vedas in Prasanthi Nilayam, he stressed the absolute importance of attaining unity among various religions. Profusely thanking Bhagawan for the boon of Sai Ganga Water Project and for His greater magnanimity in blessing the city with His Divine visit, the speaker prayed to Bhagawan to visit the city at least once in a year. Concluding his speech, Justice Ramasubramanian had a word of advice from His own professional life for the devotees assembled over there… “Today the High Court Judges are eager to join Balvikas after knowing my background. Mark this… in the future all the spheres in the society will be filled with only Sai devotees. So make use of the opportunity now itself”.

The second speaker for the session, Sri Jagdish Chandra, who chose to speak in Hindi, spoke on the Guru aspect of Bhagawan; Sai as Guru - Brahma…Vishnu…Maheshwara…all in ONE. Substantiating his views, he narrated a beautiful incident that had happened in Prasanthi Nilayam, long back.

Once in Prasanthi Nilayam, Bhagawan came to a group of 20 devotees who were seated in the Mandir and asked the leader of the group, “How many?” (as to how many of them were there in the group - a question Bhagawan normally poses before calling any group for interview) “20 Swami”, pat came the reply. “No, 21 including Me” came an emphatic correction from Bhagawan. The next day Bhagawan again posed the same question to the group, “How many?” Having learnt the great lesson on the previous day from Bhagawan directly, the leader was confident this time. He said: “21 Swami”. “No, not 20 but 40, as I am in each one of you”, this was a superior dose from Bhagawan. The third day when the question was repeated yet again, the leader said: “40 Swami” …but, Bhagawan had yet another point to prove, to teach. Bhagawan said: “you are wrong again - “We are One and not many”. …a great lesson to preach Unity in Diversity, from Bhagawan Himself, in His own inimitable style. “Indeed Swami is our mother, father and guru guiding us at each step in every moment of our life”, said the speaker concluding his speech.

There was an extensive repertoire of musical feast awaiting the audience in the twilight session in His immediate Divine Presence. The guest artiste for the evening was Sri Unni Krishnan, noted Carnatic Vocalist, who along with his troupe enthralled the audience taking them to musical ecstasy. The weaving of pure music that emanated from the blessed artiste was indeed a treat for the packed audience. He began with “Shambo Mahadeva, Shankara Girija Ramana“. Bhagawan was seemingly following the piece, engrossed in bliss. Next to follow was a Marati piece on Bhagawan followed by a famous Soordas composition “Hey Govinda Hey Gopala”. The last song of the troupe was indeed a clarion call, heralding the underlined message that GOD IS ONE ONLY, “Bramham Okkate”.

The stage was set for the students to take over. …and they sang reproducing the old magic of legendary singer, Ghantasala through his famous song, “Shiva Shankari, Shivananda Lahari”…an apt offering for the ONE who is the embodiment of Shiva and Shakthi. The stage was perfect for the inner feelings to pour forth, as the sun was slowly vanishing and as the nightfall was taking the stage, and under the beaming light on the decorated dais was seated Bhagawan, a huge gathering keenly focussed on the rarest moments befell, and the song was indeed the right one for the occasion. As the song with high aalaps rendered the air, …that had everything in its blend, raaga, thaala and bhaava and the audience who were spellbound at the feat that was done with aplomb, a rare quality that comes to fore at the right occasion with Bhagawan’s students, it was devotion at it peak with a surge of emotion that was seen on many faces presented on occasion. The boys continued with three more songs in Tamil and at the end of the programme Maha Mangala Arthi was offered to Bhagawan. Yet another day with Bhagawan…to cherish…for the little hearts.


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Chennai Ati Rudra Maha Yajnam Fifth Day...

On the fifth day of the Ati Rudra Maha Yajnam, Bhagawan arrived at the venue at 11:00 a.m. while Gayathri chanting as a part of the customary offering of the Yajna was on….After the Gayathri chanting, at Bhagawan’s instance rithwiks chanted SriRudram…and this was on for quiet some time Bhagawan was seemingly engrossed in the chanting and at times was repeating the lines …  “Namah Shambhave Cha Mayo Bhave Cha Namah Shankaraya Cha Mayaskaraya Cha…” Towards the end of the session Bhagawan blessed Prasadam for distribution and Mangalaarathi was offered to Him.



Photos Morning - Fifth Day


In the evening Bhagawan arrived while bhajan session was in progress. The speakers for the session were Sri Ranganatha Raju, student of the School of Business Management, Prasanthi Nilayam and Sri Sai Giridhar, student of Masters in Science Programme, SSSIHL at Prasanthi Nilayam.

Sri Ranganatha Raju, a Telugu Speaker, spoke about Bhagawan’s Divine Mission. His speech in Telugu, often intertwined with poetry was indeed a treat for the huge assembly that it went into continues raptures…Sri Raju ended his speech serving a silent reminder that - the entire humanity is indebted to Bhagawan and there is absolutely no way to repay him back as everything belongs to him alone - The second speaker dwelled on the subject Absolute Truth - “The Absolute Truth is One; The Wise speak of That in many ways” – Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudha Vadanthi. He observed that the root cause of present day evil prevalent in the society is nothing but, ego and one has to surrender at His Lotus Feet to get rid off this curse.

