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Day Nine:  17th August ATI RUDRA MAHA YAJNAM
 Report + Photos

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Day Nine - Prasanthi Bulletin


Athi Rudra Maha Yajna: Day 9

Bhagawan in His Discourse on 10th August 2006 said, “During the forthcoming days, many learned persons will address you. You will have the opportunity of listening to their sacred talk. See that these sacred words are imprinted in your heart.” The students and devotees have the greatest opportunity of listening to these learned speakers. These speakers are giving scholarly expositions on their chosen topic. Some of them are in the pinnacle of their career and some retired after rendering yeoman service in their respective institutions. What they speak are gems of wisdom – wisdom derived from years of experience.
Bhagawan had blessed two more speakers to address the audience on this evening. The first speaker was Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan, Director, Indian Institute of Scientific and Cultural Heritage, Trivandrum. A well acclaimed scientist with specialisation in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Dr. Gopalakrishnan has been the recipient of many prestigious scientific awards and has authored several books on scientific and cultural heritage. He possesses 6 patents in his areas of specialisation and has the unique blend of modern scientific knowledge with heritage Sanskrit based scientific knowledge. He addressed the gathering on the topic “Sivam Bhutva Sivam Bhaje”. The second speaker Sri Ajit Popat is based in London. He is an Investment and Property Consultant and is the trustee of the Heart Valve Bank. He addressed the devotees on “The Significance of this Yajna”. Sri Popat is known for his wit and humour in his speeches. Excerpts of their speeches are given below.
Sri Gopalakrishnan began his speech by offering his reverential Pranams to Bhagawan considering Him as his everything. Twameva Mathacha Pitha Twameva, Twameva Bandhuscha Sakha Twameva, Twameva Vidya Dravinam Twameva, Twameva Sarvam Mama Sai Deva (You alone are the mother and father, friend and relation, wisdom and wealth, You are my everything, Oh my Sai). In our country, science and spirituality integrated from time immemorial. Lord Krishna declared in the Bhagawadgita 5140 years ago that every spiritual knowledge is to be integrated with science for getting rid of superstitions. Lord Siva is an integration of science and spirituality and Bhagawan is also an integration of science and spirituality. Our Athi Rudra Maha Yajna is also an integration of science and spirituality. Sivam Bhutva Sivam Bhaje, the cosmic form of Siva, the Tandava Nritya (cosmic dance) of Siva, where billions and billions of galaxies are rotating and revolving every second. The Tandava Nritya of the electrons in an atom is something unique and the whole universe as the kinetic energy, the potential energy, the sound energy, the electric energy and everything through Bhava, Raga, Tala – ‘Bha’ ‘Ra’ ‘Tam’. And you can see from the cosmic form of Siva comes down the Siva connecting the Loka (world) as Siva Linga. In the Siva Linga hundreds and hundreds of reactors established everywhere in the world, having the unique shape of Siva Linga, connects with the energy throughout the world. All the people of the world are connected with this energy as perceived by Siva. Siva Sakthi exists in each and every thing in this universe. It is an integration of science and spirituality. Bhagawan also integrates science and spirituality at the cosmic level. The universal love has been vibrated and Bhagawan gives the energy in the level of the world through the generated atomic reactors of Sai Seva Samithi. It spreads in everyone as Aham Sai (I am Sai). The speaker concluded his speech saying that he is the happiest man in the world today because his forehead touched the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan. My Pranams to Bhagawan.
Sri Ajit Popat began his speech by offering his humble Pranams to Bhagawan. Sri Popat punctuated his speech in Hindi frequently in his own inimitable style. The speaker referred to the interview last January wherein Bhagawan graciously created a Linga and gave him the instructions to worship the Linga. Bhagawan said that the Linga is the manifestation of materialisation, vibration and radiation. Swami told that the Linga has to be worshipped with Panchakshari Mantra – Om Namah Sivaya. The Panchakshari Mantra is the source and sustaining power of Panchabhutas (five elements), Pancha Pranas (five life-breaths), Pancha Koshas (five sheaths of the soul), Pancha Karmendriyas (five senses of action), Pancha Jnanendriyas (five senses of perception). The speaker took the liberty to pose a question, “Is there any need to do a Yajna?” Bhagawan, who has created the entire universe can also bring world peace merely by His Will. The speaker said, Bhagawan has started a series of Yajnas, “Sampurna Arogya Pradayaka Yajna”. It is the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences. “Sampurna Atma Vidya Pradayaka Yajna”. It is the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. Sampurna Tushti Pushti Santushti Pradayaka Yajna. Bhagawan’s Water Project which is health, wealth and prosperity. Then why this Athi Rudra Maha Yajna. If there has to be world peace, it has to first begin at the individual level. The speaker felt that Bhagawan has commenced this Yajna to instil social, moral and spiritual responsibilities in our hearts and minds. On the Purnahuti day, when each of us go to our respective destinations, we must believe that the Yajna is not over, but it has just started. Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, is there a conclusion for that Yajna, because it is a Prema Yajna. Bhagawan out of his concern for humanity has started the hospitals. Nobody has asked Him to do so. He is everything for us.
The learned speaker reminded everyone that before performing any action, one should think, whether Bhagawan will be happy with our action. If Bhagawan is happy, then the whole world will be happy. The ultimate happiness lies in communication with God. With this noble remark, the Sri Popat concluded his speech.

