Words of God - Part 3  "Why is the world suffering when the AVATAR is here?"

*..... Do not be too conceited, feeling that the Avatar has come for you particularly. I have come for the sake of Dharma. And, how is the Avatar to guard Dharma? Well, "Vedokhilo Dharma Moolam" "The Vedas are the root of Dharma." When the Vedas remain unharmed, that is to say, when the Vedic scholars are unharmed, the Veda will remain ever-green in the heart of man. That is the real Dharma-sthapana.

..... You may ask, "Well. The Lord has incarnated. Then why should the world be torn by strife and stricken with sorrow?" Why, even when Lord Krishna was here, there was war and wickedness, strife and sorrow. The husk will have to be pulled out, the pure saved always from the impure. The present suffering is mainly due to the lapses in discipline among the professed followers of the Vedic Path, their disregard for the morality laid down in the Sastras and their absence of faith in the ancient scriptures. What uses can a blind man make of a lamp, however bright it may be?

..... With Me, the resolution and the realisation coincide in time; there is no time-lag. You may say that only twenty boys have joined now; when a huge country is administered by a cabinet of twelve, this band of students is enough for the work I have in view. My task is to open your eyes to the Glory of the Vedas and to convince you that the Vedic injunctions, when put into practice, will yield the results promised. My task is to make you aware of your errors and the loss you are incurring; not only you who are here just now, but all the people of India and even the world.

My Prema towards the Veda is equalled only by My Prema towards Humanity. My Mission, remember, is just fourfold:
Vedaposhana, Vidwathposhana, Dharmarakshana and Bhakarakshana. Spreading My Grace and My Power along these four directions, I establish Myself in the Centre.

- Sai Baba - Prashanti Nilayam 23.11.1962

Call on HIM; HE is there, always

**..... God is not somewhere away from you, some One distinct from you. He is in you, before you, behind you, beckoning, guiding, guarding, warning, prompting, the Inner Voice speaking ever with you. You need not seek Him, He is there ready to respond to the call from the heart. Call on Me and I am always by your side.....

- Sai Baba - Hyderabad April 1973

Hold on to SAI - do not slip

***..... You have won this human body, this human life, as the reward for many lives spent in acquiring merit. You have won this chance, this unique good fortune of being able to get Darshan of Sai. Plunging deep into the waters of this tumultuous ocean of Samsar, you have heroically emerged from its depths, with this rare Pearl in your hands - the Grace of Sai. Do not allow it to slip from your clasp and fall into the depths again. Hold on firmly to it. Pray that you may have It for ever and be filled with the joy that It confers that is the way by which you can render this life fruitful.

- Sai Baba - Rajahmundry 3.1.1974


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Source:  *Open Your Eyes SSS Vol II

**Your Image In His Eye SSS Vol VIII - -

***Gurus - Not Teachers SSS VolIX - Samsar

VEDAS: the most ancient as well as the most sacred of the scriptures. Also, Breath Of God.

BHAKTHARAKSHANA: protecting, fostering of bhakthas (devotees) etc.

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