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Images & Report from 2nd Day [10th August, 2006]
Yajna 2nd day Video

Report from [10th Aug.] today morning

DIVINE DISCOURSE - 10th August 2006

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Ati Rudra Maha Yagnam - August 10th 2006

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2nd set of Photos of day two
10th August & Yajna News :
"...Immediately after these performances came the much awaited discourse from Swami. Swami began with his famous poem 'Khanda Khandantara........' and stressed on the stanza that described the rich culture of.." Read more


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Latest 2nd set of Photos of day two & Yajna News : "...Immediately after these performances came the much awaited discourse from Swami. Swami began with his famous poem 'Khanda Khandantara........' and stressed on the stanza that described the rich culture of.." Read more  

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Images & Report:  1st day of Yajna
Posted on 10th August 2006 at 11:50 p.m.

Athi Rudra Maha Yajna: Day 2 Morning Session

 Prasanthi Nilayam, the epicenter of Spiritual awakening wakes up in the early hours called The Brahma Muhurtha… the most auspicious time to awake one’s innermost spiritual instincts. As the Chief Priest rightly mentioned on the inaugural day, all the Gods and Devas would be watching with fervour and devotion, the Spiritual feast at Prasanthi Nilayam conducted under the auspices of the Lord of all Lords Himself, aiming at World Peace and Prosperity.

One would have noticed that in Prasanthi Nilayam every day the bhajan session ends with the Universal Prayer “Lokah Samasthah Sukhino Bhavanthu”, for the Universal well being; and time and again Bhagawan has re-iterated the importance and significance of this prayer which brings peace to the individual and thus to the world at large. …And this indeed is indicative of the absolute peace mission that is being lead by the Avatar of the Age.

The second morning schedule of the Yajna commenced with Mangala Vadya, Kala Homa, Anga Homa and Kala Avahana at the scheduled hour at 5:30 a.m. This was followed by Aruna Parayana at 6:00 a.m. and Nethronmeelanam at 6:25 a.m. and Praana Pratishta at 6:30 a.m.

Bhagawan arrived at the fully packed Sai Kulwant Hall, the venue for the Yajna at around 6:20 a.m., went for a full round before occupying His special seat on the dais. Next was the turn of the most awaited and auspicious occasion related to the Yajna, the installation of the Lingam by the Divine Hands. It is indeed a rare good fortune to have such a Yajna conducted under the auspices of Bhagawan, with an absolute purpose, the most selfless one, Peace for humanity and for the world at large. Bhagawan who came down from the dais to bless the occasion of installation of the Linga, materialized an object, the eye of the Linga and thus sanctified the Linga by installing the same with His Divine Hands. The object that was materialized, the eye, was placed on the Linga by the Divine Hands and the process is known as Netronmeelanam.

Referring to the installation of the Linga known as Praana Pratishta, the Chief Priest highlighted the supreme importance of the function for having the same done by the Divine Hands at His Holy Abode. He further went on elaborating that naming of the Linga is mandatory during such a Yajna and hence the Linga would be glorified as Sayeeshwara and henceforth would be known by that name.

This was followed by Rudra Paarayanam and Rudra Abhishekam to the Linga. The Yajna began with the lighting of the sacred sacrificial fire. The fire is started by the rapid rubbing of two sacred wooden sticks by the priests. The sacrificial fire starts burning by the natural emergence of fire in the latent sticks, symbolic of the latent presence of the Divine in every object in creation. Bhagawan has often declared that if one turns the vision inward he would be able to experience the light Divine effulgent in one's heart.

Another uniqueness of this Yajna is, according to the Chief Priest, the day of the commencement of the Yajna ( 9 th Aug 2006) was Shravan Nakshtra, the star of Lord Maha Vishnu…and the concluding day of the Yajna, 20 th August is supposedly Ardra Nakshtra, the star of Lord Siva Himself. This symbolises the aspect of Sankara Narayana, attributes of Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu.

Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram at 8:45 a.m. while the Yajna was continuing in Sai Kulwant Hall.