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 - Fifth Day


 We may call Him by any Name, worship in any Form, but, surrender is the key to attain True Wisdom…reminded the speaker. His speech was coupled with beautiful narrations and stories from the epics, namely, stories of King Janaka and that related to Bhagawan Sri Krishna. He even highlighted a personal conversation that he had with Bhagawan wherein He was blessed to learn the great lesson that everything in this world is worthless without God… as is the case, like adding any number of zeros is useless, until these zeroes are preceded by the numeral 1. The speaker concluded with an emphatic note that only by the removal of ego that one can realize that HE and SAI are ONE!

Maha Mangalaarathi was offered at the end of the speech that drawn the curtain for the fifth day of the Ati Rudra Maha Yajnam. Scroll down to see more photos

A Video by CNN-IBN - Sai Baba pushes Chennai to limits


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January 23, 2007  Fourth Day...

The fourth day of the Yajna saw the regular rituals in the forenoon session. …And in the evening session, It was prayer all along, with much intensity… and bhajan session was on…and there came Bhagawan, all merciful Lord…a fitting finale to the heartfelt prayers emanated from the thousands assembled… a happy ending to a day long wait!

The guest artistes for the session were Sarvasree Vasu Rao and noted playback singer Malaysia Vasudevan; the troupe was introduced to the assembly by the Trust Convener, Mr. G.K.Raman. They produced six melodious songs in six different languages, an apt offering to a gathering of multitudes, coming from different languages with varied cultural background. This was followed by a musical offering by Bhagawan’s students from the Institute, who were blessed to be a part of His entourage; The students were Sri Guru Prasad, a first year student of School of Business Management, Sri Om Prasad, a second year student of Master of Science Programme, Sri Ashwath Narayanan, a Second year student of Master of Science Programme, Sri Ravi Teja who accompanied on flute, a former student of School of Business Management and Sri Nishikant Barodekar, noted Tabla exponent, currently serving in the Sri Sathya Sai Mirpuri College of Music at Prasanthi Nilayam. Pic below 2nd - 3rd & 4th day -

Music is undoubtedly a vehicle for prayer…and these students with their melodious rendering once again proved the same…as to how best you can win the heart of Bhagawan…through Naadopasana…The first song rendered was “Sindhanai Sei Manamae…”, meaning “O mind, dwell upon The Lord!” composed in Raag Kalyani, a famous Tamil song in praise of Lord Subrahmanya. This was followed by “Eppadi Padinaro Adiyaar…” in Raag Aaberi glorifying those saints whose lives were devoted to Lord Shiva. After these two songs, at the instance of Bhagawan they sang a popular movie song “Amma Endrazhaikkaadha Uyir Illayae…”, in Raag Kalyani meaning “There is no life without seeking the Mother…” Yet another one… “Janani, Janani, Janani…” a fantastic song rendered in Raag Revathi, devoted to the Mother of the Universe. …and throughout the session Bhagawan was seen completely engrossed in this Naadopasana, musical offering. It is truly said: rhythm is the pulse of Indian music; its essence is spiritual…and with a touch of feeling it reaches Him…and these renderings stand testimony to it. …and the curtain was drawn for the twilight session with a beautiful song “Swamiki Entha Premayu…” sung by the three students together, a song on Bhagawan’s all conquering love…literally conquering the thousands presented over there.

Prasadam was distributed at the end of the session and Maha Mangala Aarathi was offered to Bhagawan…Bhagawan blessed the entire assembly with His Abhaya Hastha before leaving the premises. …A day long waiting finally turned out to be a wonderful musical evening…

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22-01-2007 Third Day...

The third day of the Ati Rudra Maha Yajna began at 5.00 a.m, with Aruna Parayana followed by Mahanyasa Parayana. An estimated gathering of 25,000 were present listening to the vedic chants, while awaiting Bhagawan’s arrival. Panchamritha Abishekam was performed to the Sri Sathya Sai Sundareswara Lingam followed by Rudra Parayana.

Bhagawan arrived at the Yajna Vedika at around 9.05 a.m. Bhagawan came directly on to the dais to watch the proceedings, while Rudra Homam was in progress, All merciful Bhagawan went for a full round of the entire stretch of the hall, blessing the devoted gathering. Bhagawan also went into the Yajna Saala, going round the 11 homa kundams. Bhajans started at 9:50 a.m. At the end of the Bhajan session Maha Mangala Aarathi was offered to the Sri Sathya Sai Sundareswara Lingam.

A group of visually impaired girls were brought to Bhagawan for His blessings. One of the visually impaired girls said: “I could feel Bhagawan’s Divine Love when He came near”.

