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12th July - Sai Baba Darshan news & Images from
Cultural Program by Balvikas - Indonesia

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12th July 2006 Today morning Swami came out to bless us all for darshan at 8.20. a.m. After the darshan round Swami went directly inside the Interview room, at the 9. a.m. The morning Bhajans commenced, after hour of bhajan session Swami was given Aarthi. Swami left for His abode at around 9.35 a.m.- In the evening Swami came at 2.40 p.m. after the darshan and interviews Swami came out on the portico, at appx. 4. p.m. a Cultural drama & dance Program by Balvikas children from Indonesia was performed in the divine presence, the program ended at around 4.55 p.m. Evening Bhajans commenced at at 5.30 Swami was offered the customary Aarthi. >>   Swami left for His abode at around 5.40 p.m.  It has been now confirmed that RUDRA YAGANI (YAGNYA) [11th July Through unconfirmed sources it has been learnt that from 9th august to 21st august there will be RUDRA YAGANI (YAGNYA) IN PRASHANTHI NILAYAM. It is considered the most sacred Yagna and all the devotees who wish to be there may start to plan there pilgrimage accordingly. - SBOI] will be performed IN PRASHANTHI NILAYAM, SBOI has been informed that this is only second time in the history of mankind that this kind of yajna is being performed, the only time this Yajna was performed before was in the presence of lord Shiva.

There was bit of chaos outside the ashram, that is, Puttaparthi main roads etc. Apparently due to some political / economic reasons the shops were kept closed for few hours though not all the shopkeeper followed the norm. All is back to normal now! -  source: SBOI

More pictures of Sai Symphony Orchestra performing at prasanthi Nilayam, (11th July 2006 Guru Purnima) Puttparthi , AP , India


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