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This is Sai News Archive up to 24 April 2005
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19th April - This morning, Bhagawan left with 34 students and many others to Kodaikanal.
He left the Mandir at 10.45 a.m. and the flight took off at 12.30 p.m. from the Prasanthinilayam Airport.
 He is likely to return in the first week of May.

May the blessings of Lord Hanuman be with you!
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Ramanavami - discourse

Kodaikanal news: At the foothills of Kodaikanal (19-04-05)

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out-of-the-way: "Holy Cow"

Sai - door - test

                               Latest 2005 Kodaikanal trip photos

Swami's Flight - Reports from Madurai (Sai Baba Kodaikanal journey) Airport

PRASANTHI NEWS (11th -14th April 2005)  &  Parthi Update (15th - 19th 04 2005)

How the divine dream of Swami saved lives

Freedom from water scarcity

10 new Sai Baba wallpapers added -16th April
13 new wallpapers added 18th April Shirdi Sai -Zodiac

Latest:  Picture collage of Vishu and Tamil New Year 2005 at Prasanthi Nilayam
|Divine Discourse on 13-04-2005|    
|Divine Discourse on 11-04-2005|
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Parthi update 26 -09 -2005 april
    |Ugadi Report 2005|    

Ugadi: What awaits you this ugadi?

Dr. Goldstein's letter on Swami's 80th Birthday Programs

Kavi Sammelan-  Poets meet- Picture collage

16th March 2005 (Evening) - 25th March 2005 (Evening)

An appeal to devotees

Latest Sai News in Media :-

Enlightening experience in India
Story & pictures by M.KRISHNAMOORTHY

Out in the middle of nowhere, deep in the heartland of India, a magnificent Chinese-styled palace suddenly appears out of nowhere when you drive 130km north of Bangalore...

Phenomenal scholar

After 10 years of research and field work in India, Kenya and the United States, Srinivas said she is ready to finish her book on this religious guru and his global influence.

Puttaparthi to be developed even more
The Hindu
Puttaparthi would be developed with an estimated Rs. 24 crores for the 80th birthday celebrations of Satya Saibaba...


 The Hindu Business Line
MatrixView installs cardiac machine in Satya Sai Inst.
Business Line
Technology developer MatrixView Ltd today said its patent-pending 'Echoview' technology, used for capture of echocardiograms
and ultrasound images of the heart, has been successfully implemented at the Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Science,

 Times of Oman
Spreading light through human values
The open essay-writing and poster-making competition, to be organised by the Serve And Inspire (SAI Group)
in association with the Times of Oman under the theme ‘Spreading the light through human values 2005’...

Tamil net.
Self-employment project launched for Trinco war, tsunami victims


Kavi Sammelan - 20th March 2005 

Photos : Kavi Sammelan - 20th March 2005

Swami honours GATE Rankers - 16th March 2005

Wish you a happy HOLI - SBOI

Prasanthi update March17th-21st march -2005

An appeal to devotees

Latest Discourses:
   All Discourses    Recent Discourse: Divine Discourse on 16-03-2005

Sai News in Media : 
Gavaskar, Laxman visit Puttaparthi...

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The religious significance of the festival of Holi is to mark the burning of self-conceit, selfishness, greed, lust, hatred, in fact all the undesirable demoniac tendencies, propensities, thoughts and behaviours. The victory of righteous forces over demoniacal forces.

PRASANTHI NEWS (10th-15th March )

Shivaratri updates:  2005 Shivaratri Discourses:  Shivaratri Morning 8th march    Shivaratri Evening 8th march
Discourse on Shivarathri - 9th March Morning    Shivaratri Photos

Shivaratri Greeting (flash & sound)  (Shivaratri Sai Baba greeting without flash or sound )

Shivaratri report: "Bhagawan, in His divine discourse, explained the meaning of Shivarathri, saying that the word Shiva signifies auspiciousness. Thus, the night of Shivarathri is one that is spiritually beneficial to devotees. He also stated that the principle of Shiva is present in everyone and pervades the entire universe. After Bhagawan concluded His discourse, He sat down and then with a wave of His hand he materialized a gold chain. He asked the students, “What does this contain?” The students replied, “Gold”. He waved His hand again and, to everyone’s surprise and wonder, there was a gold ring in His hand in place of the chain. This time too, Bhagawan asked what the ring was made of, and the students answered in one voice, “Gold, Swami”. He called one of the students"... click  here to read the full report

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Sai News in Media : Whitefield comes closer 
What Swami means to me - Sapna Mukherjee  Indiatimes Spirituality
I am a staunch devotee of Sathya Sai Baba. Ever since I was a small girl, I remember I would sing bhajans in front of him in Delhi...
Newspaper article
Gavaskar, Laxman visit Puttaparthi

The Hindu
The two families arrived at Prashanti Nilayam from Bangalore by road in the morning and were given special darshan by Satya Saibaba...

Web Updates:
Greeting Cards with Sai Baba themes:  Ugadi - Holi - Easter...
Free E-Greeting Cards with Sai Baba theme for all occasions

Talk by Speakers & Divine Discourses (8th march Morning & Evening)


Prof. ANIL KUMAR SATSANG Sunday Satsang  Prashanti Nilayam mp3 download

Story Of Hanuman & Mp3 download Of Hanuman Hymns

PRASANTHI NEWS (Prashanthi Bulletin)

February 6th to 9th 2005

9th Feb

As `planned' tomorrow (10 Feb.) swami is going to perform re-
marriages for over 70 years couple. And Bheema Ratha Yagnam is
going to take place at Prasanthi Nilayam.


Latest: Unity of Faith Bulletin

I have come, not to disturb or destroy any faith, but to confirm everyone in his own faith so that the Christian becomes a better Christian; the Muslim, a better Muslim; the Hindu, a better Hindu; the Buddhist, a better Buddhist - Sai Baba

Parthi Update 2nd, 3rd, 4th Feb 2005

Prasanthi Nilayam - history photo collage

News from Prasanthi 23-28 daily report

28- Jan

  Photos  Vibhuti manifestation on January 2005 

Vibhuti manifestation on a picture in an office room of the Stadium in Prashanti Nilayam
(photo taken by a brother of the 'Centro Sai La Plata', Argentina, on Jan 15, 2005)



Tsunami Relief Work undertaken by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba & Photo collage

News from Prasanthi 23-28 daily report

OM SAI RAM 25-Jan-2005

 Swami did not come out for Darshan today morning.  However, in the evening while Bhajans were going on inside the mandir, Swami sat outside for full 45 minutes, giving joyful Darshan to all the devotees.

Article in the press: "Water education, need of the hour"

Alanis Morsissette  (won several Grammy awards in 1996, including Album of the Year and Song of the Year.) Text of her song about  BABA

Sai Ram ! This morning we all assembled in the Sai Kulwant Hall for Darshan....

Sai Baba Pictures:   9 rare pictures of Sai Baba

Bi-lingual film on Satya Sai Baba
'Sai - the God Within', a bi-lingual film on Satya Sai Baba will be launched in Mumbai on January 29, the film's presenter Deepak Pandit,
an ardent Satya Sai Baba devotee, said. ...

Sound of the VEDA  free to download: Audio files mp3 download of the following.

1. Ancient Veda mantras e.g. rudra namakam-chamakam ,  nakshatra malika mantram purushasuktam, shri suktam,  punlta stotram,  taittiriya brahmana mantra  and many more…

2. Stotras on Shiva 3. Stotras on Devi 4. Stotras on Vishnu

Swami reduces Morning Darshans after Makarsankranti Day - 15.01.05 to 17.01.05

Latest updates from Parthi from 15.01.2005 to 17.01.2005

Sai Ram !

From the reported sources we came to know that Tamil Nadu Seva Dals have done a great job in the tsunami affected areas.

It was found by Shri Chkravarthy Sir who were sent to Tamil Nadu by Swami and other members of Central Trust.

Swami has given them lot of relief material and other basic necessities for their living.

Swami is not coming in the morning to give darshan.

He comes in the afternoon and directly goes inside the interview room to give interview to the devotees.

Sai Ram !

Latest Divine Discourse:  Makara Sankranthi: January 14th, 2005:

Latest sankranthi picture collage :
Makara Sankranthi- Picture Collage

Report from Prasanthi Nilayam:  Makara Sankranthi: January 14th, 2005:

News update
Swami refers to Tsunami in His Divine...

January 14 : Happy Sankaranthi to all the Sathya Sai Devotees

Today morning Swami was accompanied to mandir by the bands from the anantapur and puttaparthi colleges. Then Swami gave a discourse as part of the Sankranthi festival. Swami said that most of the devotees are in troubles and were complaining that god has done this to them. Swami said that Swami would never wish such things on his devotees and also said that things would get better. And that we should try harder to get past the obstacles. Swami also said that there will more such problems this coming year and that we should pray and try harder to get trough them. Then Swami presented the students of the colleges who participated in the sports day meet with trophies. Then the program ended. There will be program by the children from primary school in the evening.


14 Jan.

Dear Devotees

Swami went to His new residence today morning and went to all the rooms and had breakfast at around 9:35. Immediate plans are unknown i.e. if Swami is going to move in his new residence or not. OM SAI RAM




14 Jan: To day is Sankranti Swami gave a discourse today.

Latest sport day  Picture collage   

Sports and Cultural Meet – 2005

January 12 : Yesterday afternoon at 2.45 pm the programs started with children from the primary school performing dances. They were colorful and very well performed. The students from higher learning performed some daring stunts like go down the rope from nearly 100 feet and do the bungee jump backwards. It really was fun to watch. Only after the program we came to know that the Chief Guest for this occasion was Mr.Rathore (He was the Indian silver medalist at last years Olympic games in shooting which were held in Greece). So it really was a nice occasion. Even with the sun beating down on the stadium the whole place was jam packed with people.

January 11 : Today is Sports day in Puttaparthi, it was chilly morning. It was 7:45 am when Swami came like the sun light into the stadium accompanied with musical bands and riders on horse back and the dear elephant Sai gheeta. Swami came in the golf cart like car in white dress. Then the music began to play. It only stopped after Swami got on the dais. Then there was march past by the students of all the Swami's colleges. Then Swami blessed the fire for the sports day which was the specially brought and was the same one that was used at the 2004 Athens Olympics games in Greece. Then the programs began with colorful, acrobatic and daring performance by both boys and girls belonging to the Brindavan and Anantapur campuses. Then after two hours the program was finished and Swami left the stadium at 9:45 am. The program again starts at 2:30 pm in the afternoon when the students from the primary school will perform

 10 JAN 2004

Swami came at 3:20 pm and sat in the lobby till 4:40 pm listening to the Veda Chanting. Sri Anil Kumar announced that the Annual Sports Day will be held at 7:00 am at the Hill View Stadium on 11th. Swami went to the interview room. Bhajans were held from 5:00 pm to 5:25 pm and swami left after Mangala Aarathi.

January 8 :
Today morning too Swami came outside mandir after the morning darshan, at around 8:15 am.

January 8 : Yesterday evening too Swami came outside mandir and we had a good darshan. while coming back Swami was accompanied by the studnets on bikes. Who are also practising for the big day which is sports day.

update from an eyewitness old student on the events that took place on the 1st and 2nd of January with the Old Students of SSSIHL.

January 7 : There was a program in the evening in mandir called “Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum”. It was a musical dance ballet performed by the students of Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar from Andhra Pradesh.

Our humble pranams at the Lotus Feet of our beloved Lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. God in His infinite compassion towards humanity incarnates in every age to shower His Divine Love. He incarnated as Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Shiridi Sai Baba and now as Sri Sathya Sai Baba for this purpose.

In His incarnation as Poornavatara, Sri Krishna demonstrated that unflinching faith and unsullied Love only would win His grace. This dance ballet depicts how loving Krishna reveals the secret of His incarnation to Divine mother Yasoda and gopikas, while enchanting them with his mischievous acts.