Posted on 10th Aug 2006 at 10:00 Hrs. IST

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Latest 2nd set of Photos of day two & Yajna News :
"...Immediately after these performances came the much awaited discourse from Swami. Swami began with his famous poem 'Khanda Khandantara........' and stressed on the stanza that described the rich culture of.." Read more

DIVINE DISCOURSE - 10th August 2006

10th August 2006
Ritwiks, the Embodiments of Sacredness, Devotees and Students!
Bharat is the land of abundance. It is the sacred land which has given birth to number of great scholars, musicians and women of chastity. It is a great misfortune that having been born in this sacred land, people are not able to realise its ancient glory and rich cultural heritage. The rituals performed by the head priest this morning have a profound significance and a great inner meaning. People observe the performance of the rituals, but they are not able to experience philosophy underlying the rituals. Whatever we hear from our elders, we should try to experience them in our heart. It is said,"Manasyekam Vachasyekam, Karmanyekam Mahatmanam; Manasyanyath Vachasyanyath, Karmanyanyath Duratmanam (Those whose thoughts, words and deeds are in perfect harmony are noble ones; those who lack harmony of these are wicked)."Therefore, it is necessary for all those who observe the performance of these rituals and hear the Vedic mantras being chanted therein, to experience the divine feelings in their heart. In Bharat, wherever you see, you will find excellence in the fields of music and literature.

Sravanam (listening), Kirtanam (singing), Vishnusmaranam (contemplating on Vishnu), Padasevanam (serving His Lotus Feet), Vandanam (salutation), Archanam (worship), Dasyam (servitude), Sneham (friendship), Atmanivedanam (self-surrender). These are the nine forms of devotion for attaining God which have been propagated since ancient times. The intense devotion and steadfast faith that are seen in Bharat are not seen anywhere else. It is only in Bharat that people are able to overcome their trials and tribulations and lead a peaceful life by contemplating on God all the time. Such sanctity and sacredness is not found anywhere else in the world. All over the world, wherever you go, you find only misery and suffering. It is the good fortune of the people of this country that they are born in this sacred land. We do not find the performance of sacred rituals like Yajnas and Yagas anywhere else in the world. People think that offering oblations in fire is Yajna, but true Yajna is offering oneself to God, please God and to become worthy of His love. Yajna should not be performed for attaining selfish ends. It should be performed for the welfare of the entire world.

In Bharat, people have been performing Yajnas and Yagas since ancient times. Yajnas and Yagas were performed even in Treta Yuga, but demons tried to disrupt the Yajnas because they did not understand the significance of the Vedas. With the advent of Dwapara Yuga, people made an attempt to understand the truth and significance about the performance of the Yajnas and Yagas. King Janaka did not attain satisfaction despite performing many Yajnas and Yagas. Being educated, people should understand the meaning of Yajnas and Yagas. In fact, it is necessary that everyone should involve himself in the performance of the Yajnas and Yagas. It only means that whatever actions one does should be to please God. We should have the firm conviction that whatever we do, we do only to please God. In fact, the very purpose of human birth is to please God. Human life is not meant to be wasted on eating and drinking. The purpose of human birth is to attain liberation. Man should try to recognise his true nature.

Whomsoever you come across, you keep on enquiring, “Who are you?” and thus waste your time. But you never enquire, “Who am I?” Once you know the truth about yourself, you will know the true nature of everybody. We should not waste our time on trying to know about others. The prayer goes Kalaya Namah, Kala Kalaya Namah, Kaladarpa Damanaya Namah, Kalateetaya Namah, Kalaswarupaya Namah, Kalaniyamitaya Namah (salutations to time, to the one who is beyond time, to the one who has conquered time, to the one who transcends time, to the one who is the embodiment of time, and to the one who ordains time). Therefore, we should not waste even a single moment in our life. People today strive to attain materialistic gains, intellectual growth and to satisfy the senses, but nobody is making an effort to attain self-realisation. How long do the sensual pleasures and bodily pleasures last? They are all momentary and fleeting. Only what is heartfelt is lasting. You should therefore make efforts for satisfying your conscience. This is possible only by associating yourself with good company.

Satsangatwe Nissangatwam,
Nissangatwe Nirmohatwam,
Nirmohatwe Nischalatattwam,
Nischalatattwe Jivanmukti.
(Sanskrit Sloka)

You become bad by associating with bad company. Tell me your company, I shall tell you what you are, so goes the saying. The type of qualities you acquire depends upon your company. Therefore, you should associate with noble and spiritual-minded people. The people gathered here form a great spiritual company. This type of company is not available anywhere else. When you associate yourself with such noble company, you get noble feelings. When water evaporates, it forms into clouds. But all clouds do not bring rain. Rain depends upon the type of clouds. Today we are not getting good rains. Man’s life depends upon water. Pure water ensures good health and long life.