After Sri Popat’s speech, Bhagawan distributed wrist watches to all the priests who are conducting this Yajna and also the Veda chanting students. Out of his outpouring of love, the students who performed dance on the 15th of August were given these watches. The names of the priests were called one by one and Bhagawan personally distributed watches to all of them. After this distribution, there was a music concert. This concert was a real treat to devotional music lovers. Prasadam was distribution to all the devotees and then Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram, the abode of the Lord.

August 17, 2006 - Prasanthi Bulletin

The ceremony started with 'Arunaparayanam' at 5 A.M (prayer to the Sun God) and was followed by 'Mahanyasam' and Abhishekam to the Lingam, 'Saieeshwara'. This was followed by 'Rudra Parayanam', which is the recital of the 'Rudram' 11 times by 121 ritwiks. At 7:42 A.M, our beloved Lord arrived, much to the joy of everyone. He sat on the sofa at 7:55 A.M and watched the proceedings. Parayanam got over at 8:10 A.M. The head priest took Swami's permission to begin the Homam. At 8.25, Rudra homam commenced and shortly thereafter Swami went to the interview room and called one of His students (a dancer) for an interview with his parents. Meanwhile, on completion of the Rudra Homam, 'Sai Gayathri Homam' followed at 9:13 A.M. Swami came back at 9.22. He permitted His students to distribute 'Prasadam' to everyone. The cover of each of the sweets distributed today had this quote: "What God gives never exhausts, what man gives never lasts." During every Prasadam distribution Bhagawan makes sure that no one is missed out in the thousands who gather there. But truly speaking, His grace reaches not only those who attended the Yagnam, but to all regardless of geographic location. For what God gives can never be exhausted and there's more than enough for all of us to partake. This message was driven home subtly. This was followed by the rendition of beautiful hymns from 'Thiruvaasagam', a Tamil epic which portrays the glory of Lord Siva. The memorable morning programme concluded with Mangala Aarathi to Bhagawan at 9.40 A.M.

Swami came out from Yajur Mandir at 2.45 p.m. Vedic hymns and the musical nadaswaram welcomed Him. His car passed amongst the devotees and as per His command it went straight towards the interview room over the slope. Swami came out of the interview room at 3.03 p.m.and sat in all His majesty overseeing the proceedings of the various rituals. Pooja ended at 3.10 p.m. Swami then called the head priest and enquired about the pooja and about other rithwiks. As per Swami's command, Sri. Vinay Kumar introduced the two speakers for the day.

The first speaker was Dr. N. Gopalakrishanan, Director of the Indian Institute of Scientific and Cultural Heritage located in Trivandrum. His speech was a display of authority over the ageless Vedas and the mastery over the modern science. He said, "Since times immemorial science and spirituality stood united in this land of Bharath which is overseen by Shiva of Himalayas facing Parvati located in Kanyakumari, who in turn is gazing back at Her lord....... Swami is an inspiring integration of science and spirituality...Today I am the Happiest of all beings for I could touch the feet of the Lord with my forehead. My prostrations to Thee for your compassion ...My prostrations to Thee for your uniqueness in integrating science and spirituality".

The second speaker was Sri. Ajit Popat from London. His astounding eloquence brought forth many important points worthy of deep consideration. He said, "We have not come here to see the smoke of yajna, but we all came here to realise that we have a role to play in the mission of the Lord. Swami can change the world in an instant but in His compassion He is endowing us an opportunity to be His instruments. .... The real yajna in reality commences from the day of Poornahuthi (formal ending ceremony of the Yajna). This yajna shall blaze forth from each heart that sat in His presence and heard His teachings and witnessed His miracles of Selfless Love." He then dealt upon the various facets of intellect that one should possess for being an effective instrument in His hands. His speech came to an end with the divine command.