The ballet begins with Yasoda searching for Krishna with her aides. Hearing her call of love, Krishna appears before her. They embellish Him beautifully. Krishna leaves for jamuna with his cows and friends. Meanwhile gopikas complain to Yasoda that Nandakumar has become Navaneetachora. Yasoda, out of her love for Krishna, pleads that there is not need for Krishna to become a Navaneetachora, as abundant butter, mild, curd and cheese are available in their own hose. Surprised at the support vent our by Yasoda for her son, gopikas insist that she cannot deny Krishna’s acts without enquiring into the matter and request Yasoda not to punish Krishna but to warn Him with love. But how to question Krishna about his misdeed is a dilemma for Yasoda. Yasoda does not, even from the depth of her heart, want to punish or hurt Krishna. So, she plans her dialogue with Krishna carefully. When Krishna is in a playful mood. Yasoda cradles Him in her lap singing a lullaby. Slowly with all the sweetness of a mother’s love, she asks Krishna if the gopikas were right in their complaint against Him. Krishna does not answer. He prefers silence and pretend sleep. At this Yasoda with a little anger, chides Him that because of His misdeeds, she has to bow her head before others. She says Krishna deserver’s punishment. At this Krishna reacts and teases Yasoda, that she is blaming Him believing in some false complaints and asks her, is she would scold Him in the same manner, were He to be her own son. He requests her to show a little love at least as a foster mother. Deeply hurt by this allegation, Yasoda runs into tears and explains her love for Krishna is everything for her in the world and dearer that her own life.

Krishna, with His Divine Love and compassion wipes out her tears and pleads innocence, saying that He is a mere child and does not mean what he has said. When Yasoda is pacified, Krishna with his mischievous smile confesses that He is really a Navaneetachora!. When Yasoda asks him if it is not a fault on his part, Krishna declares that eternal truth that He has the right to do so, as he has protected the entire Gokulam by punishing Kaaleeya by killing Demons and by lifting the Govardhanagiri. He further declares that He incarnated in every age to punish the guilty and the evil, to revive Dharma and to shower divine love and grace on humanity. He proclaims that in kaliyuga, the Jamuna would become Chitravathi, Gokulam would be Puttaparthi, the Gopalas and Gopikas would form the devotees, and Himself as the Lord of the Universe would advent as Sri Sathya Sai.

 The ballet concludes with Yasoda and Gopikas realizing Krishna as the Lord of the Universe and singing and dancing His Glory

January 7 : Yesterday evening after the program Swami visited outside mandir and we all got a good darshan. Swami while coming back was accompanied by the studnets on bikes

January 5 Today Swami came out of mandir for a short while. After which swami returned to mandir before bhajans. Since the "Sports Day" is coming close Swami goes often to check on the practice of the students, this visit could be because of the sports. We are just assuming.

4th Jan : Photo collage-80th year of Avatar

3 Jan: Where’s water, asks Sai Baba   Swami with CM-Photos

1 & 2 Jan:
  Prashanthi Bulletin

January 2: Yesterday night the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr.Y.S.Raja Shekar Reddy came to Puttaparthi. And after Swami's darshan in the morning he left Puttaparthi.

January 2: The year-long 80th birthday celebrations of Satya Sai baba, due in November this year, were launched along with the New Year celebrations in Prashanti Nilayam at Puttaparthi on Saturday.

Satya Sai baba lit a lamp and cut a cake to mark the occasion. An international choir was also organized on the occasion, in which singers from 142 countries participated.

In the evening, old students of Satya Sai institutions sang songs. According to the Satya Sai Central Trust officials, as part of the 80th birthday celebrations, special programes would be organized every month. Medical camps, conferences, gram seva and others would comprise the special programes. An international football match would be held in Puttaparthi in December this year as part of the celebrations

Source : The Hindu

Prashanthi Nilayam - 29 DEC 2004

Swami came at 9:05 am after the Bhajans were started. He turned towards the Bhajan Hall after crossing the Ladies´ side. Aarathi was performed at 9:30 am.

In the afternoon, He came at 3:45 pm and immediately after the ladies side turned towards the mandir and got down in front of the interview room and went inside taking a few people for interview. Bhajans were held from 5:15 pm to 5:35 pm.

December 27
: Yesterday evening Swami came outside mandir and returned only after the bhajans so devotees lined up the streets waiting and they got darshan while Swami returned later.

Subject: Parthi Update - Christmas Discourse
Embodiments of Love, God has no specific Form. He is everywhere as sound, touch, form, taste and smell. There is no place in this world where these senses do not exist. There is no individual without the five elements. Therefore, God is Omnipresent. This is what has been taught since ancient times. You cannot find any place without God. How can you comprehend such an all pervasive Divinity?

Each group of people celebrates the Birthday of their deity and experiences joy. However, nobody can estimate the true Glory of Divinity with any standards whatsoever!

One important point. Every child, as it exits from the womb of its mother, starts it’s journey of life with a cry. Why? How do we pacify the child? Place a drop of honey or milk on its tongue and it stops crying. Thus every individual is born with hunger. But you must ask yourself – is it physical hunger or spiritual hunger? Hunger is the same for all. Food may be different. To consume appropriate food and satiate our hunger is our duty. To delight others and ourselves with food is definitely our duty.

God has no form, no beginning, no end. He is beyond and transcendental. Nobody can ascribe a form to the Lord. He is subject to neither birth nor death. He is eternal, ancient. What name can you give such a God?

From water comes earth, from earth comes plant, from plant comes food; eating food man satiates his hunger and thrives. Water can be obtained only through prayer. Any country will plan and strive hard for growing food. For this water is essential and for water, prayers and rituals are carried out. Prayer is essential for rich and poor alike. Man cannot create water or food. God has gifted all these to Nature. God and the World are One, not different.

One must not pray to God in anticipation of any gifts. Pray to God for Him. God will supply all that we need. He knows what, where and when to give and to whom. Even if we do not make any effort, He will surely give us what we need. To desire and then get frustrated when the desire is not fulfilled is not the quality of a devotee.

One example, this happened yesterday. We never asked anybody, nor did I Will any such thing. But you have seen that the vehicle has come. There is no glass or any covering for this. (Swami was referring to the new Golf Cart). You can get down wherever you want. It does not need any petrol or gas (it is battery driven). Where did it come from? Nobody knows. To get something from abroad, one has to pay import duty, excise duty, etc. Who has paid all this? In whose name is it? Everything has happened so smoothly. How?

This vehicle was kept outside Poornachandra. The key was also kept in the vehicle itself. Our students took the key and started it. They were concerned about who has sent it and they were anxious to know how it is to be operated. I told them not to ask such foolish questions. It all happens miraculously!

This vehicle is for short distance but then what about long distance journey? There! another vehicle came from Japan (Swami was referring to the Toyota – Porte). Who sent it? In whose name? How to start it? I told Satyajit – you know driving, come on start it. I told him not to worry, just pray and start it. He started the vehicle, absolutely no sound! He could maneuver it any way!

A week before, there was a discussion among the boys that it is so difficult for Swami to get into the car and sit down. He has to bend, move, adjust and dance around! It is so difficult and leads to so much strain for Swami. I told them to keep quiet and not worry about all this. And now you see this car is here. It had a purpose and has therefore come here!

The seat moves out so smoothly. No rough movements at all. It glides out so smoothly without any jerks. Even the train can run only on the racks. But this seat moves about any way! The secret and mystery of this car is not known to anyone. The seat slowly moves out and rotates. There are many scholarly and learned people who think that all this is their achievement. No. All this is God’s Will and not man’s maneuvering!!

The Divine Plan and Mystery cannot be comprehended by anybody other then God. Therefore, He Himself has to reveal this mystery. This car has not been asked for. Even the government has not been approached. Many people mentioned to Me that such cars are available, if You Will it, it will come to You. But I do not want anything.

A small boy and his sister were studying in our Primary School 20 years back. Their parents were so full of gratitude that Swami had given their children a seat in our School. It is out of this gratitude that they have offered this car to Me. The children were very intelligent. They have done their MBA and even got a gold medal. It is they who have sent this car as an _expression of their gratitude to Swami.

God knows when and what to give to whom. Relying only on your efforts is useless. Prayer is a must! There is nothing more important than prayer to God. We must not pray for this or that, but we must pray to God, for God. O God – I want Your Love. Through that Love everything can be accomplished. Today, both these parents have come here. 20 years back, the mother used to work in our hospital. 15 years back they had sent another car, with a glass covering. I told Satyajit to drive it out into the stadium. I went along with him in the car for the Sports Meet day on 11th January. (Swami was referring to the SAAB car).

It is only with lot of efforts and applications that anyone can procure such items. We never desired for anything, but yet it has come. Therefore, you do not need to pray for anything. You must just pray – O God, You know what I need, You must take care of me. Offer yourself to God and effortlessly things will come to you!!

Just as these things come here, we also give away in the same way. Once a Rolls Royce has come to Bangalore to be offered to Swami. In those days it’s cost was around 2 crores. 2 crores and not two coats!! Inside there was a card with the name and address of an American from Washington. We sent back the car to the same address. It took so much effort to arrange to send back the car to America.

Then came a White Benz car. This was also sent back. All cars were given away free. One was given to the Anantapur Campus for helping them to take sick girls to the hospital. Another car was given away to the Primary School. No money was either given or received. Everything goes on so smoothly. All these are Divine Plans!!

Without asking for anything, so much comes to Swami. Just imagine what will happen if I ask!! But I do not need anything and I will never ask for anything. My only desire is your happiness, prosperity and health. I do not need anything else. I will give you whatever you want. But you must think before asking whether it is really required or not.

We never wanted a big car. A small car would be enough. Just enough space for the Driver and Myself! Immediately, the car came from Italy. But this vehicle had the seat for Swami next to the Driver’s seat. Many felt that it was not respectable for Swami to sit next to the Driver. Therefore, the vehicle was sent back to Italy for modification. The driver’s seat was placed behind Swami’s seat. (Swami was referring to the Lamburgini). If I continue to speak about these cars, the story can go on and on! It may appear strange to all of you! But these are the ways of God!

Pray to God silently, without any desires, with Love. Everything will be added onto you. With Love any task can be fulfilled. Some say that they have been praying so hard but still they are not successful. Here the mistake lies in your prayer and not in the power of God.

With God’s Grace anything is possible. My Will is going on and it guarantees and fulfils all! We were wondering what should be distributed to students on Christmas day. Very next day, boxes full of sweets arrived. Again the next day Prasadam was required. And there! Laddus came in plenty. Boys told Me that devotees had already got Prasadam. I told them to serve again!! God’s Love is the true Prasadam.

Thus all that we wish to undertake goes on smoothly! Today is Christmas. We must pray to God but we must not misuse the power of prayer. Jesus prayed – O Lord, I am your child. Let Thine Will be done. If you compare yourself with others, then ego comes in. Pray without any ego and you will be successful. God is in your heart! All are God’s children. He will give you what you need. He is in our hearts and He Wills from there and things happen!! Pray to God and fulfill your tasks.

When Jesus was crucified, Mother Mary cried out – O Lord, why this punishment? The next day, Jesus came alive again. He declared – I am the Son of God. If we work with the faith that we are children of God then we will surely be successful. Install Love in your heart, surrender to Him. You will be successful in all your endeavours.

Bhagawan’s power is the power of Love. Nurture this Love. You will then be able to face any challenges. Do not be hypocrites. One prayer inside and another prayer outside is not god. Swami in your heart will know such hypocrisy. Let Love be the theme of your prayer.

Bhagawan concluded His Discourse with the Bhajan, “Prema Mudita Mana Se Kaho…” At 5.50 p.m. Prasadam was distributed (Wafers and Biscuits) amidst Bhajans and Bhagawan took Aarti at 6.15 p.m.

Bhagawan then walked towards the interview room where the new Toyota car was parked. Everybody rushed towards that side to see Bhagawan using the hi-tech car. Swami sat down on the chair that was projected outside. Sitting on the chair Swami was smiling and talking to a devotee, as the chair began its precise maneuver into the car. It was a joyful moment to see this event. In a few seconds the seat was in its position inside the car – perfectly in its position! There was a loud applause. Of course all could not see this as people in front were standing and peering in all angles.