In the afternoon, Bhagawan arrived at around 4.30 p.m. He went straight on to the dais to occupy His specially arranged seat. The first speaker for the afternoon was Sri R. Krishnamurthy Sastrigal, a retired Principal of Madras Sanskrit College. The scholarly speaker who chose to begin his speech in Sanskrit, then switching over to Tamil narrated the greatness and significance of the SriRudram. The next speaker was Sri Sanjay Mahalingam followed by Sri Sashank Shah, both research scholars from Bhagawan’s Institute in Prasanthi Nilayam, who accompanied Bhagawan to Chennai. Sanjay Mahalingam, who chose to speak on the subject, The Purpose of Life was exuberant and vibrant with his rare rhetoric skills that got the gathering to an exalted level. The speaker emphasized that the purpose of life is Absolute Wisdom and the only means to attain this wisdom is Absolute Detachment. Sri Sashank Shaw, chose to speak on various service activities being done by Bhagawan, namely, Medi-care, Socio-care and Edu-care citing statistics from various international sources.

The guest artiste for the evening was Master Umayalpuram Sivaraman, a Mridhungam exponent of repute. The blessed percussionist, who sought Bhagwawn’s blessings before the performance was accompanied by Neyveli C.S Radhakrishnan on double violin, Sri E. M Subramanian on ghatam, Sri Shrirangam on morsing, Sri Anirudh Athraiyya on Kanjira, Sri Shivakumar also on mridhungam. The artiste rendered two classical pieces enthralling the audience with his beats on the drum in carnatic style and the whole audience including Bhagawan were fully immersed in the musical offering that had energy that was vibrant, tempo that had momentum and rhythm that had harmony, that there was rhythmic clapping to the beats on the drums, all around. The synchronization of various instruments was the highlight of the performance. The final performance by the troupe was the famous bhajan Prema Mudhita Mana Se Kaho Rama Rama Ram…the entire gathering accompanied the piece in ‘chorus’ clapping to the tune. Bhagawan left the dais at 6:30 p.m. marking the end of the day three of the Maha Yajnam.


January 21, 2007 - 21-01-2007 Second Day...

On the 21st, the morning session began with the chanting of Aruna Parayana (an invocation on Lord Aruna, the charioteer of Surya, the Sun god). This was followed by chanting of Mahanyasa (a section of SriRudram) in the form of parayana (chants), that was followed by by Panchamrita Abhishekam to the Sri Sathya Sai Sundareshwara Lingam (as christened by Bhagawan).

Bhagawan arrived at around 9:30 a.m. accompanied by Union Cabinet Ministers Sarvasree Shivaraj Patil and Raghupathi. He sat through for almost an hour watching the proceedings. The priests performed Homa (agni-yagna when performed on a small scale is also known as havan, homam or agnihotra) on Rudra and Sai Gayathri after the Rudraabhisheka and Parayana.

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Bhagawan left the site at around 10:40 a.m. to the Nehru Stadium, the venue of the official felicitation function. The session ended with Around 10.40 a.m. The proceedings for the session ended with Ashthavadhana Seva (an eight-fold ritualistic service to the Lord).

This was indeed the day, the occasion for Thanksgiving, a formal Thanksgiving by the citizens of Chennai, an official function, Water – the Elixir of Life organised by the Chennai Citizens’ Conclave at Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium to felicitate Bhagawan. It is apt to take a flashback to 19th December 2004 at Prasanthi Nilayam, when three thousand odd devotees from Chennai Metropolitan arrived in a fleet of buses to have Bhagawan’s Divine Darshan and express their heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the Metropolitan City for His concern and blessings upon them.

This grand function attended by glitterati from bureaucracy including His Excellency the Governor of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Surjit Singh Barnala, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Karunanidhi, His Excellency the Governor of Maharashtra, Mr. S.M.Krishna, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Vilas Rao Deshmukh, Hon’ble Union Minster for Home Affairs, Mr. Shivraj Patil, Hon’ble Union Minister for Railways, Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav, Hon’ble Union Minister for Communications & IT, Mr. Dayanidhi Maran besides some ministers from the cabinets of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Bhagawan in His Discourse underlined the need for people to cultivate selflessness. He also said that the rich should come forward to undertake such welfare activities for the benefit of people. The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and a few other ministers present also spoke on the occasion.

The afternoon program started around 3.30 p.m. and the hall was brimming to its full capacity leaving the rest of the gathering to spill the open grounds…an estimated assembly of over sixty thousand devotees, and a few of them were also seen standing on both sides of the road leading to the venue, waited in the blistering sun to catch a glimpse of Bhagawan.

After the Panchamrita Abishekam and Rudrabishekam, Ashthavadhana Seva was performed. Bhajans started at 6:20 p.m. and Maha Mangala Aarathi was offered at 6:50 p.m. which marked the end of the second day of the Yajnam.

( Swami didn't come out for morning darshan, at this ( evening) moment lots of devotees are waiting for Swami's evening darshan since it is expected that Swami might come out for darshan, there is also going to be a musical program at ARMY site today. (21st Jan. 7.p.m. IST -We have just recived an update from Chennai that Swami didn't come for evening darshan today and there was no music program too. )


Tamil News clip 21st Jan evening

Tamil News clip-2

 Sai Baba with CM M. Karunanidhi of Chennai and other State Govt. ministers and VIP's - Nehru indoor stadium in Chennai

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In the morning Swami visited the Nehru indoor stadium in Chennai, according to some sources there were around 8 thousand people present. Yesterday Swami visited Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi

