Words of God - Part 2  "The Body of the AVATAR"

"..... No Avatar is born flesh and blood, including this Avatar. The body of the Avatar is chit substance; it is not jada like other materials. The embryo of ordinary mortals is 'jalodakasayi' enveloped in watery stuff; the embryo of the Avatar is encased in 'Kshirodakasayi', the pure white milk of holiness. That is why in the make-up of the Avatar, there is no blemish, there is no trace of Guna.

..... Like a man sunk in poverty, dwelling in a hut that is raised over a vast underground treasure, man is suffering, with a spring of joy inside him, of which he is unaware. I have come to give you the key to that treasure, to tell you how to tap that spring, for you have forgotten the way to blessedness. If you waste this chance of saving yourselves, it is just your fate.

You have come, most of you, to get from Me tinsel and trash, petty little cures and promotions, joys and comforts; very few of you desire to get from Me the thing I have come to give, viz, Liberation itself; and even among these few, those who stick to the path of Sadhana and succeed are a handful.

Many are drawn away by the outer signs of sainthood, the long gown, the beard, the rosaries, the matted hair; they keep track of many such who move about in this land and follow them into the wilderness. It is very difficult to demarcate clearly the manifestation of the Lord and so, I am announcing Myself and Myself describing My mission, the task, the characteristics, the qualities which mark out the Avatar from the rest.

You cannot have this chance of the nearness of the greatest of all sources of JOY In any other place. Here it is so near, so easy to attain, so full of grace. If you fall back you will seldom get chance again. Ask and get what will save you, not what will bind you. You ask me thousand things of the world, but rarely do you ask for "Me". That is why i seldom address you as bhaktas; I usually adress you as Divyatma swarupalaara, for that is your real swarupa, this Divyatwam, divinity. - Sai Baba

Source: Ask For Me SSS Vol IV

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CHIT: knowledge, awareness JALODAKASA YI: the one that is born out of water GUNA (GUNAS): human characteristics qualities, attributes, types of behaviour. There are three; Satva: good noble; Rajas: activity, dynamism; Thamas: inertia, ignorance.

KSHIRODAKASAY the one that is born of milk- Divyatwam: incarnation of the divine ''atma';
DIVYATMA SWARUPLAARA  :The greeting with whichh Sai Baba of Puttaparthi usually begins his discourses.
 DIVYATHWAM: divinity


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