The car was facing away from the interview room. Therefore the entire hall of devotees was lucky to have one more Darshan of our Lord. The car made its way across the Gents side and then the Ladies side and slowly disappeared into the dim evening light of the Poornachandra Complex. What a beautiful and wonderful Christmas!! May the Christ Consciousness awaken in all of us with the Grace of our Father – our Sai.



Swami visited Super speciality hospital today at 15:30 and left at 18:00.He also gave a discourse in the hospital. courtesy: Susheel

2004 christmas picture collage
December 25-2004
Happy Christmas to you All

Today morning the mandir was full with devotees, for the Christmas
celebrations. Then Swami came around 7:30 am and the students began
songs. The students performed some musical programs. There were
quite a few Santa's in mandir today, then the bhajans started after
which while going back to his room Swami cut few cakes which the
devotees brought. Then prasadam was distributed to the devotees.
Today evening at 4.45 pm there will a discourse by Swami.

December 25
Yesterday evening there were some programs by the devotees from
oversees. They performed some musical programs and later sang a few
bhajans after which the regular bhajans started. Then prasadam was
distributed to the devotees. The mandir is beautifully decorated and
looks really colorful, gift packets hanging all over the place.
Contributed by Jaykumar

Sai Ram !!
Events at Prashanthi Nilayam - 25 DEC 2004
Christmas Celebration


In the morning, Swami came in the new golf cart at 7:30 am and took the entire Darshan route to reach the lobby. Mr. Arthur Hillcoat gave a lighted candle to Swami with which, He lighted the candles kept in the lobby near the Ganesha. Earlier, from 23rd evening itself Sai Kulwant Hall bore the festive look with lovely Christmas decorations. The Boys band played for about 20 minutes and this was followed by the violin orchestra by the primary school boys for 15 minutes. Then the boys started the music program, which was essentially a mix of carols and devotional songs in English on Swami. Swami gave the signal for the sweets distribution, and sweets/dates were distributed to all the devotees. Calendars were distributed to the overseas devotees and a few others. After the music program by the boys, Swami asked the boys to start the Bhajans at 8:45 am. Swami got up at 9:20 am and Aarathi was performed. Swami left Sai Kulwant Hall. Prof Anil Kumar announced that there would be divine discourse at 4:00 pm in the evening.


Swami came in the new golf cart at 3.40 pm. As soon as Swami came to the lobby, a new silver gray 2-seater Toyota car, driven by Satyajit came and parked in front of the lobby. Prof. Anil Kumar announced that by the Divine Will, a new car has come in which the front seat next to the driver will turn 90 degrees and come out automatically by the pressing of a button. The seat can then be moved by the controls on the seat itself. Again, the seat can again be taken in and docked inside in its position by the turn of a switch. This was demonstrated by Satyajit to all the devotees in front of the lobby. Mr. Hillcoat announced that there would be two speakers, one Mrs. Rita Bruce and Mr. John Behner. When Mrs. Bruce finished her speech, Swami asked Prof. Anil Kumar to announce that Dr. Mistry from Mumbai would speak. Dr. Mistry spoke about his experiences and explained how Swami cured him of a tumour which was in between his nose and ear inside the face in the year 1965 ! After Dr. Mistry, Mr. John Behner spoke. Swami started His Divine Discourse at 4:55 pm and spoke till 5:50 pm. He concluded the Discourse with the Bhajan 'Prema Mudhitha Manase Kaho'. Swami spoke about the Divine Will which pervades everything. Devotees should pray for the Love of God and once they are are bestowed with God's Love, everything else will automatically come. They should not pray only for worldly things. Swami spoke at length about various cars which were sent to Him in the past and said that "HE WANTS NOTHING AT ALL BUT ONLY PURE LOVE FROM HIS DEVOTEES". He concluded by stressing that there is nothing which is greater than love and God, who is nameless and formless, is love personified. Swami then asked the boys to start the Bhajans at 5:55 pm. Sweets/wafers/dates were distributed again to all the devotees. Aarathi was performed at 6:25 pm and Swami left by the new Toyota Car. The front seat came out in front of the interview room on which Swami sat amidst thunderous clapping of the devotees. The chair then was pulled into the car and turned 90 degrees and docked into its place in the car. The car moved slowly tracing the Darshan route in the reverse direction, and the devotees had another close Darshan of the Lord. The program came to a close with the Toyota car driving out of Sai Kulwant Hall towards Poornachandra hall.

25-12-2004 another account
Today we had extravagant celebrations on the eve of Christmas. In the morning the choir group from the Institute played some melodies pieces (including carols) followed by vocal rendition of the carols.

In the evening, there was a more elaborate program. Swami arrived at Sai Kulwant Hall at around 15:30 hours. He took a rather quick round, not accepting any letter (for he was more anxious about what was coming, read further).

No sooner Swami got off the golf car (new one) he started enquires with Mr. Chakravarthy and Arun. Swami then came in front of the Ganesha with the help of Pusthi. He then directed Arun to give indication to brother Sathyajit to bring the car in front of the portico.

Sathyajit then with a great difficulty maneuvered the Car from the Gents side pathway all the way through the upper portico and then took right so that the car was right in front of the Ganesha. All these efforts were so that the left side of the Car is fully seen by the devotees. Swami called Prof. Anil Kumar and gave him some instructions to make an announcement. Prof. Anil Kumar announced that the Car had arrived from Japan this morning (exciting isn’t it) and that the front seat of the car was specially designed for Swami to get in and out of it effortlessly.

Swami then made Sathyajit to demonstrate the specialty of the Car. The Car named “Porte” (Toyota make) is a four seater, right hand drive vehicle with only two doors (one on either side). The left door of the Car automatically slides backwards (like that of a Maruti Omni). Then the automatically controlled arm underneath the left front seat of the Car slided out of the car. The seat can be rotated on the arm, its height from the ground is also adjustable. The seat can be detached from the arm and the wheels provided underneath it gives extra mobility so that the seat acts like an ordinary rotating chair. Sathyajit detached the seat from the arm and brought it in front of Swami and then after receiving indication from Swami attached it back to the arm and rolled it inside the Car. All this for the devotees amazement. Thereafter Sathyajit parked the car just behind the Ganesha inside the upper portico. After the display of automobile innovation the evening program proceeded further.

First there were four speakers including a lady speaker (one of them was Dr. K.K. Mistry, rest all foreigners). Swami then commenced his divine discourse at around 16:55 hours and concluded with the bhajan “Prema mudita mana se kho…” at around 17:48 hours. Swami spoke about love and importance of prayers. The interesting thing about the discourse was that almost half of it was relating to cars right from Rolls Royce to Benz. I have never been to an Auto Expo exhibition, however, now I can very well envisage how it is like after todays demonstration of a car by none other than Sathyajit and a talk on experience with cars by none other than Swami himself.

Prasadam was distributed, and then another divine surprise. As for the first time Swami was getting inside the car none present in the Sai Kulwant hall could wait to see that moment when swami actually glides in the Car. In the excitement and confusion the ladies side pathway got completely blocked and the only way out for the Car was from the gents side. Thus I had a second drashan of swami from as near as almost five feet that to around 18:15 hours, which is truly rare.

Sai Ram!!!


23.12.2004 Posted on 25.12.2004

Yesterday evening two students spoke, and one of them talked about some of the miracles devotees experienced. Like once when a devotee was rushing to catch his plane but still was a bit far from the air port, he got a taxi which got him in time for the flight, and once he reached Puttaparthi Swami asked him how much did he pay for the taxi, that's when the devotee realizes he didn't pay for the taxi in his hurry. Then Swami said that this taxi driver does not take money, only helps there were many such incidents mentioned.


Bhagawan came for Darshan at 3.35 p.m. He came onto the dais and stood there holding the railings. All the guest speakers who had come for the Economics National Workshop were seated to His right. Believe it or not, for the next 40 minutes Swami stood there holding the railings! We were all praying that He should sit down but He kept standing, conducting the programme for the evening. And what was the programme. It was a variety show directed by Bhagawan Himself. It started with a Vedam explanation session. Swami called the American student to chant Purusha Suktam and asked Mr. Vedanarayana to stand next to him and give the explanation.

A few minutes later, Swami called a few more school boys to join in chanting the Vedam. They would chant a few lines and Sri Vedanarayana would give the meaning and related explanations in a very coherent way and with a loud voice to reach out to as many as possible without a mike.

After the Vedam explanation session, Swami called for one Bhajan singer and asked him to start songs. He went back, got ready with the instruments and then we had several group songs in Telugu. Bhagawan finally sat down on the sofa after 40 minutes of standing. He called one Under Graduate student and spoke to him for a while. The interaction went on for quite some time and only later we realize that Swami was preparing him to give a talk.

Therefore, after the songs, Swami asked two boys to share their experiences with the audience. Both of them spoke of experiences, some personal and others of devotees. Finally to top it all we had a few Bhajans and by 5.15 p.m., Bhagawan took Aarti and retired for the day.

Incidentally, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (DMACS) is having a workshop on “Scientific Computing” starting from tomorrow. It will be a two day workshop.

Christmas is coming close. Decorations have already begun in the Mandir. They are following the modular approach. Every evening we go and find a new set of decorations have been added onto the existing ones. On the 25th it will reach a climax, setting the stage for singing the glory of Lord Christ!!

We’ll get back to you with updates on Christmas celebrations at His Lotus Feet.


Sairam. This evening Swami came out for Darshan at 3.50 p.m. He came and sat on the sofa amidst the Vedic chants. After a while He beckoned for Prof. Anil Kumar and spoke to him about something. It looked as though Swami was giving him some instructions. Soon it was clear that Prof. Anil Kumar was going to address the gathering in the Sai Klwant Hall. The mike was arranged and the podium set in place.

Prof. Anil Kumar took his place and started his talk. We were wondering what he would speak and what is it that Swami had asked him to communicate to all of us. Prof. Anil Kumar began his talk at 4.20 p.m., recalling the wonderful Kavi Sammelan (Gathering of Poets) we had a few days back wherein great poets from Andhra Pradesh had assembled at Prasanthinilayam to sing the Glory of our Lord in their poetic language!!

Prof. Anil Kumar recalled similar instances earlier when great poets and the like had visited Bhagawan and had paid their tributes to Him with their unique compositions. One humorous incident that he recalled was related to Prof. Kasturi. On one occasion when many poets had assembled at Prasanthinilayam, Prof. Kasturi was standing in a corner watching the show. Bhagawan went to him and asked him as to what he was going to speak in the evening. Swami Himself replied smilingly, “What else, you will sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How I Wonder What You Are…”

The genius that Prof. Kasturi was, he held on to this phrase and based his entire talk that day, on this line. He addressed the audience saying, “Have you all ever heard this rhyme – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Have You Wondered What You Are?” Just by twisting the last part, he gave a spiritual dimension to the whole rhyme. He said that we all are like twinkling little stars in God’s kingdom. But have we ever wondered who we are, what is our Truth? We all are His sparks and not different from Him.

On another occasion, a poet by name Pichhe Sastry prostrated at Bhagawan’s Feet singing a poem – O Swami, here is this lamp at Your Feet. The oil is exhausted, life of the flame is coming to an end and here I have come to You, to light this lamp again…..

On yet another occasion, another well known poet named Krishna Sastry sang to the Lord – O Lord, here I am, one without any virtues nor a saint…How can I ever get You? The poet was standing so close to Swami while singing this poem. Swami replied by singing the same poem but just changing the last few words. He told the poet to sing it, not as – How can I ever get You but as – How have I already got You? That is the beauty of Bhagawan’s wittiness and spontaneity.

Prof. Anil Kumar then went on to say that Bhagawan is omniscient and is aware of everything that is going on all around the world. There is no need to fear anything when He is by our side. Frustration is a word to be forgotten by Sai devotees. Sai Undaga Ela Nirasha? (Why frustration when Sai is there?) Bhagawan knows the contents of the letters we write to Him, even before we write them. To illustrate this, Prof. Anil Kumar quoted the example of Sri K.M. Munshi of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. When Munshiji came to Swami several years back, with a paper consisting of 12 questions that he wanted to place before Him, Bhagawan called him inside for an interview.