"CHENNAI: Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi met Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi at the latter's Gopalapuram residence here on Saturday. The meeting lasted nearly an hour. The Chief Minister gave two books to Baba, including one on Kural. Asked what they spoke during the meeting, Mr. Karunanidhi quipped, "Tamil." And then he added: "Neither did Baba talk politics nor did I speak spiritualism." The Chief Minister said he thanked Baba for his contribution to the lining of the Telugu Ganga canal.
He had also appealed to him to take up more such welfare schemes in the State. Earlier Sri Sathya Sai Baba was received by PWD Minister Durai Murugan, HR and CE Minister K.R. Periakaruppan and Union Minister Dayanidhi Maran. " source: The Hindu newspaper/ SBOI



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"Tirupathi Devasthanam request Swami help with the water project

Yesterday officials from Tirupathi Devasthanam in Tirupathi were here in Chennai to meet Swami and
request for Swami's help with the water project to supply drinking water to the devotees in Tirupati. They asked for donation of 800 Crorers for the water project and Swami's blessings to complete it. The official also said that Swami enquired him about the free weddings that Tirupathi Devasthanam was conducting. The official said that Swami smiled and accepted their request. " click here to read more Sai news in media
January 20, 2007 - 20-01-2007 First Day...

The Ati Rudra Maha Yajna commenced with religious fervour on the 20th January 2007, being conducted at Dr. Vasudevan Nagar, Thiruvamiyur with Bhagawan formally charging the Linga with His Divine Hands. The Yajna is to continue for 10 days to end with Maha Poornahuthi. Elaborate arrangements have been made for devotees’ convenience.

On the 20th January, the day of the commencement of the Yajna, devotees started gathering at the site by early midnight. The much awaited Yajna commenced at 3:00 a.m. with the invoking of Ganapathi Manthras. This was followed by Swasthi Vachana, Bimba Suddhi, Kalasa Sthapana and Nethronmeelana. …and the entire area was vibrant with the resonance of Vedic Chanting.

Bhagawan arrived at around 8:30 a.m. Mr. G.K.Raman, the Trust Convener welcomed Bhagawan. He said: “Thiruvanmiyur, which has the holy temple of Marundeeshwara (oushadeeswara – Shiva, The Lord of medicine), today, is blessed with the Rudra Himself as Sathya Sayeeshwara.

Sri Nanjunda Dixit, the Chief Priest explained the significance of the Ati Rudra Maha Yajna in detail. “Our Swami is both Shiva and Vishnu” he declared and added that that was the reason for the Yajna starting on Shravana and ending on Arudra stars (the stars for 20th and 30th Jan respectively).

It was the turn of Bhagawan to surchage the lingam, known as Prana Pratishta that marked the formal commencement of the Yajna. Bhagawan left Sundaram at around 10:00 a.m.

The afternoon session began at 3:30 p.m. with the chanting of Rudarm followed by Abhishekam to the Lingam (Eashwara). Bhagawan arrived at 5:45 p.m. Mandolin Maestro U. Srinivas and party gave a beautiful instrumental rendering that would have taken one and all to the many musical feats done at Sai Kulwant Hall in Prasanthi Nilayam in His Divine Presence.

The day’s proceedings came to an end with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

On the 20tht morning, Bhagawan had made a surprise visit to the residence of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr. M. Karunanidhi at Gopalapuram. He spent almost an hour with the Chief Minister’s family.
  Few images ( below) from Chennai Ati Rudra Maha Yajna site & Swami's Darshan -Chennai  19th Jan.  Bhagwan landed at Chennai airport on Friday at 2.15 by a chartered flight of Paramount Airways accompanied by students. Bhagawan descended and got into the waiting car and proceeded to Sundaram.

Devotees were waiting at Sundaram  from 11am itself and after Swami arrived at Sundaram , Bhajans commenced and Swami blessed everyone present with very good darshan from Kamalam (Lotus shaped balcony)  for about 15 minutes and went inside after Aarthi.  20th Jan: Morning Bhagwan arrived at Yagna site at 9.00 am and is expected to stay till around noon  since there are facilities provided for Swamy's interview etc it is said that he could stay and give his discourse in evening session. Swami gave a full darshan and went around all sides and made his devotees so happy. 


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Also read:  latest yajna post from devotees etc.


Tamil News clip 



January 19, 2007
Swami is in Chennai-  Our beloved lord has set his foot in Chennai at around 2-20 PM. This morning, after His morning darshan round in the car at 8.20 am, Swami sat outside onstage listening to the Vedic chants for twenty minutes. The Primary School Children were chanting with gusto, and Swami Blessed them before walking to the Bhajan Hall.

The aircraft for Bhagawan's flight to Chennai arrived after noon. Swami arrived at the Sai Kulwant Hall in His car at 12.30, paused at the centre of the Hall and accepting Arati, left for the airport. The plane took off for Chennai after an hour. -

Om Sairam dear Sai Family,
Swami left Prasanthi Nilayam at 12:25pm for Chennai. The roads of Prasanthi Nilayam were packed with devotees, local and overseas, to have a glimpse of our beloved Lord before He leaves for Chennai for the 2nd Ati Rudra Maha Yajna in less than a year time.

The flight which was supposed to take Swami landed in Prasanthi Airport around 11:30 and there were people all over.

