Words of God: The Sai Avatar on Himself - Part 5  "Facets of the Avatars"


...... The avatar of Krishna was a full incarnation, with all the sixteen facets of glory. In the avatar of Rama, out of the sixteen, the three brothers had one each and Parasurama, the contemporary, had one, until Rama met Him and overpowered Him and drew within Himself the fraction of the Divine power that He had. Other incarnations were for ad hoc purposes, the suppression of evil represented by one evil person or group of persons. The Rama and Krishna avataras were, however, for more general purposes, the mission of restoring Dharma and fostering virtuous living, besides punishing the wicked and teaching the world that vice will not succeed. Man is an amalgam of Humanity, Animality and Divinity. It is a tragedy if he cannot get rid of the animality; it is a greater tragedy if he cannot cultivate his Divinity. Contemplation of the Rama and Krishna avataras and their leelas and mahimas is the surest method of cultivating the Divine in man.

Before every incarnation, two collaborators for the task for which the incarnation comes, also appear-the *Mayasakthi and *Yogasakthi. Maya comes as the elder sister to warn the wicked; Yoga comes as the elder brother, to enthuse and keep constant company. Maya thrust Kamsa deeper and deeper into perdition, so that his downfall will be more terrible and educative. But in this Kali age, the wicked have to be reformed and reconstructed, through love and compassion. That is why this avatar has come unarmed. It has come with the message of love. The only weapon which can transform the vile and the vicious is the Name of the Lord uttered with Love.

..... All Avatars teach, as the first step in the long road of Sadhana, the giving up of attachment. In the Threthayuga, the Yoga-Vasistha taught the same rule. In the Dwaparayuga, Krishna taught Arjuna to give up Vishaya-Vasana, attachment to the objective world.

**..... The Avatar comes to reveal man to himself, to restore to him his birthright of Atmic Bliss. He does not come to found a new creed, to breed a new faction, to install a new God. If such happens, it is the consequence of the evil in man. The Avatar comes as Man in order to demonstrate that Man is Divine, in order to be within reach of Man. The human mind cannot grasp the Absolute, Attribute less Principle; it is Abstract and beyond the reach of Speech, Mind and Intellect. Fire is inherent in the match-stick but it is only when it is struck as a flame that we can benefit by it. The Nirguna has to manifest as Saguna; the Nirakara has to appear with Form. Then only can Man listen, learn, understand, follow and be saved, through the Bliss of that Experience ... He lights the flame of Realisation in each; and the age-old ignorance is destroyed in an instant.

..... Avatars manifested in the *Kritha Yuga for the  Preservation of Vedic Tradition, in the Thretha Yuga for the Protection of Dharma and in the *Dwapara Yuga for the promulgation of the Right of Property. In the Kritha Yuga, the Avathar saved the Vedas from neglect, in the Thretha Yuga, He saved women from dishonour, and in the Dwapara Yuga, He saved Property from Injustice. Now, in this fourth Age, the *Kali Yuga, all these three are in dire peril. The Vedas are ridiculed, Woman is tempted into unwomanly lives, and Property itself is condemned as theft! So, the Avatar has a Threefold Task. Man has no purity in the heart, no sanctity in his emotions, no love in his deeds, no God in his prayers. - SAI BABA

Source: "Three in One Now" - SSS Vol VI
Prashanti Nilayam Krishna Janmashtami 28.7.1967 &
**Prashanti Nilayam 31.8.1972

*MAYASHAKTI: power of Maya.
*YOGASHAKTI: power of yoga.

KRITHA (krta), THRETHA (treta), DWAPARA (dvapara) and KALI are the four periods or ages of the world's existence. The first three periods have already elapsed; Kali is the present period. The duration of each is enumerated respectively as 1,728,000; 1296,000; 864,000 and 432,000 years. The discending numbers successively reduced by one-quarter, being supposed to represent a similar reduction of the physical and moral standards of each age. The four ages total4,320,000 years and constitute a great yuga (maha yuga)

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