In the interview room, Swami answered all the questions one by one in the same order, even before Munshiji could remove the paper from his pocket!! Not just that, Bhagawan also asked him as to why he had not added the 13th question regarding the problem he had with his shivering hands that was bothering him a lot!! That is the all-knowing Bhagawan!!

Once when a devotee remarked, “Swami, You are taking care of me like the eyelids takes care of the eye”, Bhagawan immediately replied, “No, even more than that!”

Then came the actual crux of the talk. Prof. Anil Kumar said that there are so many old people in Prasanthinilayam. They have retired from worldly life but Bhagawan has re-tyred them!! In fact, Prasanthinilayam is one place where you will find maximum number of re-tyred people working and offering their services selflessly. Bhagawan is taking care of all of them.

In His Mercy and Compassion, Bhagawan has decided to Bless all these couples in a very grand way. All the couples in Prasanthinilayam, whose husbands are above 70 and 75 years of age, are requested to register their names in the office and be present here by January 10th. After the commencement of Uttarayana (Sankranti), the celebration will take place. Bhagawan will perform the Shastipoorti ceremony for these couples. This is a ritual where the senior couples will be re-married in a ceremonious manner (just as it is done in the regular marriage) to mark the entry into a new phase of their life. This is like a spiritual marriage for the couple!!

There will be no dearth of the gifts that are going to be showered on them by Bhagaawn. Gold ornaments, silk saris and dhotis and what not…This is the Love and Compassion of the Lord. When young people run to Swami, Swami runs to shower His Grace on the old people who are unable to walk. The timing too is so appropriate as this year is dedicated to old people.

Prof. Anil Kumar concluded his talk and took his seat next to Swami. The next speaker was the Vice Chancellor, Sri S.V. Giri. Sri Giri Garu also expressed his joy and gratitude at this most benedictory act of Bhagawan. Old age is the time when people have physical and mental problems. This is the period when they need support. Bhagawan conducting this ceremony is symbolic of that support and concern for them!!

Today, in the world, old people are ignored. In many families, sons leave their parents to be on their own, without any hesitation. With nuclear families proliferating rapidly old age homes have become the need of the hour. Old people, though may not be deprived of financial assistance, are thirsty for emotional and psychological support. At such times, Bhagawan’s Blessing in the form of this ceremony has come as a Divine assurance of His Love and Concern. Even if there is nobody else, God is always there to take care of all of us. The talk concluded at 5.15 p.m. There were a few Bhajans after which Bhagawan retired to PC.

Thus the 80th year of the Avataar is going to commence in such a sacred and wonderful way by way of _expression of gratitude to the septuagenarians who have moulded and shaped the generation of today!!

Today and tomorrow, the Economics Department of the SSSIHL is having a worshop on the theme, “Agricultural Economy and Rural Development”.

Parthi UpdateFrom: Akkanna_Pragada Anantha_Vijaya <aavijaya@y...>
Date: Mon Dec 13, 2004 6:10 am
Subject: Parthi Update 12-12-2004


Dear Brother

Sairam. Thousands of devotees from Tamilnadu – Chennai – to be specific, flocked into the Sai Kulwant Hall this morning to seek the Blessings of Bhagawan Baba and to express their heart felt gratitude to Him for letting His Love flow unto them in the form of Sai Ganga through the Kandaleru – Poondi Canal. As you may know, water was released from river Krishna into the Kandaleru – Poondi canal on the 23rd of November, with the Blessings of Bhagawan. Earlier it would take almost 10 days for the water to reach Poondi (Chennai) from Kandaleru (Nellore in A.P.) – not to mention the quantity of water that would reach after all the seepage etc.

Now the water released reached the dry end of Poondi at zero point in Chennai in just 4 days!! From here, the water moves on to quench the thirsty and parched throats of the Chennaites!! The devotees had assembled in the Sai Kulwant Hall yesterday itself for Darshan in the afternoon. But Swami did not give Darshan yesterday full day. In fact, in the past few days, Bhagawan had not come out on two mornings.

Therefore, we all sat expectantly in the Kulwant Hall this morning. Many of us felt that it was very unlikely that Bhagawan would come out. We are not very sure of the reason, but obviously it must be some suffering that our Lord has chosen to take upon Himself for the benefit of humanity!! Lord Christ carried the Cross just once at the end of His life but His Divine Father carries the Cross every moment for redeeming mankind from the clutches of his own doings!!

However, our doubts were baseless. Can anything ever come between the Lord and His devotees? The prayers of the thousands of Chennaites were answered as our beautiful Lord entered the Sai Kulwant Hall at around 7.15 a.m. in the Lamburgini. He took a full round of the hall, reached the interview room and continued further. So we thought that Swami will be going back to PC. But though the cart took a turn towards PC, Swami indicated to brother Satyajit to turn again into the Kulwant Hall. All were delighted to see Swami again!!

This time the Lamburgini stationed itself in the inner portico. Bhagawan was talking to an elderly man and gave him some instructions. This elderly person was Sri Arjun Raja, Member on the Board of RAMCO, from Chennai. Brother Nitin Acharya led him to the podium which was already stationed on the dais. The Sundaram Bhajan singers were seated in the front row, just next to our core Vedam group. Therefore, some prior intimation would have been there for these arrangements to be made.

Sri Arjun Raja took his position behind the podium as the Lamburgini maneuvered itself to be stationed next to the podium, facing the devotees. All could have a clear Darshan of Bhagawan! It was very difficult to describe how Bhagawan looked. There was the Divine Glow of His Majesty but there was also some evidence of the ‘suffering’ that possibly His body would have gone through…... Well, this could be just our imagination too. He appears to each one as they feel. Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati!!

It was 7.30 a.m. Sri Arjun Raja offered his Pranaams to Bhagawan and on behalf of all assembled over there, he expressed his deep sense of gratitude to Bhagawan for the Love showered by Him in the form of Sai Ganga for Chennai. He was followed by Sri G.K. Raman, Tamilnadu Sri Sathya Sai Trust Convenor (and Chairman of Royal Sundaram Insurance), who introduced the two speakers for the morning.

The first speaker was Prof. G. Venkataraman whom we all know very well. Prof. G.V. spoke in Tamil so that most of the devotees would be able to follow. He gave all the statistics and the details of the entire project in a very meticulous manner. The devotees were in a very exalted state and any reference to the Water project attracted loud applauds from them. From this, one could understand the deep sense of joy and happiness that these devotees had as a result of their intense need for water being fulfilled by Bhagawan!!

When Prof. G.V. started speaking at 7.45 a.m., the Lamburgini maneuvered itself out of the dais and proceeded towards the PC. All devotees turned towards Swami and kept watching Him as the cart glided towards the PC Hall. Prof. G.V. however, kept the audience gripped with his heart felt and revealing coverage of this Labour of Love!!

The second speaker was Sri Mohan Rangan, Chairman of the Cauvery Water Tribunal Committee and Advisor to the Sai Ganga Project and Advisor to the Government for Water Resource Management. Mr. Mohan spoke initially in Telugu and then in English covering almost the same aspects as Prof. G. Venkataraman but in English, especially for the benefit of the students, as he indicated. Mr. Mohan was associated with this Project right from its start on the 11th of March 2002, when his team went to this canal for the first time to make a survey and submit a report to the Central Trust.

Amidst all the striking details that they covered, which you can surely hear on the Radio Sai Global harmony in a few days, the most striking one was that the water was released from Kandaleru on 23rd November which happens to be the Birth date of Bhagawan. The water then reached zero point at Poondi on the 27th of November which happened to be the star Birthday of Bhagawan!! That is His Leela!! The Canal as you know has been named by the Andhra Pradesh Government as the Sai Ganga Canal instead of the erstwhile name of Telugu Ganga Canal.

By the time both the speakers completed their talks, it was 8.30 a.m. This was the first time that we had some programme in the Sai Kulwant Hall, especially talks by eminent people in Swami’s physical absence. It seemed strange, but then we are now getting used to everything. As He Wills!!

Bhajans started at 8.30 a.m. Laddu Prasadam was distributed to all staff, students and devotees. Aarti was offered at 9.00 a.m.

Came afternoon and even as we hurried into the Kulwant Hall at 3.00 p.m. our most dear Lord was already seated on the sofa and the Sundaram Bhajan group were playing the violin with all gaiety! We were truly taken by surprise!! What a sudden change!! Swami looked absolutely normal, back to His usual Self!! That is our Lord! Can we ever understand Him?? Should we even try to??

After the violin recital we had a few devotional songs and then Bhagawan got up, took Aarti and went towards the golf cart. Prasadam was distributed. Bhagawan got into the cart and moved inside the PC complex. All devotees got up to go out. It was just 3.50 p.m. and we too hesitantly got up when there was a sudden hush! Bhagawan was coming in again, but this time through the main gate in front of the Gopuram. All the devotees rushed towards the side wall to catch a glimpse of Bhagawan. Swami came in smiling in the golf cart. There was a twinkle in His eyes that said it all!! The Leelas of God!!

As the golf act moved towards the Ladies side, the women devotees clapped in a frenzy!! Who on earth could make the masses so enthralled with just a sight? Anybody other then the Divine? Impossible!! The golf cart moved into the PC complex. This time, we sat down being wiser! Again there was a hush, but this time the cart did not appear.

However, we all kept sitting as news came that there would be regular Bhajans at 5.00 p.m. Around 4.30 p.m., there was some commotion and again devotees rushed towards the side wall of the Mandir. After a few minutes we saw Bhagawan coming in the White Benz car into the Kulwant Hall. Later we discovered from the core Vedam group who had gone behind Swami, that Bhagawan had been to the Deenajanodarana Padakam (Orphanage) to see His dear children over there. The Mother is always concerned about her children!! The Core Vedam group teachers and staff accompany Swami whenever He moves around like this, within the Ashram.

The Benz car went past the Ladies side, again amidst a loud clapping, towards the Poornachandra Hall. Bhagawan retired for the day. Bhajans started at 5.00 p.m. and at 5.10 p.m. Aarti was offered and we all got back to our regular chores. We are sure that the Chennai devotees would never forget this memorable experience with Swami. Bhagawan makes these moments memorable for us by doing something like this out of the way. We may possibly forget the experience of a regular Darshan but not an ‘out of the way’ one like this!!

Let us all express gratitude to our Lord for this great act of compassion and Love that He has showered on the Chaennai residents and let us all pray for peace in the World!!


Parthi 11 & 12th December 2004  From: BALAJI NAGARAJAN <balaji1966@y...>
Date:  Tue Dec 14, 2004  8:23 am


The Unexpected has happened. After quenching the
thirst of Chennai Swamy has filled our heart with joy
and happiness with the wonderful Dharshan which is not
to be forgetted in the life time.

This might be a lengthier mail but I do not know how
to exrpess my feeling. Please forgive me if I have
committed any mistake.

I and my family were among the the Chennaities who
were present in Parthi on 11& 12th.

To Add more what Vijaya Sairam has told

We were totally upset on 11th as there was no Dharshan
of Swamy. I have taken with me my friend who was to
have Dharsan of Swamy for the first time in his life.
The other person who was to have the first Dharshan in
the life time was my wife. I also had with me my 78
yr old father who was very tired due to journey in the
bus which started from Sundaram.

Not only me but all the devotees who have come from
Chennai were really down. When we were told that for
the past two day it is happening like this and Swamy
is giving Dharshan only once. Hearing this we were
consoled and went to our sheds hopping and praying
that we will have the Dharshan in the evening. We
were asked to assemble at 1.00 PM near the Gopuram
gate. We did the same and were seated in the Kulwant
Hall by 2.00 -2.30 PM. Time was passing 3,4, there
was no sign of Dharshan. Around 5.00 PM some devotees
started getting up and were standing as they lost
hope. Then we were informed that Swamy is not going
to come. Now, another blow all of us were totally
gone some came to conclusion that we will be returning
to Chenani without Dharshan.