Swami travelled in His usual TOYOTA PORTE car to the airport. The car went very slowly, took about 40 minutes to reach airport which is approx.10 minute drive. One would imagine how slow the car was and it was a TREAT to watch Swami. Once, twice were not enough. Swami was all smiling.. the devotees who saw Swami, ran to the opposite side and went a little beyond the car and cross the road again to swami's side. Many including me were doing this and Swami was equally enjoying the play... It was just wonderful to see Swami.

As usual Sai Geetha was ready to greet Swami and she was uncontrollable when Swami's car got close to her.. the students of Eswaramma high school stood in a line and were seen chanting Sai Gayatri. Swami blessed them raising His hand and next to them were senior boys, Swami gave a beautiful smile to them as well. Swami was keenly watching the new indoor stadium as brother Sathyajit, who was driving swami's car pointed to some thing...

Swami was seen saying something to some people and the crowd was uncontrollable the moment Swami got close to them, there were was a big scream of joy and the very next moment they run more further and be ready for the car to pass by. Many were about to fall and Swami was looking at them and many times, had facial expression, just as we have when we say OOPS!!

As the car came to the bypass road (airport road) the crowd was double in number.. I thought, there wouldn't be any one beyond Late Janaki ramayya's Samadhi but to my surprise, there were hundreds of devotees...

HAPPY JOURNEY TO SWAMI was written with sand on the road on the airport road.

as the car was approaching the airport the numbers doubled and also seen were few local school kids....

Swami's car directly drove in the airport and near the flight.. A navy blue flight form PARAMOUNT AIRWAYS was ready to take Swami and His handpicked beloved ones...

after about 15 minutes or so... Swami's plane flew to Chennai... which will be the centre of attraction for the next 2 weeks...

With a prayer, to Swami, to let us all enjoy the fruits of the Yajna and with a humble prayer to Swami to bless us all to be His darling children.....

Satish Naik...


Submitted to SBOI Group by Member Satish Naik

Above: 1 p.m. Swami is on His way to the Puttparthi airport to board a plane which will fly Swami to Chennai to attend ATHI RUDRA MAHA YAGNA. Sathya Sai Baba is arriving in the Chennai city after a gap of 10 years. 1.30 p.m. Swami's plane took off  from Puttaparthi Airport - destination Chennai. January 19, 2007


Makara Sankranti day Divine Discourse

January 18, 2007 This morning, Bhagawan visited the Indoor Stadium complex at 9.15 am. Some more construction work is going on there, like the addition of tennis courts. Yesterday and the day before, Swami sat outside in the stage area in the Sai Kulwant Hall after darshan, and Blessed many of the students, 'Birthday boys' and others. On Tuesday, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh had an audience with Swami along with some of his Cabinet colleagues for around half an hour before the evening bhajans began.


January 16, 2007
Direct flights to Puttaparthi by Kingfisher airlines. Devotees can now fly to Puttaparthi airport directly from 21st January to 23rd March on Kingfisher Airlines.  above photo of aircraft type ATR72 to be used on  flying sector Bangalore - Puttaparthi - Bangalore route.

Days of
Puttaparthi IT2412


1210 Tue/Thur/Sat 23/01/2007 25/03/2007 ATR72

Photos: Makara Sankranthi & Valedictory Function of Sports and Cultural Meet 15 & 14 Jan

January 15, 2007

Makara Sankranthi & Valedictory Function of Sports and Cultural Meet :  Makara Sankranthi morning darshan was at eight o'clock. Swami was led into the Sai Kulwant Hall by the Brass Band of the Institute, since the morning function incorporated the Prize Distribution ceremony of the Annual Sports and Games. Bhagawan came onstage after His darshan round and Blessed the trophies and shields arrayed there, bought up to Him by the Sports Directors of the various institutions. At 8.15, Swami signalled for the proceedings to begin.

The Vice-Chancellor, Sri A. V. Gokak, spoke first, elaborating on the significance of the Makara Sankranthi festival, when the Sun begins to turn Northward. The second speaker was Prof. G. Venkataraman, former Vice-Chancellor. He congratulated the students for their enthusiastic participation in various events and especially in yesterday's drama. After his speech, the Vice-Chancellor called up the captains of the various institutions and Bhagawan presented them with trophies. Following this, Bhagawan got up to deliver His Sankranthi message.

The farmers rejoice on this day, since they have completed the harvest and it is their day of rest. Even the poorest labourer would enjoy payasam on this day. The festivities extend even to the animal kingdom, with bulls being decorated and taken around in the villages.

See good, do good, hear speak good, think good. Take good examples wherever you find them. Don't eat just for the sake of taste - eat nutritiously. Sai students set an example wherever they go, at whichever institution they work.

HINDU stands for one with
Devotion and

When you have unity, you experience divinity, which unites all nations, which depends directly on individual behaviour with human qualities.

After Swami sat down, He continued for ten more minutes.









Swami did not want to go to Chennai earlier, when there was no water there - He felt sad on seeing children playing in sewage water. Now, Swami has supplied water from the Krishna river, everybody is happy, so Swami is going there.

