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Ati Rudra Maha Yajna
"Lingam  Miracle"
Info: Ati Rudra Maha Yajna At Chennai 

Aum Sri sai ram,

I would like to share with you all a small incident Before the start of ARMY ( Athi Rudra Maha Yagna) at prashanthi Nilayam, one
of the organisers, a Karnataka Youth member, was allotted the duty of getting the Lingam. Swami had indicated that an agent in Bangalore had to be  approached for this. On approaching him, the agent guided them to a marble factory in Jaipur. So this person prior to leaving for Jaipur, went to a Hanuman temple to pray to grant him the ability to successfully bring the Lingam. After coming out, feeling that he was on a holy mission, he left his footwear at the temple premises itself and went to Jaipur barefoot. On reaching the place, they found that this factory was run by Muslims, with  all employees being Muslims. The person in-charge, a young person, asked the Sai Youth to wait and work of making the Lingam was commenced. They chose a good marble without any cracks or bubbles for the purpose. The strange thing  was that all work in the factory was stopped and all the employees gathered around the place where the Linga was being made and started doing Namaaz during the entire duration of the making of the Lingam which was for 4  hours!!! It was found that this was the routine in this place that whenever
a lingam was being made in this factory, all of them gathered around to offer their prayers to the Almighty and the holy task was undertaken with an attitude of devotion.
The time came for Billing ..........the person in-charge asked in whose name it was to be billed. The Sai Youth asked them to "please make the Bill on Bhagawan Sri satya sai baba's name". Then the in-charge person told him to wait and brought his 90+ grandfather who was at his house. He came gently inside and said that he felt that it was his great fortune that he could at last make a Linga for BABA. Now the grandpa with his sweet soft voice told
them ," You know what, 40 Yrs back baba had come to this factory which was a small workshop then. I had offered Him one small Linga which was made here, but BABA said when time comes He would take it from him . It is only because BABA stepped into his small work shop it has grown into this big factory." Saying this he said "I cant charge BABA anything please take this and just give it to HIM." So they left the place taking the Linga with utmost care and of course in BLISS .When they reached Parthi ,our Dear Lord was waiting for them In the veranda. As soon as He saw them He asked them to come to the interview room, they removed the well packed Linga and were trying to show Him when Swami
insisted that they place the Linga on His lap. Reluctantly, they placed this 8 KG HEAVY linga on the frail delicate lap as they had no other option other than to obey HIS command. After It was placed ,Swami very gently kept  touching the linga all over and said "THIS IS A PERFECT ONE " Then Swami asked them to keep It back. On lifting they felt that it was heavier. Swami then asked then how much it had cost them. When they narrated what had
happened in the factory, Swami asked the Sai Youth who had brought the Lingam to return to the factory and give the owner Rs.11/- On returning to the room as they had to fix this linga into a silver bowl like thing which all of you would have seen they had to measure it by Height and weight . Lo and Behold!!! The Linga which weighed 8 KG'S now weighed 11 KG after It was placed on
Swami's lap!!! We know not what is the significance of this no 11 - the linga weighed 11 Kgs - an amount of Rs.11/- was asked to be paid for this - the Athi Rudra Maha Yagna was conducted in 11 days and on each day the Rudram was chanted 11 times.

Submitted to SBOI group by Nideesh k

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Ati Rudra Maha Yajna At Chennai

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba will participate in the Athi Rudra Maha Yajna for loka kalyana (global welfare and universal peace), scheduled to take place in Chennai for 12 days starting from January 19 2007.

Program schedule:

Yagna starts on 19th Jan 2007 with Kalasha Sthapana.
Yagna End : 30th or 31st of Jan 2007.

The Ati Rudra Maha Yajna program format would be the same as happened in Parthi.

Yagna Venue:

24, South Avenue Extension,
Vasudevan Nagar South Avenue Extension,
Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600041
Adjacent to Tiruvanmiyur Bus Terminus.


Accommodation for Overseas Devotees:

In chennai airport, you will find SAI information counter. There you can find the list of hotels/motels/lodges to choose from based on your budget.

Swami's abode in Chennai
This Yajna was previously held at Puttaparthi from 9th-20th August 2006. The detailed account of this Yajna can be found in the following links.

Swami's abode in Chennai is called "SUNDARAM"
located in South Madras and Ati Rudra Maha Yagnam will be held
in different location in area called - Thiruvanmiyur.The Yagna
location is best accessible by Bus from any part of the city.This
location is more closer to Chennai Airport than Railway Station.
There are two major Railway Stations in Chennai:1)MADRAS CENTRAL for
trains to Bangalore,Mumbai,Delhi and other cities 2)MADRAS EGMORE for
trains to mainly within state.In addition, several railway stations
serve city commuters(Electric Trains).
(By Ravi Raman member SBOI group)

Bus transport for ARMY.(Adhi Rudra Maha Yagnam),site ,Chennai.

Sairam. Information is gathered that sri sathya sai organisation,chennai is arranging bus transport facilities from all parts of chennai to the ADHI RUDRA MAHA YAGNAM SITE at Tiruvanmiyur for all the routes not covered by Chennai metropoliton transport corporation to Thiruvanmiyur yagnam site. 15 such routes are identified. Chartered MTC buses will ply in these routes.FREE TRANSPORTATION WILLBE PROVIDED TO DEVOTEES IN THESE ROUTES. It is understood that two trips , one at 5AM and other at 12Noon will ply from each route to Yagnam site for the benefit of devotees and will make return trips at 11AM and 7PM respectively, Detailed starting points , enroute bus stoppings will be made known as soon as the list is approved by sai organisation's state president and other top officials. sairam

Source: SBOI group member - Sai Ramakoti

As Lord Krishna declared in Bhagavad Gita, "Whenever the practice of Dharma is on the decline and Adharma on the rise, I embody myself".