We returned to our Sheds hoping Swamy will definetly
given Dharshan on Sunday. Samithi members started
Bhajans in there shed and were praying to Swamy to
bless them with the Dharshan.

The next day we were asked to assemble at 4.00 AM in
the same place. With lots of hopes and prayers we
were sitting in the Kulwant Hall. As Vjaya Sairam
told our doubts were baseless. Around 7.15 AM we had
the Dharshwan of the Divine Lord. But we were really
upset seeing his condition. Some of them were in
tears including me. But, we were blessed by the Prema
Sagara. This shows Swamy will definitely answer your
prayers which he has done. The Chennaities were
thrilled and left the Hall after the Bhajan with full

For the evening Dharshan there was no any specific
instructions. We were asked to vaccate the shed by
2'o clock. Due to this instruction we thought that
there is no Dharshan in the evening. Devotees were
having there own perceptions. They were told 90%
there is no chance for evening Dharshan. We consoled
ourselves and started packing our things. Most of us
including were involved in bring the luggage to our
respective buses which was around 2-45 PM. At this
time we heard the Chanting of Vedam we were thrilled.
We just dumped the luggages in the bus and ran
towards the Kulwanth Hall. There we saw our beloved
lord sitting in his Sofa. To quote from Sai writter
Ra. Ganapathy he is really LEELA NATAKA SAI.
Most of them were surprised to see him there. Seeing
the condition in the morning we did not expect this
wonderful Dharshan. At this juncture I recollected the

When we heard that Swamy was proceeding towards the
Orphanage in the Benz car all of them who were near
the canteen area started running towards Shanthi
Bhavan were the car was cited. I really did not know
how I personally toward the car since I had problem in
my knee due to which I could not ran fast and climb
the steps very fast. At last we had the glimpses of
Swamy near the Ground behind the overseas Devotees
quaters. The devotees who did not come to the
Dharshan due to there old age were really surprised at
this sudden Dharshan. Again the Unexpected has
happened. To quote Vijaya Sairam the chennaities will
never forget this experience.

The Chennai devotees hearts which was filled with
sarrow and who were upset due to non-dharshan on
Saturday were filled with joy and happiness.

The only pain which we had is some of the Samithis
have left the Prashanthi missing this wonderful

We had a safer and faster journey with the grace of
our lord and reached Chennai at 4.30 AM on Monday
(particularly our bus.

After this Dharshan I am praying to our lord for the
past two days to get well soon.


December 9
: Today morning too Swami came outside mandir, and was going to the super specialty hospital for the opening of the Nurse complex. Before only doctors had a place to stay near the hospital, but now with these buildings nurses too have a place to stay near the Super specialty hospital.News from Prashanti Nilayam, Dec. 2-6, 2004

December 6
Today morning Swami made a surprise visit outside mandir so we could
not get the camera in time to take the picture, it was so sudden.
But it was a very good darshan, Swami sat in the front seat beside
the driver. This was after the morning darshan which was at 8:45 am.

December 6
Did you know that you could listen to radio sai, online. This is the
offcial radio station of Sathya sai baba. Here is how you can do
this go to http://www.radiosai.org or just open the windows media
player which should be installed on all the computers that run
windows. Then click "open url" and then paste this url without the
commas "http://stream.radiosai.net:8000" there and click okay with
in no time you should start hearing radio sai.

December 5
On 2nd December, the cheif minister of Maharashtra was here in
Puttaparthi, we missed that news only knew when i read one of the
local news papers. The climate here in Puttaparthi is getting very
cold. It considerably colder than last year. So that shoul be good
news for all our oversees devotees no more heat problems.

December 2
I don't know how many of you are already seeing the program about
our beloved Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi on Sanskar channel, it's
a great program. So if you are not getting Sanskar Channel ask your
cable operator its a free channel so he will provide it. The
programs on the channel are all about spirituality. So here are the
timings for our beloved Sai Baba program.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 9:00 P.M. Indian Time


Om Sri Sai Ram


Sairam. After the Birthday Celebrations, days are passing by as Bhagawan is busy in Blessing the office bearers from various countries and sending them back home with added enthusiasm and inspiration to do His Work!!

Most of the students have gone home for their vacations that started on the 25th and will continue till the 5th of December. These days, Bhagawan comes
out at around 7.00 a.m. in the morning. Sometimes He is out even by 6.50 a.m. He gets down on the dais and slowly walks across the stage towards the
interview room allowing the 100 plus students and devotees to have His beautiful Darshan - the only Darshan in the morning. After this, He takes some devotees inside the interview room and He is in, until Bhajan time at 9.00 a.m. He retires after taking Aarti at 9.30 a.m. This is the morning

In the afternoon, Swami comes out for Darshan between 3.00 p.m. and 3.10 p.m. Same pattern as in the morning. Either He goes inside the interview room directly or comes onto the dais and smilingly walks across, towards the interview room. During these days, several students too have been lucky to get interviews with their parents.

However, amidst this normal schedule, today, we had a sudden surprise. In the morning, we received the message that in the afternoon, most likely, there may be a video show for the students and staff along with Bhagawan. We hurriedly got into the Kulwant Hall by 2.45 p.m. Bhagawan came for Darshan, took some devotees and disappeared into the interview room. We thought that the matter was over. It must have been just a false alarm! But then at 4.00 p.m. our dear Lord comes out and calls for the golf cart. He got in and went towards Poornachandra after giving some instructions to brother Prusty.

The instructions were communicated to the Warden. The Warden gave a signal and all boys and staff took their mats and rushed out of the Kulwant Hall towards the new building opposite Poornachandra. The video show was to be in the new building opposite Poornachandra, not the residence of Swami but the one adjacent to it. This building has an auditorium on the ground floor, possibly twice the size of the Institute Audio Visual Room, may accommodate around 200 plus people.

As we hurried into the auditorium, Swami was already there, sitting in the golf cart inside the hall. There was light Darshan Music going on. Beautiful fans decorated the ceiling and there were bright lights illuminating the hall. We could see a stage at one end, with a wooden railing leading unto it. There were no chairs, and so all of us could squeeze in tightly on the floor.

Bhagawan waited patiently until all got in. Meanwhile, the certificate screen of the movie "Bhakta Prahalada" was already visible on the wall behind the stage. It showed the release date as 1977 and expiry date as 1987. Bhagawan kept watching this. He told the boys around him that this movie was produced by Smt. Anjali Devi - a famous film actress and an ardent devotee of Bhagawan. Swami said that she had produced this movie many years back when she was young. She had prayed fervently to Swami and Bhagawan had answered her prayers by seeing the movie then.

Swami shifted from the golf cart onto a sofa. He then asked who was in charge of showing the video. Brother C.G. Sai Prakash of the Prashanti Digital Studio came forward. Swami smiled and said - "Start - you all watch the film". It was a real experience - watching a film with Bhagawan. For most of the students it was a first time experience and they were thrilled!! For some of us, we had such occasions before in the Institute Auditorium - but that was many years back. Those days, Swami would come during the Sports Meet time and we had seen some mythological movies like Bhakta Prahalada and Lava Kusha. (I remember watching at least 4 or 5 movies with Bhagawan, and the best part was Swami would continuously narrate the story even as we were watching the movie!)

The movie was well edited to suit the occasion. The famous songs - Narayana Mantram Sreeman Narayana Bhajanam, Devudu Neeve Kaada, etc.. with their soul stirring tunes and lyrics made the hall reverberate with the spirit of devotion and Divine Love! Bhagawan was keeping beat to the songs and verses that Prahalada sang often in the movie.

What struck us most was the immense Love that Bhagawan has for Prahalada. If only we could please our Lord by developing that devotion and Love as Prahalada did...In one scene Hiranyakasipu and the teacher of Prahalada ask him to give up chanting the name of the Lord. To this Prahalada refuses and upon being asked whether it was right for him to disobey his own father and teacher, Prahalada replies, "O Father - O Teacher - it is true that a son must obey the command of the father and a pupil must abide by the command of the Guru, but is this what you are teaching me. Being a father is it correct for you to take your son away from God? Being a teacher, is this what you should be teaching your pupil?" At this point, Swami nodded His head and smiled - most emphatically approving Prahalada's firm but respectful reply!

Scene after scene passed by. When it came to the point where Prahalada had to be crushed under the elephant's foot, Bhagawan called for brother Satyajit. He came and Swami said that it was time to go. The video was stopped and Bhagawan went out of the Hall. A few minutes later, a message came that we were all supposed to sit and watch the rest of the movie. The movie continued. A few minutes passed by and there came the scene where the ministers of the king plan to use poisonous snakes to kill Prahalada. At that point, another message came in that we all should move to the Bhajan Hall. We ran and took our seats in the Mandir. It was 5.20 p.m. Bhajans began and Swami came gliding in his golf cart.

He went into the Bhajan Hall and sat for the Bhajans. At around 5.40 p.m. He took Aarti and retired to Poorna Chandra. We were all left touched by this wonderful experience. Even the waiting boys and old students who had come today were lucky to be part of this experience! How rare it is to get an opportunity to witness the glory of the Lord being sung in a movie - in the very presence of the Lord Himself!

Posted on 30.11.2004 by Mary S.


From: "Denaz Roy" <denazroy@h...>
Date: Tue Nov 23, 2004 5:00 pm
Subject: The 79th Birthday of Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba

Dear Friends,

The 79th Anniversary of the Advent of the Sai Avatar was celebrated with
great divine gaiety at Prashanti Nilayam today 23rd Nov'04. At around 6.45
am the Lord arrived wearing a white robe, and blessed all present both
inside and outside Sai Kulwant Hall. He was a divine joy to behold!Heralding
the entry of the Lord were the Vedam boys, as well as his students dressed
colourfully playing the band - both simultaneously. Of course the band
played 'Happy Birthday' with all present clapping in tune with the music,
among other tunes. After Bhagwan had settled down into his Chair, two
lectures were delivered, one by Dr.Goldstein, an American physician residing
in southern California, and a great devotee of Bhagwan, and Mr.
G.Venkatraman the renowned Indian Physicist.

After these 2 devotees, had related their experiences with Swami, it was the
turn of the Birthday Boy - Bhagwan himself, to address the gathering. He
mentioned in his speech, his long association with Dr. Goldstein, and how he
had told him not to travel on a particular flight out of Bombay, and how Dr.
Goldstein was very keen to travel on that particular flight as his tickets
had already been purchased and he did'nt want to forego the large sum of
money. Bhagwan even told him to forget about the money, but Dr. Goldstein
was determined to travel.........and many of you might already know that
the flight was hijacked, and both Goldstein and his wife had a harrowing
experience. Of course his wife called out to Bhagwan for help and they were
not harmed at all. Bhagwan also praised Nehru and Subhash Chandra Bose in
the course of his lecture and mentioned that Bose's daughter Anita had
visited his Ashram in Kodai Kanal, and had spent a considerable amount of
time, travelling with Bhagwan. He also mentioned the time he had a fall in
the bathroom at Whitefield and injured his hip bone, and how all the doctors
had told him that if he underwent an operation, he would be bed-ridden. But
Bhagwan did have the operation, and when his doctors wanted to bandage the
area he refused, and how he recovered without any medicines at all. The
doctors had also informed him that he should not stand for long periods of
time, and here he was standing for one hour to deliver his lecture. Bhagwan
also stated to a thunderous applause that he NEVER feels any PAIN. He then
asked if he looks his age - 79 years, and of course the instant retort was a
big NO. He said he had no wrinkles etc, and would continue looking the way
he does now even when he is 90 years old. He stressed the need for SEVA, and
said that his devotees should be prepared to sacrifice, while performing
SEVA, just as Bhagwan has made sacrifices for the SEVA of his devotees. He
ended his lecture with the bhajan, 'Sai bhajan bina sukh shaanti nahin'.
After this he cut his Birthday Cake in the Mandir. There were several cakes
for Bhagwan. he left Sai Kulwant Hall at 9.40 am.