Nowadays, people consumed with jealousy make up all sorts of stories. You need not pay any heed to them - rely on your own experience. All My students are pure 24 karat gold. I wish them all success in their examinations.

Swami concluded with "Hari Bhajan Bina" and asked for Arati. Prasadam was distributed to all while the Band played some tunes. Swami then returned to His residence preceded by the Band.

In the afternoon, the Prasanthi Nilayam post-graduate students prepared their drama, "Sri Krishna Rayabaram", presenting the story of Lord Krishna going as a messenger of peace to Duryodhana's court. After His darshan round, at 4.40, Bhagawan came to the Bhajan Hall where the actors were ready with their costumes. He spent 20 minutes with them, joking a little, speaking to the boys who made the costumes ready, fine-tuning Krishna's dhoti and so on. Thereafter He went into the interview room for five minutes, and then went in His chair up to the set which had been erected in the centre of the Sai Kulwant Hall, interacting with the set boys too. The drama got underway at 5.20 when Swami came back to the stage area. Halfway through, during one of the scene changes, Swami went into the interview room for a few minutes and returned. Poetic dialogues from the Bhagavatha were highlights of the drama and were incorporated by Swami Himself during the practice sessions. The drama concluded at 6.30 pm with the "Vaasudeva darshana" of Lord Krishna with many hands and faces, played by nine students dressed as Krishna. Even as all the actors gathered for the final curtain call, Swami called up the student who played the main role of Krishna and Blessed him with a chain. For the next 20 minutes, Bhagawan interacted with the students and gave them photo opportunities with Him - group photos, then in twos and threes. Swami accepted Arati and went to the interview room briefly, only to emerge and again interact with the students. It was nearing seven o'clock when Bhagawan returned to His residence.
 Sankranti discourse excerpts
 Also read a detailed report & transcript of Swami's discourse sent to SBOI Group by a devotee


January 14, 2007  This evening, the Brindavan students presented their drama "Bhaktha Prahlada". The central part of Sai Kulwant Hall was prepared as the stage for the drama, and the backdrop covered the Lotus arch gate. More than a thousand disciples of the Maharashtra saint "Junglee Maharaj" were conspicuous among the devotees with their yellow headgear, sitting together as a group. Their spiritual master was seated on the verandah.

Bhagawan came onstage after His darshan round and the drama commenced at 4.45 pm. The opening piece was a symbolic narrative dance depicting Hiranyakashipu, a counterpart of the modern-day atheist, conquering the five elements and declaring that none should worship God, since he, Hiranyakashipu, was the all-powerful one. The settings of the drama, all prepared by the students themselves, were quite magnificent and on three tiers. The hour-long drama which was enlivened by many songs and quotations from the Bhagavatham also conveyed many of Bhagawan's sayings through the sage words of Prahlada.

Bhagawan was very pleased with the presentation and bestowed a chain on Prahlada as the drama concluded. Then He went down and had a photograph session with all the students. After Arati, Swami went into the interview room for ten minutes. Then He again went towards the drama boys, spoke to many of them and had another round of photographs with them singly and in twos. After fifteen minutes of this photo session, Swami entered His car and left for His residence.  click here to see all the images from
Bhaktha Prahalada

January 13, 2007 This evening, Bhagawan sat onstage for fifteen minutes after His darshan round in the car at 3.40 pm. After Blessing a large number of 'Birthday boys' and taking letters from some students, Swami got up and walked back to the verandah. There, He entered His car and left for a drive. The Brindavan drama students were ready for a dress-rehearsal in the Poornachandra, and when Swami left the Mandir in the car, the Prasanthi Nilayam drama students scrambled to get ready in the Institute Auditorium. But Swami kept both groups guessing, returning to the Mandir via the rear gate of the Ashram and later attending the Bhajan as usual.

"Cleaning House..." - Happy Sankranti - Pongal

January 12, 2007
Morning  Sports and Cultural Meet:  (click here or scroll down to read the Evening details): The Sports and Cultural Meet of the Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions got off to a colourful start this morning. Bhagawan arrived at the Vidyagiri stadium by 7.15 am and was led to the Shantivedika dais by a procession consisting of the Brass Band troupes of Anantapur and Prasanthi Nilayam campuses, slow-march squads with flags,

Photos Sports day

 caparisoned Sai Gita and motorcycle escorts from all three campuses of the Sai University. As soon as Bhagawan was seated onstage, the ceremonial march-past began. First to cross the dais and salute Sai Ma were the tiny tots of the Sri Sathya Sai Primary School.

 Photos Sports day

They were followed by the girl students of the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School, the Anantapur women's' campus of the University, the boys of the Higher Secondary School and finally the Brindavan and Prasanthi Nilayam mens' campuses. With all the students arrayed on the ground after the marchpast, the Institute flag was brought to the flagpost in front of the dais, and Bhagawan hoisted the flag using a remote control button at His seat onstage. After the Oath by the students to "...participate in the Annual Sports and Games in the true spirit of sportsmanship ... and for the Glory of our Mother Sai", Bhagawan lit the Games torch and released balloons and doves. The torch was carried halfway up the Hill by students in relays, and thereafter by the mascot, a large Dove, and lit up the flame atop the Hill, while the torch song composed by the students filled the air. With this, the inaugural ceremonies concluded with the Brass Bands of Anantapur and Prasanthi Nilayam marching past the dais while the students marched out of the ground and cleared it for the presentation by the Brindavan campus.