In accordance with this declaration, the Veda Purusha himself has to reincarnate for the revival of Veda Dharma. The great Yagnas and Yagas are to be performed not merely for attaining worldly benefits. In fact, the purpose of these krathus (sacrifices) is vedoddharana (revival of vedas), Dharama rakshana (protection of Dharma) and vidwath poshana (supporting the vedic scholars). If these three aspects are taken care of, where is the question of lack of peace and prosperity in the world?
The smrithi has also declared "Vedokhilo Dharmamoolam" which means all dharmas emanated from Veda only. Is it not a fact that the Githacharya in the Bhagavad Gita has declared "Vedaischa Sarvair ahameva vedyo Vedanthakrid Veda-videvachaham" (oh! Arjuna! Know that I am the One to be known by the Vedas). Thus the Vedas can be described as Mantras to propitiate the concerned devas (Gods). These devas reside in the vedic scholars who chant the mantras. That is why the Sruthi has repeatedly emphasised the point that it is a great sin to deride such vedic scholars.
-Source: page 15, Sri Sathya Sai Veda Vani ISBN: 81-7208-429-3

View of Sai Kulwant Hall

Excerpts from the first discourse on 9th August 2006

As stated by the Pundit who just spoke, the Athi Rudraconsists of many Namakas and Chamakas. They sustain the human life. From where did this power come? The Namaka and Chamaka are taken from the Krishna Yajur Veda. It is an all inclusive Veda, from which the other Vedas, Sastras (scriptures), Ithihasas (ancient legends) and Puranas emanated. Unfortunately, today, the Vedas have lost their pre-eminent position due to poor patronage. People who take to a serious study of the Vedas and chant the mantras contained in them regularly have become rare. A regular study of the Vedas and practice of Vedic injunctions confer all forms of wealth on the human beings. The fundamental principles governing human life and destiny are contained in the Vedas. The Vedas are the gift of God for the welfare of the entire humanity. The Vedas make no distinction whatsoever on the basis of religion, caste, nationality, etc. The Veda mantras can be chanted by one and all. (Swami then called two boys from abroad studying in Prasanthi Nilayam and asked them to recite Sri Suktam).
It is Swami’s wish that the Vedas shall be spread to every country, so that every human being irrespective of religion, caste, nationality, etc., learns Vedas and chants them.



This Yajna was previously held at Puttaparthi, - Prasanthi Nilayam - from 9th-20th August 2006. The detailed account/MP3/Photos etc. of this Yajna can be found in the following links.

2006 Yajna at

2006 - ATI RUDRA MAHA YAJNAM Photos & Report
1st day - 2nd day - 3rd day - 4th day - 5th day  - 6th day-

7th day
- 8th day - 9th Day - 10 day - 11th day -

 12th day - Poornahuti of Yajna

9th-20th August 2006]
Quick Download Text file:  Ati Rudra Maha Yajna Elaborate Report  9th - 20th Aug 2006

Yajna Discourses

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Ati Rudra Maha Yajnam is a very important form of worship of Lord Siva, the very source of cosmic energy for the entire creation. His Divine form encompasses and extends far beyond all known and unknown galaxies and universes. Lord Siva is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. He is the conqueror of Death and an embodiment of infinite mercy, compassion and love. We who owe our existence to the Divinity are duty bound to think of Him constantly and worship Him gratefully for the welfare of all mankind.

Lord Siva is worshipped traditionally in the form of Linga – resembling the replica of Brahmanda. Abhisheka is the ritual dearest to His heart.
Sage Satapatha in his treatise “Maharnava Karma Vipaka” listed four types of Abhisheka procedures compatible with Vedic and scriptural lore. Those are Rudram, Ekadasa Rudram, Maha Rudram and Ati Rudram – each being more potent than the preceding one. Of these, the most potent form of Ati Rudram involves 14641 Rudrams (Rudram is a combination of Namakam and Chamakam given in Rudradhyayam in the 5th Prapathakam of the 4th Kanda of Krishna Yajur Veda Samhita). Namaka recited once along with recital of Chamaka once constitutes one Rudram. Recital of 11 Namakas along with one Anuvaka of Chamaka at the end of each Namaka, thus completing one Chamaka constitutes Ekadasa Rudram. Recital of 11 Ekadasa Rudrams is Laghu Rudram or Rudraikadasini. Recital of 11 Laghu Rudrams is one Maha Rudram. Recital of 11 Maha Rudrams is one Ati Rudram. Therefore, in Ati Rudram 14641 Rudrams include 14641 Namakams and 1331 Chamakams. Simultaneously with Rudrabhisheka, Rudra Homas are conducted by 121 priests well versed in Vedic rituals in 11 Homa Kundas erected for the purpose. A Linga is being installed especially for the purpose of conducting Rudrabhishekam daily. Side by side the Rudra Parayanas and Rudra Homas, other related rituals such as Sri Sai Gayatri Homas, Lingabhisheka Poojas, Kramarchana Parayanas and Tarpanas will also be performed.
This Maha Yajna is being performed for Loka Kalyana and good of all mankind as well as to ensure universal peace and prosperity. It is, indeed, our good fortune that such a grand Vedic ritual is being performed in a selfless manner in the Divine Presence of Bhagawan, the very embodiment of Siva-Sakti form of Absolute Cosmic Energy in its entirety.




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