In the afternoon Bhagwan entered Sai Kulwant Hall at 3.30 pm, and after
listening to the Vedam boys went into the Mandir. He came out at about 4.15,
with the Governor of Andhra
Pradesh, who left Kulwant Hall immediately. At 4.30 Parveen Sultana first
sang a raga, ane then a few Meera Bhajans, followed by some Sai Bhajans.
Bhagwan thoroughly enjoyed her performance, and after the aarti was
performed, left the Hall at about 5.30 pm.

Thus ended the 79th Birthday celebrations of Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba,

With Sai Love.


Birthday Celebrations - another report.

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Contributed by admin

Events at Prashanthi Nilayam - 23 NOV 2004

Sai Kulwant Hall was full. Devotees were even sitting in the vacant space near the Gopuram. The Bands from Primary School Boys, Girls School, Anantapur Girls and The Boys band from Prasanthililayam campus had assembled in front of the door in Poornachandra Hall. Swami came in white dress at 6:55 am. There was a professional group playing Nadaswaram and another group of Anantapur Girls were seated near the end of the ladies area near the sitting lion statue and playing on Nadaswaram. Swami came in the other cart in which His seat is in the front and the driver's seat is at the back. Satyajit was driving the cart from behind. The order of the procession was Anantapur Girls, School Girls from PSN Campus, primary school boys and the Men's band followed by Swami's cart. Along the cart some senior devotees like Chakravarthi, V.Srinivasan, Indulal Shah, C.Srinivas and Balaram were walking along. Swami went round the gents' side too, blessing the devotees and entered the veranda from the eastern side and came to the lobby. He sat down on the sofa and asked Sanjay Sahney to introduce the morning speakers. Dr. Goldstein and Prof G.Venkataraman were the two speakers from 7:20 am to 8:10 am. Swami started His Birthday Message at 8:10 am and spoke till 9:20 am and concluded the Discourse with the Bhajan "Prema Mudhita Manase Kaho". He said the one should know where he came from, where he is and where he is going. To illustrate the point, Swami narrated a story and a real experience of Dr. Goldstein. The story is about a person who crosses Godavari in a boat . He asks the boatman whether he knows this, that etc and gets a reply in the negative. He says that the boatman is wasting his life in not trying to know such things. There is turbulence in the river and the boatman asks this person whether he know swimming and gets a negative reply. The boatman says that his entire life is going to be wasted by drowning! The swami narrated how against the advice of Him, once Dr. Goldstein left Puttaparthi and his plane was hijacked. Swami said that when the plane was hijacked, Dr. Goldstein also did not know where he was and where he was to go. Swami said only the prayers of Mrs. Goldstein, who is an ardent devotee, saved their lives. Swami concluded the Discourse by stressing the need of 'Love All, Serve All' and not attaching too much importance to body. Swami said He is in perfect health and He will be like this even after His ninetieth year. He said He had taken this fracture to illustrate to His devotees the need to get over the body consciousness. After the speech, Aarathi was performed and apples and sweets were distributed to the devotees. Swami called Sri Rasgotra, materialised Vibhuthi and gave him. He then materialised a ring and after trying to put it in his finger, put it in his pocket instead ! Swami went inside the interview room. He came out at 10:15 am and cut the cake which was kept in the veranda. and left Sai Kulwant Hall at 10:30 am, again the Nadaswaram and Bands following His cart. Anil Kumar announced that there will be a music recital by Smt Parveen Sultana at 4:30 pm

Swami came in the usual buggy cart in the afternoon, in the usual dress and got down in the lobby after going through the entire Darshan route. He walked slowly across the lobby and went to the Interview room and granted interview to Mr.Shinde (Governor of A.P) and his wife. Swami came out at 4:10 pm and asked a small dais to be put up in the lobby for the music program. After dais was made, Swami came at 4:20 pm and sat on the sofa. Smt Parveen Sultana gave a hindusthani music program from 4:20 pm to 5:30 pm. Aarathi was performed and Swami

  "Denaz Roy"
Date:  Sun Nov 21, 2004  3:30 pm
Subject:  21st November at Prashanti Nilayam



Sai Ram to all my Sai brothers sisters,

Prashanti Nilayam is really crowded right now, and more devotees are
expected tomorrow, to attend the Convocation of the Sri Satya Sai Institute
for Higher Learnig. The atmosphere is charged with emotion, feeling,
reverence, and great devotion. It feels really great to be here in the
presence of the Divine Lord. His newly constructed Living Quarters look
wonderfully majestic but Swami has not moved in yet, and nobody knows when
he will.

This morning, Bhagwan arrived for darshan at around 7 am and sat listening
to the Vedam Boys till about 8.15 am, when he went into the Mandir. He came
out at 8.30 am and then left Sai Kulwant Hall. Thereafter the Bhajan
commenced and ended at 9 am.

The afternoon's programme comprised of speeches by 2 members of a group of
180 from the United Kingdom. Thereafter bhajans were sung by a group of
devotees from Brazil. They sang popular bhajans but had changed the tunes
and music of some of the bhajans so they sounded really nice & lively, and
were greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all. After them there was a Shehnai
recital which Swami really enjoyed, and he moved his right index finger to
the beat of the music.

Swami materialised a ring for the gentleman, and also gave him a shawl,
while the musicians from Brazil were presented with saris and
Kurtas/Pyjamas. Thus ended the days programme and Swami left Sai Kulwant
Hall at 5.45 pm.

With Sai Love,

Your Sai sister



News for
Saturday, October 02, 2004

Today morning Bhagawan came out for Darshan at 7:10AM. After taking a full round, He sat in the car listening to the Vedas. Then He got down and went to the interview room calling the parents of one of the students and a couple of other devotees. Swami came out at 8:50AM and He asked to start the Bhajans and then He went off to poornachandra. Arathy was taken back in Mandir at 9:30AM.

In the afternoon Swami came out at 3:20PM, took a full round and got down near the interview room. He called one of the devotees inside to give cloths. Swami came out around 4:30PM and asked the devotees from Mehaboob Nagar District to have their music program. About 3000 devotees have come from this District of Andhra Pradesh. After this program, at 5:00PM, Swami asked th Post Graduate boys to start their drama, which had Bhaja Govindam as its basis. It was a long drama that lasted an hour and 10 minutes but Bhagawan got up by 5:50PM and Arathy was taken.

Jai Sai Ram

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Today morning Bhagawan came out at 7:10AM. He took a full round and came up on the stage. He asked the senior Vedam boys to stop chanting and asked the primary school children to continue. Swami called one of the tiny boys and made him chant and later He created a chain with locket for him. Swami stood for half an hour and later sat on His throne listening to the Vedas. He asked the senior Vedam boys as to how these primary school boys were chanting Vedas. Then He asked the senior boys to continue. He sat till 8:10AM and then went inside the interview room.

In the afternoon Swami came out at 3:10PM. He took full round and then enquired about the day's program. He was informed that there was a Yaksha Gana program by the students from Alike. Swami came on to the stage, walked across it and went to the interview room. After half an hour or so He came back and the program started. It went on till 5:20PM and then Swami took Arathy.

Jai Sai Ram

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Today morning Bhagawan came out at 7:05AM. He made a full round and got down near the interview room. By 7:25AM Darshan was over.

In the evening He came out at 3:10PM. This time He cut across before the men's lines and directly went to the portico. Around 4:00PM He went inside the Bhajan hall and later went inside the interview room. He came out again by 4:15PM and watched the drama enacted by the Post Graduate boys on Kshama. It got over around 5:10PM and after Arathy Swami went back.

Jai Sai Ram

, September 27, 2004
Today morning Bhagawan came out by 7:00AM. After doing the usual round, He sat inside the car on the stage and listened to the Vedam chanting for sometime. Then He got down from the car and walked back to His interview room.

In the afternoon Swami came out at 3:00PM. This time He took a deviation to the stage in front of the men's side. He went straight inside the prayer hall and then to the interview room. He came out at 3:30PM and sat down. After sometime a skit was presented by the senior students of the institute. The Vice Chancellor was asked to introduce the skit which was titled 'End of Education is Character'. After the skit Swami posed for the photographs. Then He asked the Bhajan to be started. At 5:00PM He took Arathy. He called Ravi Kumar and asked him something. Then He asked him to sing a Bhajan for Him. So after Arathy there was one more song at the end of which Bhagawan got up.

Jai Sai Ram

News for September 26, 2004

This morning Bhagawan came out for Darshan at 7:10AM. After finishing the full round He came up on the stage and started listening to the Veda chanting. Then He asked the senior boys to stop and the primary school children to continue. Later He asked the senior boys also to join. By 7:25AM, He went inside. At 9:00AM there were Bhajans and at 9:30AM Swami took Arathy.

In the afternoon He came at 3:00PM and went straight to the interview room. Bhajan started inside the mandir at 5:00PM. Arathy was taken at 5:30PM.

Jai Sai Ram

, September 25, 2004

Today morning Bhagawan came out for Darshan at 7:15AM. He took a full round and got down on the stage from His car. He stood for a few minutes listening to the Vedas. Then He walked back to the interview room and was calling people and giving them clothes.

In the afternoon Bhagawan came out at 2:50PM. He took a turn in front of the gents, directly went to the interview room and started distributing dress material to people. Then He came out around 4:30PM and sat on His chair. Once again, He was picking up students to give clothes. After half an hour, He got up and went back to the interview room. Bhajan started at 4:50PM and Swami took Arathy at 5:20PM.

Jai Sai Ram

Friday, September 24, 2004
News for September 24, 2004

This morning Swami came out for Darshan at 7:00AM. After the usual round, He came up on the stage. He was talking to some of the lecturers. Then He stood for 15 minutes listening to the Vedas and slowly moved over to the interview room by 7:30AM.

In the afternoon He came out at 3:15PM. He took a turn in front of the gents' line and went to the veranda from the gents side. He went straight inside the interview room and started calling people of various departments to give clothes. This went on till 5:00PM and then the Veda chanting stopped because of Bhajan time. Bhajans started at 5:10PM and Arathy was taken at 5:35PM.

Jai Sai Ram

Thursday, September 23, 2004
News for September 23, 2004

In the morning Bhagawan came out for Darshan at 7:00AM. After taking a full round, He came up on the stage. Just then the Veda boys had started Purushasooktam. Swami asked the Vedam boys to stop and asked the primary school children to continue. While they were chanting Swami turned to one of the Vedam boys and asked something about the chanting. For 15 minutes, He enjoyed the chanting. Later He moved slowly towards the primary school children, called one of the boys and asked him something. He also signalled to the senior Vedam boys that they can go. At 7:30AM, Swami went inside.

In the afternoon, Bhagawan came out at 3:00PM . After the usual round, He came up on the stage. He called some of the Vedam boys along with some Doctors into the interview room. At 5:00PM there were Bhajans and Swami took Arathy at 5:20PM.

Jai Sai Ram

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
News for September 22, 2004

Today morning Bhagawan came out for Darshan at 7:00AM. He took a full round, came till the stage and went back to the interview room. By 7:15AM Darshan got over.

In the afternoon Swami came out at 3:40PM. After making a full round, He came up on the stage listening to the Vedas. Within 15 minutes He went inside the interview room. And within another 10 minutes Swami came out and asked about some program. The music college boys gave a Hindustani concert at the end of which the Veda chantings were started again. Around 5:00PM Swami went inside the interview room again. Bhajans started at 5:00PM but Swami came to the prayer hall only at 5:30PM. He sat till 5:55PM and then Arathy was taken.

Jai Sai Ram

News for September 21, 2004

Today morning Bhagawan came out for Darshan at 6:50AM. After taking the usual round, He came to the stage and continued to sit in His car listening to the Veda chantings. Swami asked Anil Kumar the meaning of some of the words that were being chanted. After listening to the answers, Swami corrected him and explained the proper meaning. He sat for 15 minutes and went to the interview room in His car itself.

