A Sai Devotee
I want to share a wonderful experience with all of you. One day a customer of ours asked me to produce certain deliverables by certain date. I was sure I will produce and therefore casually postponed the finalization of the deliverables on the morning of the day when meeting was to happen with customer. On that morning I just could not concentrate and finalize the deliverables. So when meeting started I had to show my blank face. After the meeting I was sure that the report would go to my Boss and this could be my last day. Thereafter, I prayed and cried in front of Baba for the whole weekend - that such thing has never happened me before so why this should happen now and put me to misery and shame. Believe me or not the customer NEVER reported my Boss (even though they are known for their bad and good reports to management). I can say only one thing Baba carried me on his hands and saved me. Devotees, please do your work with full diligence and faith and believe in HIM. This is undisputed truth - "HE is sure to take make things happen".

I would like to share my recent experience. Few months back, on Dec 9th, 2009 Tuesday morning I read Chapter 29 from Sai Satcharitra and left to another place for job interview. On the way, I was recollecting what I read, in that chapter Baba comes into dream and fulfills devotee's desire by showing Ramdas. I thought if Baba comes into my dream what I would ask. My first wish was to go back to earlier days in Shirdi in 1910 and see the neem tree, Tatya patil, Shama and others and then finally wished to see Chavadi. After thinking all these for a while I slept and after few hours I reached my friend's house and checked my email. I got email from Saileelas about 100th year of Chavadi and everyone has to read chapter 37 before go to bed, so he fulfilled my wish of chavadi. When I read that chapter I felt like I was in Shirdi. On Thursday I got another email from Saileelas with the following link which has photos of neem tree and all other photos, which I wished to go back to 1910 and see.

I came to US three years back but I never wanted to stay here. I got married and had one child during this time. Life changed a lot for me and I was finding it difficult to adjust with job, family and child. I needed help but that was possible only after going back to India. I was not sure if I could get a job in India. One day my sister told me on phone about SAI BABA and HIS mercifulness. I knew HIM before, my grand ma visited Shirdi once and I also knew about his lilas but I never thought that GOD could be so close to us to help us in day-to-day problem. I believed in GOD but never found him so close to me before. I started praying BABA. He helped me in all small things, then big news came, me and my husband both got job in India. Now we are planning to go back. Still this is unbelievable to me. This Chamatkar is possible only with SAI KRIPA. I can feel him blessing my family and me all the time. SAI BABA keep everyone healthy and happy in this world. Help us settle down in India. Always direct me, my husband and, my family to do correct things in life. Bless my daughter with good health. OM SAI RAM!

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