The Brindavan programme began at 8 o'clock, with the "Thunderbirds" - students on paramotors coming in to land from the empyrean. Two students made impeccable landings in the middle of the ground and ran up to Bhagawan for blessings. The next presentation was by the "Trailblazers" on motorbikes. Criss-crosses, ramp jumps, riding standing on the pillion with no rider below: the trailblazers executed all these stunts with precision, ending with a large pyramid of more than 30 students on 14 bikes. The 20 minute Brindavan programme concluded with a cricket drill. Set to the tune of the song "Aashaayein", the colourful drill with a grid of students executing various cricketing strokes in a synchronised manner ended with a "last ball of the match" demonstration. All the Brindavan students then gathered together on the ground singing their final song to Swami, "Aasman pe".


The boys of the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School and the Prasanthi Nilayam campus of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute were the next to present their programmes. A dance to the song "Eka Dantaya" began the proceedings with the backdrop of a large figure of dancing Vinayaka. The dancers were in various colourful folk costumes, including traditional peacock and horse costumes. Gymnastics on a long and narrow trampoline followed - somersaults, back-flips, even jumping over a van. "Prasanthi Kungfu" was next - a display of Chinese martial arts, with the largest ever display of 120 traditional Chinese weapons. A basketball medley followed, with students spinning basketballs on their hands, jumping over a van with a trampoline to do a slam-dunk, ending their basketball wizardy by throwing all their balls in the air together at the end. The "Meteors" followed - school boys twirling twin balls of gold on either side of a 3-foot elastic rope, bouncing the twirling balls high in the air, juggling with the balls on fire and so on. The "Hawks" then took centrestage - carabining down from Vidyagiri Hill at high speed. Human Pyramids by the school students was next, with the highest pyramid being 8 levels high. The "Power Rangers" then took over, doing a variety of stunts on seven jeeps. "Ground-surfing" by pulling along a pair of students lying on the ground, Pyramids, handstands, handwalking and jumping through hoops of fire from jeep to jeep, unconcernedly standing on the bonnet as the jeep moved on without a driver, criss-crosses at high speed and driving on a collision course only to swerve away at the last moment - all this was presented in just five minutes. The "Power Rangers" ended their show with a human firecraker offering obeisances to Swami while bursting the firecrackers draped all over him. Indian martial arts with a Punjabi flavour was the next item, with twenty-foot long swords being a star presentation.

The Prasanthi Nilayam programme concluded with the Hawks again carabining down the Hill, making smoke trails, breaking pots and ploughing through walls on the way. "We Love You" was written in ten-foot letters of fire as the Prasanthi Nilayam students gathered in the ground for their final song "Aaj ke din Hum gayenge". Bhagawan accepted Arati from the stage and returned to the Mandir at 9.30 am as the afternoon's programmes by the Anantapur Campus and the Primary School were announced.

January 12, 2007 Evening Sports and Cultural Meet: The Afternoon programme got underway with Bhagawan arriving at the Stadium at 3.35 pm. The gymnastics boys of the Primary School led Swami into the Shanti Vedika with "two-person cartwheels". Once Swami went up the lift to the stage, small children, three girls and three boys, came up to Him and presented the Primary School programme card, commencing their events. Most of the colourful Primary School mass participation items were presented on a 20x20 grid marked on the ground and were impeccably synchronised. A semi-classical dance, frolicking by small boys dressed as flowers, a dance in South-East Asian style with long fingernails, an East-West fusion dance by boys, small girls dressed as flowers, a peacock dance and formations with hoops followed one after the other. Interspersed with these items were the gymnastic and acrobatic feats by the boys: floor exercises including jumps over a group of supine boys, breathtaking Malkhamb feats on five poles including leaping from pole to pole with no extraneous support, an aerial grid formed by 30 students on 40 foot tall scaffolding, and human pyramids in intricate patterns. The hour-long presentation drew to a close with all the students assembling together to the song "Madhura Mohana".

 Photos Sports day

After a ten minute break, Swami came back onstage, and the Anantapur campus programme got underway. Roller-skating on platforms atop twin trucks was the first item, with many routines from figure-skating exhibited in that cramped space. Next was the thematic presentation on the Integral System of Sathya Sai Education. Each item of theirs highlighted one facet of the Integral System. Starting the day with prayers and yogasanas was depicted with a Yoga drill. Academics, inculcating mutual love and respect between teacher and taught, was displayed with a synchronised drill using folding chairs. Sports and games was represented by a badminton drill. Service activities and grama seva were also presented, with the construction of houses for the needy being depicted. The two trucks with girls atop poles and ropes doing a malkhamb drill provided an interlude. The "dancing dolls from Anantapur" danced to a song extolling Bhagawan and His educational mission. The concluding event was a depiction of the Convocation ceremony. As all the students gathered for their final song, the acrobats atop the poles on the trucks in the background arranged themselves to form the word "SAIRAM". Bhagawan accepted Arati and returned to the Mandir at 5.40 pm.