Then the devotees witnessed an act that silently roared about the compassion and the limitless love of the Lord. Swami instructed Sri. Vinay Kumar to call upon all the ritwiks (priests) in order. He then tirelessly went on distributing beautiful watches to all of them personally. 132 priests were called upon in order and the Lord blessed each one in His unique way. Some with His look, some with a word, some with His abhayahasta and some with a nod, but in all as they walked back the twinkle in their eyes and the beaming smile on their lips told the masses that they were touched by God. He then personally enquired from the head priest whether everyone had got the watches. Lovingly Swami then gave a watch to Vinay Kumar and the house acknowledged this beautiful act with a thunderous applause.

Then there was a pleasant surprise for His students. Swami called all the dancers and gave them the watches, His tokens of blessings and love. He then called all the vedam boys and gave them too the watches personally. After this outpour of Love, Swami asked all the ritwiks to chant Vedam. He went inside the interview room at 4.45p.m., and He came out at 5.05.p.m. .There was an entertaining musical concert by the singer sisters from Chennai, Ranjani-Gayathri. Swami blessed the singers with sarees. Aarati was given at 5.40 p.m. Prasadam was then distributed and Swami left for His residence at 5.45.p.m.


Day 9

17/08/06 Afternoon
Sai Ram All

This afternoon’s proceedings started 2.00pm sharp with the SaiEaswara linga abhishekams and Sri Rudram offerings. Swami came out about hour later with a full round and stopped in the car outside the interview room, and walked inside. He came out about 15 minutes later to His chair, just at the end of the Yagnam proceedings. Aarti to lingam commenced. Two speakers spoke, one mostly in Telugu. So I couldn’t understand. The other spoke so fast that I couldn’t also understand. I was seated right at the back. The set up of the Yagnam structure surrounding the fire pits makes it difficult to see Swami, as there are many poles that block your view. Even couldn’t see the TV properly. After the speakers, we expected Swami to get up to do His daily discourse, but He again went to the interview room. He asked all the priests to chant the Sri Rudram by just sitting there in a group. After about 30mins, He came back to His chair. All the priest’s came up individually to recieve a gift from Him. Too far back to see what they were. They all did padnamaskar to Him. It took about 35 mins. After that, another group of students came up, also individually to receive something from Swami. By now it was about 6.00pm. Next, a small group of women got up next to Swami and sang like the Gopikas. Beautiful renditions of Krishna bhajans. It was getting late and still no discourse. As He had said, He would speak tomorrow, yesterday. Time must of run out, so Aarti commenced and Swami left in the car. It started getting very windy late in the afternoon, that even the head priest had to cup the aarti flames, in case it was blown out. It started pouring down in showers, during the singing. Suddenly it stopped about 30 minutes later. Crowds seem to be diminishing, as the lines at the canteen are way down. A beautiful cool breeze this evening. Its like the whole ashram has had a cleansing.

In Sai


Day 9 17/08/06 Morning
Sai Ram All

Todays proceedings started at 5.00am. The pundits started the prescribed Rudram chants and abhishekams. Swami arrived about 7.40am, and went straight to His chair. He watched for about an hour, then went to the interview room. During the Sai Gayatri Homan, He returned. He stayed till Aarti and left. Starts again at 2.00pm

Source: Blog by Mark [Copyright © 2006 Innersky at Prashanti]

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Abhishekam for Sayeeshwara with Sugar

    Abhishekam for Sayeeshwara

Rudra Parayanam

  Sai and Sayeeshwara

Rudra Parayanam

Bhagawan interacting with Shri N. Gopala Krishnan after his talk on "Shivam Bhutva - Shivam Bhajeth" (Become Shiva - Worship Shiva)

Bhagawan listening to a speech by Shri Ajit Poppad

Bhagawan presenting a wrist watch to the Pradan Archak

Bhagawan presenting wrist watches to all ritwiks

Swami presenting wrist watches to the students vedam group

Bhagawan blessing the student vedam group

Bhagwan witnessing the music program by sisters Ranjini and Gayathri accompanied by Charumathi Raghuram (Violin) and Neyveli Skandasubramanian (Mrudangam) 14

Yajna's sacred process of rituals commenced this morning at 5.00 a.m. with Yajna (RUDRA) Chants and the Lingam Abhishekam. Radiating Sai Bhagawan came inside the Kulwant hall at 7.35 a.m. after giving the usual darshan from His car Swami sat on the Throne (chair) placed for Him in the centre area of Sai Kulwant Hall, Swami watched the Yajna proceedings for an hour, at around 8.35 Swami went inside the interview room; Swami came back again to His throne & watched the Yajna proceedings for a short while, after the customary Aarthi Swami retired to His abode.  Also prasadam in new packaging (with Sai Pic & quotes) were distributed to the devotees today.



Panchamrutha Abhishekam and Aarathi for Sayeeshwara


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