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‘The Power of One’ – A Drama by the Students of The Sathya Sai School, Toronto, Canada

(on 13th July, 2006)

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Photos of Car Darshan : 17th July 2006

The Sathya Sai School, Toronto, Canada was established in September 2000 as Bhagawan’s gift to His devotees on the 75th year of His advent. Being the only Sathya Sai School in the North American continent, this school offers education based on the Sri Sathya Sai philosophy of education integrating character building, academic excellence and all-round development of the students.
The drama set in the later part of the 21st century revolved around a former student of the school, Dr. Karen Joy, who becomes a renowned citizen of the country due to her voluntary service to the society. She is invited to a television talk show, titled, “The Power of One”, where the interviewers ask her as to what inspired her to take up so many service activities.

In reply, she says that the sole inspiration for all the activities that she has ever undertaken is Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. She further says that right from her childhood she had the good fortune of being guided by Him and moulded in the right way in the Sathya Sai School at Toronto.

The presentation concluded with the scene where groups of children representing people of different races, religions and vocations, all alumni of the Sai School contribute positively in various ways to the welfare of their fellow beings. The presentation beautifully depicted how an individual motivated by a noble purpose can make a difference at individual, family, social, national and global levels. At the end of the programme, Bhagawan descended from the dais and posed for photographs with the participants.

Jai SaiRam!

As a part of the Guru Poornima celebrations, the Bal Vikas students of Jakarta, Indonesia presented a musical entitled ‘Be a Star in God’s Heaven’ in the Divine Presence on the evening of 12th July.

At 4.15 pm, as the Veda chanting was going on, Bhagawan came out of the interview room and sat on the dais. He then signalled the programme to begin. In keeping with the theme of the presentation – ‘Be a flower in God’s Garden, Be a star in God’s Heaven’, two tiny tots dressed up as a flower and star came forward and offered flowers and the programme sheet to Bhagawan, and sought His blessings to commence the programme.
The musical highlighted the five virtues of duty, devotion, discipline, discrimination and determination embodied as the child devotee Dhruva, as narrated in the famous Hindu epic ‘Bhagavatham’. Little Dhruva is insulted and hurt when his stepmother Suruchi deprives him of the joy and privilege of sitting on the lap of his father and King Uttanapada, saying that her son Uttama alone is entitled to that privilege.

Dhruva then seeks his mother Suniti’s blessings and sets out to the forest one night to perform penance and secure his rightful place on his father’s lap.

On the way, he meets Sage Narada who dissuades him from his daunting goal by warning him of the several dangers that lay ahead. But seeing Dhruva’s persistence and dedication, he initiates him in to the potent mantra “Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya” and blesses him. After long and arduous penance, Lord Vishnu appears before Dhruva and grants him his wish of sitting on his father’s lap. Further, the Lord also grants him the highest place in the sky – the position of the Pole star which remains constant, symbolizing his unwavering devotion and determination. The Pole Star, since then, has been known as ‘Dhruva Tara’.

The presentation was interspersed with melodious songs full of spiritual teachings. After the programme, Bhagawan granted photographs to the participants.

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