In the afternoon Swami came out at 3:00PM. Afte taking a full round, He came to the stage in His car and cotinued to sit there till 3:35PM listening to the Vedas. Then He got down from His car and slowly walked back to the interview room. At 3:45PM, He called one family and another student for an interview. At 5:00PM, Bhajans started and Swami went inside the mandir. It continued till 5:35PM at which time Swami took Arathy and went back to Poornachandra.

Jai Sai Ram


Today morning Swami came out at 7:10AM. After His usual round, He came near the Vedam boys and told some of them that there will be no classes in the afternoon because of immersion (conclusion of Ganesh Chaturthy festival). So He wanted them to go early. Swami came to the stage and told Prof. Anil Kumar, Controller of the examinations, Registrar and Vice Chancellor the same thing. All of them left immediately. Swami also went inside the interview room by 7:30AM.

In the afternoon, Swami came out at 2:20PM. He took a turn before the gents side, got down on the gents side and went inside the interview room. Within a few minutes, He came out and the colorful procession of chariots carrying Ganesha idols started. The procession was led by students chanting Vedas with Poorna Kumbham. This was followed by chariots of various sizes representing each institutions like Super Speciality Hospital, General Hospital, Eswaramma School, Central Trust, Book Trust, Higher Secondary School, Institute, Airport etc. There were chariots of various shapes. Some attractive ones were helicopter, fighter jet, sunflower, dragon, crown etc. Swami sat and watched everything. After half an hour or so all the partcipants proceeded for immersion after taking Swami's blessings. Swami was sitting outside till 4:00PM (almost one and half hours). He went inside and came back again in half an hour. He sat and listened to Vedam chantings. He made the Vice Chancellor announe that all the boys should have an early dinner and go to sleep as they were really tired. Following this there was Bhajan and by 5:10PM Swami took Arathy.

Jai Sai Ram

News for September 19, 2004

Today morning Bhagawan came out at 7:05AM. First He took a full round on the ladies and gents side and then came in front of the Vedam boys and the primary school children. Later He came to the stage in His car. He did not get down from the car and sat listening to the Vedas sitting inside the car itself for almost 45 minutes. Swami was seen asking Prof. Anil Kumar, Prof. Ramamurthy and Shiva Sankarsai the meaning of some of the chantings. After that He went inside the interview room calling some people for interview. During Bhajan He came out and went inside the prayer hall. At 9:30AM, He went back to Poornachandra after Arathy.

In the afternoon Bhagawan came out only at 3:30PM . After taking a full round on both gents and ladies side, He came to the satge. He sat there listening to the entire Taittareeya Upanishad and half of Mahanarayana Upanishad chanted by the boys till 4:30PM. Then He went inside the interview room calling Bhaskar Rao for Dasara preparations. At 5:00PM the Bhajans started and by 5:30PM Swami took Arathy and went back.

Jai Sai Ram

News for September 18, 2004 (Ganesh Chaturthy)


Today morning Bhagawan came out for Darshan at 7:00AM. After taking
a full round, He came on to the stage. Then He called the Vice
Chancellor and asked him something. At 7:15AM, He asked one of the
research scholars to speak. The speaker tried to illustrate the fact
that whichever God you may pray, it is only Swami who responds to
your prayers. He did this with his own personal experiences. This
was followed by speeches by two other students (Shashank and
Bharath) and Vice Chancellor himself. At 8:00AM Bhagawan started His
divine discourse and it lasted till 9:00AM. Then He sang
Premamudita. In His discourse Swami talked about the importance of
Vinayaka, the utmost necessity to control one's anger and the
importance of having respect for one's parents.

In the afternoon Bhagawan came by 3:00PM. He took a full round, came
up on the stage and asked the Warden about the program. Then He got
down from His car and went to the interview room. At 4:05PM, He came
out and sat down. There was a beautiful program on Vinayaka
Chaturthy put up by the Institute boys. The program consisted of
dance, music and drama. At the end of this there were some group
songs. Swami was extremely happy with the programs. Swami created a
golden Vinayaka for the boy who danced. The day's function went off
very well by Bhagawan's Grace.

Jai Sai Ram


September 17, 2004

Today morning Bhagawan came out for Darshan at 7:00AM. He drove through the ladies side, came to the gents side and after taking a full round, came in front of the Vedam boys. Then He came up on the stage and sat on His chair listening to the Vedam chanting. At 7:30AM He indicated to the boys that it is time for them to go to their work . So they chanted Shanthi, did Namaskar and left.

In the evening Swami came out at 3:00PM itself. After taking a full round He came and sat on the stage. Today also He agreed to the prayers of Sundaram Bhajan group to lead Bhajans and devotional songs. Swami called one of the instumental boys from the group and created a ring for him. This was followed by beautiful Bhajans and songs by the Sundaram group. Then Swami asked for the college boys. They had planned to present a program tomorrow but since Swami asked for them they started their program today itself. Then Swami asked a small boy from Mirpuri college of music to sing. This was followed by Ramakatha singing from the same college group. At 5:00PM Swami took Arathy.

Jai Sai Ram


News for September 16, 2004

Today morning Bhagawan came out for Darshan at 7:00AM. After taking a full round, He was gracious enough to come and sit on the chair listening to the Veda chanting. Today the primary school children were also chanting the Vedas along with the regular Vedam boys. Bhagawan asked the senior boys and primary school boys to alternate the Veda chanting between them. At one point, He called two Vedam boys and asked them the meaning of some of the chantings. Around 8:00AM, He indicated that the senior boys should stop and go to work. However, He asked the primary children to continue chanting. Later, Swami got up from His throne.

In the afternoon Swami came out by 3:00PM. After making a full round, He came to the stage and asked Sudhir Bhaskar to call the Sundaram Bhajan boys. Then He slowly walked to the interview room as He had called one family for interview. At 3:45PM Swami sent word that the Bhajan should be started. The Bhajan session today was one of the most excellent that we ever had. At 5:00PM Swami took Arathy.

Jai Sai Ram

Tuesday, 14 sep

Today morning Swami came out at 6:50AM for Darshan. After making a a full round, He called the Washington group ladies for an interview. He went inside the interview room by 7:10AM.

In the afternoon, Bhagawan came around 3:00PM. Once again, He took a full round and got down near the interview room. He called one family from Bangalore and also Sant Asha Ram, the famous speaker on scriptures and religious ideals, along with his disciples. Sant Asha Ram has many ashrams in India and he appears everyday in the Sanskar channel at 9:00PM. Swami gave a long interview of one hour. At 5:00PM the Bhajans started and at 5:35PM Aarati was taken.

Jai Sai Ram


News for September 13, 2004

Today morning Swami came out at 7:05AM. He took a full round, and
then He called one boy's parents for interview. Within five minutes
He completed the interview and sent word that the people from Vizag
should start their music program. Within a few minutes, Swami came
and sat for that and the program continued till 8:45AM. He went back
to Poornachandra and came again at 9:15AM.

In the afternoon, Swami came at 3:25PM. This time He directly cut
across from the ladies side, got down near the steps on the ladies
side, climbed up and went inside the interview room. He had also
given permission for the Vizag devotees to lead Bhajans in the
evening. At 4:30PM the Bhajans started and Swami sat till 5:20PM. At
that time, Aarati was taken.

Jai Sai Ram

12 sep 2004

Today morning Swami came out at 7:45AM and took a full round. He
came to the stage, walked from one side to another side, and then He
came and sat on the throne. Veda chanting went on and Swami asked
Anil Kumar to announce that there will be a program in the evening.
Swami sat till 9:00AM and then He got up, went inside the interview
room. Bhajans started in the prayer hall and at 9:30AM Swami went
back to Poornachandra.

In the afternoon Swami came out at 3:30PM. He took a full round and
came and sat on His chair. Within five minutes, the program started.
First,the Brindavan boys put up a play titled 'Bhadrachala Ramdas'
for 45 minutes. Swami created two rings for boys who acted as Rama
and Tanesha. This play was followed by a dance drama on Mother
Easwaramma by the Balvikas children from Vizag Steel Plant. It was
extremely moving. This was followed by a music program by the Vizag
group. After five songs, Swami said it can be continued tomorrow, as
it was already late. At 6:00PM Swami took Aarati and thus ended
another beautiful day.

Jai Sai Ram

News for September 11, 2004

Today morning Swami came out for Darshan at 7:00AM, and took a full
round. He got down near the interview room and talked to a few
people. Afterwards He went inside with a few people for interview.

In the afternoon, Swami came out at 3:40PM. This time He did not go
to the gents side. He called some people for interview which was
done in 15 minutes. Then, He came out and sat down. Swami had given
permission for Ramesh Nayak's group from USA and another group from
UK to sing devotional songs. Later Swami went inside for a brief
time and the boys took over the Bhajan session. Swami came out later
and sat for 3 or 4 Bhajans. At one point of time He asked the boys
to sing 'Govinda Krishna Jai,' following which Aarati was taken.

Jai Sai Ram

News for September 10, 2004

Today morning Swami came out at 7:45AM. He cut across from the ladies side towards the interview room and there He called a few people for interview. The Darshan was over within 10 minutes.

In the evening Swami came out at 2:55PM. Once again, He took a detour in front of the gents and went to the interview room. Around 4:00PM, He came near the door and called someone inside. At 4:30PM, Bhajans started and Swami took Aarati at 5:00PM.

Jai Sai Ram

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News for September 9, 2004

Today morning Bhagawan came out at 7:20AM. After doing a full round, He directly went into the interview room calling someone for interview.

In the afternoon He came at 3:40PM. This time after taking a full round, He came to the stage and was listening to the Vedam for a few minutes. Then, He asked for the day's program. There was classical music by two small children from the Music College. It was followed by a couple of songs by the senior hostel boys, and then Swami again asked the Vedam boys to chant Vedam. At 4:45PM, He went inside the interview room. At 5:00PM Bhajans started in the prayer hall. Swami did not wait for the Aarati, but at 5:30PM, Aarati was taken.

Jai Sai Ram

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
News for September 8, 2004

Today morning Bhagawan came out for Darshan at 7:30AM. He took a full round and came to the stage in front of the Vedam boys. After a few minutes He asked the Vedam boys to stop indicating that it was time to go to school. Afterwards He slowly moved over to the interview room calling one family from London.

In the afternoon Bhagawan came out at 3:10 itself. He made the usual round and went off to the portico from the gents side itself without coming in front of the Vedam boys. Subsequently He gave some interviews. Bhajans started at 5:00 PM and Arathy was taken at 5:20PM.


Jai Sai Ram


News for September 7, 2004

Today morning Swami came out at 7:45AM. He took a full round, came to the stage and sat on His chair listening to the Vedas. The chanting continued till 8:15AM, when Swami indicated that it was time for the boys to go to college. Then, the Veda boys did Namaskar and left. Then there was a music program (on band) by the Alike students. After that, Swami called a few people for interview. Swami went back to Poornachandra after the Bhajans.

In the afternoon, Swami came at 3:30PM. Just like morning, He took a full round, came to the stage and stood listening to Vedas for 5 minutes. At 3:40PM, He went inside calling a few people for interview. At 4:00PM He came out and called another bunch for interview. At 4:40PM Bhajans started and Aarati was taken at 5:05PM.

Jai Sai Ram

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Monday, September 06, 2004
News for September 6, 2004 (Janmashtami)

Today morning Swami came out for Darshan at 7:45AM. Today being Krishna Janmashtami Swami surprised everyone by coming in yellow robe. He took a full round and then came to the stage. He casually called some boys and asked them to speak. Vice Chancellor introduced all the speakers. There were five speeches in all which was followed by Bhagawan's speech. In His speech Swami was narrating Vamana Avatar. Bali Chakravarthy who had performed as many as 100 Yajnas wanted to perform Aswamedha Yaga. At that time Vamana came. As a token of offering for all his 100 Yajnas he gave Vamana a golden necklace with 100 round plates. Bhagawan then materialized the same gold necklace that was given to Vamana and held it up for everyone to see. Swami's discourse was followed by prasadam distribution.

