Words of God: The Sai Avatar on Himself - Part 6  
"VISWAPREMA"- loving the whole universe"


*You are like the apple of the eye, My eye will be there to watch over you and guard you. Have Dhoopam and scent-sticks for the Puja, and I smell them. I answer to whatever Name you use; I respond to whatever request you make with a pure heart and a sanctified motive.

**..... The essential purpose of all this Leela is Anandam.

..... This is one way of announcing the Divinity of the Avatara, which has to be done so that men may listen and obey. The common man will sit up in wonder and his awe will ripen into faith; later, even if he starts discriminating and arguing pros and con, the Avatar will only be glad, for the faith will thus be confirmed.

..... Swami's nature is Viswaprema, you have known, and Bhagavatham is the story of Viswaprema.

***I declare that I am in everyone, in every being. So do not hate anyone, or cavil at anyone. Spread Prema always, everywhere. That is the best way of revering Me. Do not seek to measure Me or evaluate Me. I am beyond your understanding. Pray or worship for your own satisfaction and contentment. But to say that I will respond only if I am called for that I will save only if I am thought of is wrong. Have you not heard the declaration.
"Sarvathah paani paadam?" (Hands and feet everywhere)  You can hear My Footsteps, for, I walk with you, behind you, beside you. When you cry out in agony, "Don't you hear my heart's plaint? Have you become so stonyhearted?" My ear will be there to listen. Ask that I should protect

****The Avatara has come in order to guard the world and to strengthen Dharma as the means of guarding it. Books that contain the Lord's words and great men who know them, declare that the Lord assumes Human Form in order to carry out these purposes.

..... Avatars choose the time and the mode of announcement of their Advent and their Glory. Even in this Avatara, such miracles had to be done when I decided that the time was opportune for taking the people into My Secret.

*****..... The Lord is all Prema. He has no anger or Dwesha in Him.
Once at Shirdi, a certain  man came with much suffering, and he prayed that he might be given ten births with the chance of dividing the pain into ten parts, so that he could suffer a little each time and payoff his Karmic debt, without being hard put to it having to pay it all off in one! He was informed through Kaka Saheb that he should fall at the feet of Baba and as he did so, Baba got the pain transferred to himself. For ten minutes, Baba suffered, at the rate of one minute for each Janma, and thus he rid _ of his obligation.
Baba was quite normal, as soon as the 10 minutes were over.

- Sai Baba

* Prashanti Nilayam 7.9.1963
** Thamo Gunam - Thapo Gunam SSS Vol III
*** The SAI AVATARA - Prashanti Nilayam 2.9.1963
**** Su-Darsana SSS VOL:II
***** Vishaya, the Visha SSS Vol III


VISWAPREMA: loving the whole universe.

DHOOPAM: incense.
DWESHA: anger, aversion etc.

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