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 Prasanthi Nilayam 18th 2005: "...today the week-long celebrations commenced with the traditional Rathotsavam.  Swami came at 8.a.m..." also collage
of photographs from  Rathotsavam & Swami plus Kulwant hall 80 couples and Swami..."  more
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Dear devotees, Sai Ram! According to  SBOI group  source: In SBOI Sainews yesterday we informed you that 80 couples will get married today, ( we wrote 18 couples in the news yesterday it is actually 80 couples, sorry for the typo) these 80 Marriages were performed as part of the celebration of Avatars 80th advent. Today morning at  9:00 am. (click on the link below to see images) 80 fortunate couples got Swami’s divine blessings as well as Charan Sparshan that is, touching lotus feet’s of Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba. An ornamental chain made of pure gold and many other auspicious gifts were presented to 80 blessed couples. As part of the wedding festivities, a banquet of scrumptious & selected food was served. Swami showered His love and care by “supervising” all the arrangement  Himself and blessing the couples with a joyful life in this  pact of holy matrimony. 
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SBOI has also released a collection of 18 rare & beautiful pictures of Swami. An 80th birthday tribute, we encourage everyone to visit this page and enjoy charming Sai. Also, spread the joy by sending this photo link to your fellow devotees.


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