In the evening Swami came out at 3:45PM. While coming in, He took a turn in front of the stage, got down from the car and climbed the steps. There was a music program arranged by the Anantapur College girls. This was followed by three songs by the Parthy boys. Then Swami asked one of the boys to speak. The boy spoke for 25 minutes.Then Bhagawan rose to speak and He spoke from 5:10PM to 6:10PM. In His discourse He stressed the need to put into practice what ever Vedas say instead of simply chanting them. Then He stressed the need to show respect to ladies. Finally He talked about the need of following Truth and Dharma.

Jai Sai Ram

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Sunday, September 05, 2004
News for September 5, 2004

Today morning Bhagawan came for Darshan around 7:45AM. He took a full round and came to the stage. He sat on His chair and listened to Vedam till 8:50AM. Then He went back to Poornachandra. At 9:00AM there were Bhajans as usual, but Swami did not come.

In the afternoon Swami came at 3:45PM. Today Brindavan boys put up a drama titlled Bhakta Kuchela. Everything got over by 5:15PM.

Jai Sai Ram


News for September 4, 2004

This morning Bhagawan came out by 7:00AM. He took a full round and came in front of the Vedam boys and imitated one of the lines chanted by them. Then He drove past the Vedam boys and got down on the stage. He asked why all boys were not chanting. Apparently some of the boys did not know the new Sooktas which were being chanted. Then He called one of the Vedam boys and asked him a question. Apparently it was about the meaning of some of the words that were being chanted. Swami was not happy with the answer that was given. Swami repeated the question to another boy whose answer was also not acceptable to Swami. Finally Swami Himself answered the question and walked over to the interview room. With that the morning Darshan ended.

In the afternoon Swami came out at 2:40PM. He took a full round and got down on the stage. He stood and listened to the Vedas for 15 minutes. Then He went inside the interview room, after calling the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, who had come for the first time. At 4:50PM, Bhajan started inside the prayer hall and Arathy was taken at 5:10PM.

Jai Sai Ram

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Friday, September 03, 2004
News for September 3, 2004

Today morning Bhagawan came out for Darshan at 6:50AM. He took a full round and came to the dias, sat in the car and listened to the Vedam for sometime. Later He moved over to interview room in the car itself. By 7:10AM Darshan was over.

In the evening He came by 3:10PM. He took a full round and later sat on the chair. He heard Vedam for 20 minutes. Then the hostel boys performed two Burraa Kathas (similar to Hari Katha). At 5:00PM, Swami took Arathy.

Jai Sai Ram


Thursday, September 02, 2004

News for September 2, 2004

Today morning Bhagawan came out at 7:10AM. After taking a full round, He came to the stage, listened to the Vedam for sometime and went inside interview room by 7:30AM.

In the evening He came by 3:15PM. He took a full round and came to the stage. He sat in His car and listened to the Vedas for half hour, then went back to the interview room calling a foriegner VIP for interview. At 5:00PM there was Bhajan and Swami took Arathy at 5:30PM.

Jaii Sai Ram


News for September 1, 2004

Today morning Swami did not come out for Darshan or Bhajan. However He came at 3:00PM in the afternoon. After taking a full round, He drove in front of the Vedam boys, came to the stage and sat listening to the Vedas till 4:00 PM. Then He asked the warden to go inside the interview room and Swami Himself got up and went. He came out around 4:50PM and then the Bhajan started inside the prayer hall. Swami sat till 5:35PM before taking Arathy.

Jai Sai Ram


Sant Asharam Bapu's visit to Sri Sathya Sai Baba - 14 and 15 Sep.

"Asharam Babu" the renowned saint seeks Blessings of Swami at
Puttaprthi Today - 14.09.2004

Toady early morning renowned saint Asharam Babu arrived at Prasanthi
Nilayam. He was present in the morning Darshan as well as in the
evening darshan. Bhagavan Baba called Asharamji for interview in the
afternoon. Both were alone in the interview room for about an hour.

It seems Asharamji decided to stay for two more days at Prasanthi
Nilayam i.e. Wednesday and Thursday. More news on this event is
eagerly awaited.




























































   Vibuthi Means Miracle (8/12/2003)
by CH - USA

(Editors Note: The following story is about a Sai devotee who experienced an amazing transformation while attending a Sai Baba retreat this summer. Her name has been altered for privacy reasons. Your comments or reaction to this story are welcome here. Please let us know if something similar has ever happened to you. By sharing our "good news", we lift others.) What an amazing story! Our friend "Linda" just diagnosed with 4th stage pancreatic cancer just had what looks to be a wonderful miracle while visiting Wilma Bronkey's July 4th weekend Sai retreat/reunion. Jody and I met her there for this Sai event. Almost every speaker and nearly every topic discussed seemed aimed, at least in part at Linda. One of the principle speakers was Al Drucker. I had arranged to interview him on video in front of the whole gathering on the last day of the retreat. It was a wide ranging 90 minute interview that touched on many Baba miracles, the Course In Miracles and some important life lessons. Before the interview, Al followed us in his car from his hotel since he wasn't quite sure how to get to Wilma's from downtown Grants Pass, Oregon. Linda rode with him and in the car she asked Al about her cancer. Al told Linda, "You need to go home, you don't belong here", to which Linda asked Al, "What about you?" Al's reply was, "I already am home". Linda had been thinking about many treatment options regarding her cancer over the last three weeks since receiving her diagnosis. The medical establishment has nothing to offer her but she has thought of traveling to China, Germany or the UK for experimental treatments. When informed about Linda, Wilma had told Jody and me to bring her to the Grants Pass retreat but she made no promises. All she said was that Linda would be spared pain during her stay at the retreat. The retreat was like being in Parthi, charged up people, interesting discourses and a hot and dry atmosphere that seemed appropriate to help burn away the veneer of what we all brought with us. During the hour and a half recorded interview with Al, Linda needed to leave the covered deck to be alone. She found a place in the shade where she could hear the PA speakers and allowed herself to drift into meditation to Baba. Picking up on Al's comments she told Baba, "I want to go home". Then she said something that even she was surprised to hear herself say, "I want to go home. Call me on the phone if you want me to come to India Baba". Linda had no idea where such a strange command had come from but she said it felt like the correct thing to say to Baba. Sunday evening, after the retreat had concluded Linda was invited to spend the night at Wilma's. Wilma performed a healing on Limfs, something she does very rarely anymore and Linda went to sleep very content. Yesterday morning, upon awakening Linda wanted to make a call, but as she went to use the phone she noticed that it was covered with vibuthi. She thought little of it except that it was odd. The phone wouldn't work and as she lifted it to see what was wrong she found vibuthi actually growing underneath the phone. At breakfast Wilma told Linda that even though vibuthi is common in her home, nothing like this had ever happened before. She also said that it was most unusual for her phone to be out of order. It was only at this moment that Linda began to recall her request to Baba from the previous day. Wilma asked Linda what she had planned to do next and Linda shared her interest in traveling to China and elsewhere for alternative treatments for her advanced cancer. Wilma acknowledged that all of these things can be helpful but said to Linda, "Why don't you go see Baba?" And she is. Today Linda is working feverishly using Wilma's travel agent to arrange to fly to India with her son. She hopes to go in the next several days or within a couple of weeks at the latest. I have no doubt she will make it. At the start of the retreat on Saturday morning Linda was invited to begin the session with a short talk to the children, with the adults arranged behind them. She told them many stories about Baba and led them all on a wonderful guided imagery meditation. She also told them one thing more, that earlier when visiting with Ama, India's hugging and loving guru, that Ama had told her that she would be forever thereafter known not as Linda but by another name. The name Ama had chosen to be Linda's new name, was Vibuthi. It is what we all called her during Wilma's retreat. It is what Linda has become. And it is what has been created for her in response to her plea to Baba. And today, it is what is sending her on her way to India. Vibuthi. I'll keep you posted as the story continues to unfold. Sai Ram,



























Sai Baba in a DDA flat?

By Rekha Bakshi

The third floor flat of S K Pawar and his Muslim wife, Lubna, in C Block, Vasant Kunj, in South Delhi, has become a place of pilgrimage for the devotees of Sai Baba of Puttaparthi.

Holy ash (vibhuti) is reportedly falling from the Baba's several photographs, Shivlingas, small and large, have miraculously appeared on Shivaratri day, and so have images of the Vaishno Mata, Krishna and Hanuman.

Even skeptics have not been able to question how inside the photo frames of the Baba, images (moorthy) of Vaishno Devi Maa have appeared without the glass being broken. A golden image of Lord Krishna and of Hanumana have also appeared inside the frame. On a particular day, the lion, astride which the "Mata" was sitting, disappeared, to reappear subsequently.

Thousands of devotees are visiting the flat and seeing the miracle in batches of a dozen, with their own eyes.

Lubna has been a Sai devotee since she was a child, and so are her son and daughter who are studying in school. Naturally, in their master bedroom, the couple has a raised platform on which a shrine has been arranged. Next to the shrine, a chair is permanently placed for the Baba to come and sit.

On waking up one morning, the couple saw footprints of the Baba leading up to the chair and clear signs that someone sat on the chair.

Also appearing was an image (moorthy) of the Shirdi Sai Baba, the predecessor of the Satya Sai Baba.

Not only does vibhuti fall from half a dozen photos of the Baba in the flat, even the characteristic message from the Baba is imprinted on the walls reading "With love, Baba". This is the autograph that the Baba generally gives to the devotees who visit "Puttaparthi" near Bangalore.

The falling of the vibhuti from the photos of the Baba happens in the houses of many devotees and is quite routine. But the miraculous appearance of the shivlingas, the image of Vaishno Devi Mata, and the offerings, and the fact that the miracle has continued for more than a month, makes this occurrence unique.

The Shivalingas that appeared first, in the cold month of February, were made of ghee. On a subsequent day, several small shivlingas coalesced to become one big one. In March, they turned to clay.

The saying goes that if you believe in something strongly enough, even a piece of stone is God Almighty himself, and if you don't, is a mere stone. It certainly is a question of faith. No wonder, thousands are thronging to the DDA flat residence of the Pawars as if it were a shrine next only to




The 80th Birthday Celebrations of Swami will be held on November 23, 2005

The 79th Birthday Celebrations will be held this year, 2004.
If the question is: why 79 instead of 78, since 2004 - 1926 = 78?
It is so because the year of birth, 1926, counts as His first birthday.
"Indians, very logically, call the actual day of birth the first birthday."
(S.P.Ruhela, Sri Sathya Sai Baba and the Future of Mankind, p. 36)
1975 = 50th Birthday Celebrations
2000 = 75th Birthday Celebrations
2005 = 80th Birthday Celebrations, and so on.

Om Sai Ram

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Date: Mon Sep 13, 2004 7:53 am
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Indian blood donation project grows in South Africa:

[World News] Johannesburg, Sep 21 : The World Blood Donation Day, initiated by Indian spiritual leader Satya Sai Baba, has grown by more than 20 percent annually since it was started in South Africa a decade ago.

"After being inaugurated by Sri Satya Sai Baba in India, the concept spread all over the world," Sini Subrayen, public relations officer of South African Blood Transfusion Service (SABT), told IANS.

"In South Africa, it started out in the (mainly Indian) suburb of Lenasia, but after teaming up with the SABT, we have seen the project grow in all major cities in South Africa.

"Besides the regular blood donors who support us on this all-day event held on the third Sunday of September each year, we encourage each of them to bring a friend along, resulting in increased donations."

Although the support over the years has been largely from South African Indians, in recent years blood donation camps have also been set up in areas formerly occupied by whites in the apartheid era, as many Indians have moved to these areas.

This year there were 10 camps set up across greater Johannesburg, with three of them in mainly Indian areas. The three areas, Lenasia, Lenasia South and Mayfair, each delivered more than double the units of the other areas, showing again, as in the past, that the great number of Sai devotees from there played a major role.

The three top camps helped beat the target for the day of 600 units by over 25 percent after a total of 755 units were collected.

--Indo-Asian News Service


Sri Sathya Sai Baba Photographs of Recent Events