Words of God - Part 1  "The Avatar - HIS Role, HIS Purpose"

"..... Above all, do not give room for the canker of doubt. Why clique over Me, over this point or that concerning Me? Who exactly Baba, you discuss and debate! What does it matter to you who I happen to be? You are concerned about your goal, your ideal, yor experience, your effort, is it not? Why then worry about My Origin, My Nature, My Mystery, My Miracle? The basic thing is the hand, the cup it holds is secondary. The Adheya is less in importance than the Adhara, the Basic Reality, the Pure Existence. When you cannot reach down to your own Basic Reality, why waste time in exploring the Essence of Godhead? As a matter of fact, you can understand Me only when you have understood yourself, your own basic Truth.

The gross can grasp only the gross; its categories of knowledge can proceed only as far as that. Fish die when they have to breathe the air above the water. Children can learn the alphabet with the help of boards, slates, pencils and pieces of chalk. Sadhakas, going through the primers of spirituality, need symbols, images and rituals. You cannot discard Name and Form until you transmute yourself into the Nameless and Formless; just as the fish needed water and could not come up into the atmosphere, so long as they
did not transmute themselves into land animals, giving up their aquatic nature. That is the reason why the Nameless and Formless has often to assume Name and Form, and come before humanity with limitations imposed by Its own Will, so that it may be loved, respected, worshipped, listened to and followed; so that the Purpose of Humanity may be

A wooden elephant, however artistically perfect and lifelike, is but a toy; it cannot create the awareness of the genuine elephant.

A library stacked with books is incapable of imparting the authentic touch of the living Guru; you may trek to ten temples and then, at last arrive here, believing this to be the eleventh. That is as fruitless as wandering from the tenth library to an eleventh. You must see, hear, study, observe, experience, reflect; then only can you understand Me.

You will learn then that I am Prema Itself; that I give only one thing, Ananda, through that Prema. My task is to distribute Solace, Courage and Shanthi. That is to say, My characteristics are the ancient authentic ones; only the Manifested Form is new. My desire - if I can put it in so many words - is this: More and more should yearn for Me. The desire could be realised only if I assume this Form and come among you.

Those among you who have been following the unfolding of My story will have discovered this by now; though even to the best of you only a fraction of the Mystery is revealed.

..... My language, My role, My career, My purpose can be understood in a general way only by sitting through the entire film, watching earnestly and vigilantly and trying to get at the meaning of every word and act with patient attention.

As a matter of fact, language is an impediment in dealing with Me. All languages have a place in the concourse of men, bringing out their feeling, hiding their weaknesses, shaping their thoughts etc. but I speak and listen to the language of the soul. The words littered by the tongues of men confuse and confound; they breed factions and sects; they erect walls; the words that emanate from the soul radiate love and concord.

..... There are some who come here and earn Peace and Joy, but after years of sharing and serving, they fall a prey to waywardness and fall back into the old morass; declining to such an extent that they deny their very experience and play false to their own conscience! Not that I am anxious that they should worship Me or adhere to Me; far from it. I only ask that Truth must be proclaimed, regardless of the company you have fallen into; there must be courage of conviction, which will help you to overcome the temptation to deny your cherished joys.

There are again some others who are swept off their feet by hysterical demonstrations by certain weak-minded individuals, which are described as My speaking through them or acting through them! Take it from Me, I am not given to such absurdities! I do not use others as My media; I have no need to. I do not swing from side to side and prattle!

..... Their gestures, words and actions are hollow and vain;
those who burn incense before them and revere them are turning away from Me and running after Falsehood.

..... For, how can the Full ever dally with the paltry and wear the habiliment of the trifling? When God has come assuming Form, take it from Me, it will not fill inferior vessels or embellish tawdry stuff or enter impure bodies.

..... The Lord is as anxious to assuage your pain as you are anxious to secure his Grace to get rid of it. You may not know this but I know, for I feel it.

..... Do not listen to destructive criticisms and cynicisms, which are the poisons eating into the vitals of spiritual life today. Bear witness to the truth of your own experience; do not be false to yourself, or to Me. My name is Sathya Sai; it means, "He who reclines on Truth."

I am reminded now of past events, events in my previous body.
Even then, I had Sathya or Truth as my Support. A wrestler challenged Me then for a fight and he was defeated before a large gathering of villagers. Pained by the insult, he invited Baba for a second tussle the next day, so that he might win back his lost reputation. The man swore that if defeated again, he would wear a long rough kafni and move about with his head covered in cloth.
He dared Baba too to swear likewise. Baba was in no mood to enter the arena again and he was quite prepared to concede the fellow the victory he craved. So he accepted defeat and himself donned the kafni and the kerchief. The wrestler felt great remorse and his Insolence melted away. He appealed to Baba to resume his usual style of dress and released him from the obligation. But Baba stuck to his word. He was Sathya Itself. Then, as He is now, He wore the new attire. - Sai Baba

Source- "Spend your days with Shiva" SSS Vol II



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