Both in the morning as well as in the evening, when Bhagawan reached the Yajur Mandiram, He interacted with the motorbike escort students and the Band groups, appreciating the students' presentations and also granting them group photos.

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January 11, 2007 On Tuesday, Swami had visited the Airport in the morning, where the paragliders of the Brindavan campus took off in His presence. In the evening, He watched them land at the Stadium. Yesterday, Bhagawan came to the Stadium in the morning and watched the touchdown of the paragliders, and later the marchpast practice. In the evening, He came to the Institute Auditorium by 2.45 pm and watched the drama practice by the Prasanthi Nilayam students for more than 90 minutes. Then He returned to the Mandir and started a long bhajan session in the Bhajan Hall, going on from 4.45 to 5.45 pm. And finally, this evening, the Brindavan students got a chance to present their drama rehearsal in front of Bhagawan in the Institute Auditorium. Swami went to the Auditorium after evening darshan and remained there till nearly five o'clock when He returned to the Mandir for Bhajans. After Arati, Prof. Anil Kumar was asked to announce the Sports Meet programme for tomorrow in the Stadium, and the Prize-Distribution along with Sankranthi celebrations on the 15th. Photos - Car Darshan 11th Jan 


January 10, 2007 These days, Swami is going to the Vidyagiri stadium daily and watching the practice (Sports day-12th Jan) sessions there. Also today 10th Jan 07 Swami drove outside the Ashram to watch the on going sports day rehearsal inside the open spaced stadium. Swami drove twice i.e. Morning & evening. Practically every day blessed devotees are enjoying closeup car darshan on the main road.

January 8, 2007 This evening at 4.55 pm, Bhagawan came onstage, and the Music College students presented a programme on the occasion of Thyagaraja Aradhana, the birth anniversary of Saint Thyagaraja. As is customary, they sang some of the famous Pancharatna kritis composed by Thyagaraja, and also some more of his popular works like 'Nagumomu', accompanied by veenas and violins along with the mridangam. After 45 minutes of their programme, Swami called them up and gave them clothes. Then they continued with an instrumental rendering of 'Manavyalakim' following which Swami accepted Arati and returned to His residence.

Photos- Thyagaraja Aaradhana Music Programme by Students of
Sri Sathya Sai Mirpuri College of Music

These days, Swami is going to the Vidyagiri stadium daily and watching the practice sessions there. In the mornings there is the march past practice, and in the afternoons, practice sessions of the various campuses' demonstration items for the inaugural function of the Sports Meet. This year, the function is to be held on the 12th of January instead of the 11th, as per Bhagawan's instructions. Swami has been going to the stadium via the main road and returning through the Primary School, the General Hospital and Sai Srinivas Guest House.

January 4, 2007 This morning, Bhagawan came to the Vidyagiri stadium to watch the march past practice session by the students. He was there from around 8.45 for about half an hour before He returned to the Mandir. Last evening, after coming for darshan at around 4.20 pm, Swami sat onstage at around 4.30 for twenty minutes, blessing the 'Birthday boys' and taking letters from some students. Later, He came to the Bhajan Hall for Bhajans as usual.

 January 2, 2007 This morning, Bhagawan spent a lot of time with the Sai Students - alumni of Prasanthi Nilayam and Brindavan. After Swami's darshan round, the Sai Students were called into the Bhajan Hall and Swami was with them from about 8.30. He moved among them, He spoke to them, they sang to Him - it was a moving session. 9 o'clock came and went, there were no Bhajans. Finally, at 9.45, Swami asked some of the erstwhile Mandir singers to sing some of His favourite Bhajans, including 'Sai Bhajan Bina'. Bhagawan finally retired to His residence at 10.10.

January 1, 2007

The New Year was ushered in with musical programmes by Swami's students past and present, in the
evening and the morning respectively. Bhagawan came for morning darshan at 7.20 and went around the packed Sai Kulwant Hall in His car. He then came onstage and the hour-long music programme began. The conclusion was a presentation by the Brass Band. Swami asked the Band students to come up for group photographs. Prasadam was distributed to all. Swami then went into the interview room, and when He came into the Bhajan Hall, the students began Bhajans. Swami presented the main singers of the morning with clothes, and after the first Bhajan, accepted Arati and retired for the morning.

Photos & detailed report: New Year with God - Prasanthi Nilayam - Morning & Evening  

Bhagawan was led into the Hall in the evening by a procession of Sai Students chanting Vedam and bearing the Poorna Kumbham. On reaching the stage, Swami asked the Vice-Chancellor to start the proceedings at 3.35 pm with an introductory speech. After Sri. A. V. Gokak's speech, the Sai Students offered to Bhagawan the CDs of the 9th and 10th volume of bhajans sung by Sai Students. Their musical offering for the evening began with a presentation on the Brass Band, and continued with songs interspersed by a few words from many of the alumni. Bhagawan was very pleased with their programme. He went into the interview room after the program concluded at 5.30, and when He emerged at 5.45, asked for Bhajans in the Bhajan Hall. After 20 minutes of Bhajans, He accepted Arati and returned to His residence.  For More detailed report & photos click here

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