Many diseases are caused by polluted water. Similarly pollution in the environment is also the cause for many diseases. Therefore, we should keep our environment clean and pure. It is also necessary that we should consume only pure water. Then only can man become healthy and blissful. Happiness is very essential for good health.

Students! Boys and Girls!
You are all young. It is essential for you to have your environment and food clean and pure. You should always have good company. Speak good words, have healthy entertainment and engage yourself in good activities. Life is a game, play it. Engage yourself in the welfare of others and lead a life in such a noble way that it leads to liberation. Anyone you talk to, always speak in a calm tone, in words of empathy and compassion. Avoid harsh words. Your harsh words will hurt the feelings of others. Speak such words which touch the heart of others. Help Ever Hurt Never.

Saha Navavathu
Saha Nau Bhunakthu
Saha Veeryam Karavavahai
Tejaswinavadeetamasthu Ma Vidvishavahai

(May the Lord protect and nourish us both,
May we grow in intelligence and valour working together
May we live in friendship without any conflict!)

Develop friendship with others by speaking good words. Good company will make your heart filled with good feelings. When your thoughts are good, your actions will also be good. And when your actions are good, their result is bound to be good. The tongue, that is the gift of God, should therefore be used to speak softly and sweetly in a sacred way. It is a noble tradition of Bharat that people here speak sacred words. When some elder person comes to your house, you should treat him respectfully and offer him a proper seat. Never use improper and disrespectful words while talking to elders. Your being good or bad depend mainly upon the words you use. When you speak politely, you will have respect in society and others will also speak to you politely.

Students! Never be proud of your education. If you develop pride at this stage, you will become egoistic in life. When your words are good, your heart will also be good. When the heart is full of sweetness, all our feelings will also become sweet. Therefore, make your heart pure, soft and sweet. During the forthcoming days, many learned persons will address you. You will have the opportunity of listening to their sacred talk. See that these sacred words are imprinted on your heart.

Embodiments of Love!
Lead your lives with compassion, kindness and love. Suffuse your life with love. Love is nectarine. It has unmatched sweetness. Therefore use always polite words. Even if you come across an enemy, offer your salutations to him. Do not turn your back upon even your enemy. Be friendly with everybody. The Vedas declare that we should live and work together and achieve noble goals with unity.

Let us all move together, let us all grow together,
Let us all stay united and grow in intelligence together,
Let us live together with friendship and harmony. (Telugu Poem)

This is the foremost teaching of the Vedas. God has given you a soft tongue. You should not speak harsh words with your tongue. The soft tongue should always speak soft and sweet words. Harsh words will make you hard-hearted. If you speak politely, you will have good results. On the other hand, harsh words will always bring bad results.

Embodiments of Love!
The chief priest has given a talk on a very good spiritual topic. You should try to understand the meaning of the subjects dwelt upon by him during this Yajna. Do not limit your education to what is taught by the teachers in the classroom. Bookish knowledge is artificial. This type of artificial education is of little worth. What is important is not artificial but ‘heartificial’. In the coming days, you will listen to talks by many learned speakers on valuable subjects which will enhance your knowledge and purity. Sravanam (listening), Kirtanam (singing), Vishnusmaranam (contemplating on Vishnu), Padasevanam (serving His Lotus Feet), Vandanam (salutation), Archanam (worship), Dasyam (servitude), Sneham (friendship), Atmanivedanam (self-surrender) are the nine forms of devotion. Among them, Sravanam is the first one. So, listen to good things and try to assimilate the goodness contained therein. Move away from the place where unpalatable words are spoken. Let everything bad dissolve in thin air.

Accept only all that is good. Then good only will remain with you for ever. All that is related to God is good. Only that is eternal and sacred. Absorb all that is sacred and base your life on these eternal values. God’s teachings are full of sweetness. His words are nectarine. One should never ignore the teachings of God. You may even give up the body, but not the teachings of God. The human body is made up of five elements. Nobody knows when it meets its end. It is bound to fall one day or the other. Do not give importance to the body. Life is not meant merely to sustain your body. Associate with this type of sacred company for mental purification and attainment of bliss. It is not enough if you merely associate with the sacred company; you should suffuse your heart with sacred teachings of such an exalted company.
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