Words of God: The Sai Avatar on Himself - Part 4  "How to use the AVATAR"


..... The way in which the Avathar has to be used for one's liberation and uplift is: watch His every step, observe His actions, and activities, follow the guiding principle of which His life is an elaboration. Mark His love, His Compassion, His Wisdom, try to bring them into your own life. Man has become artificial, crooked, twisted out of his normal shape. He has left behind the simple natural ways and made his mind a lumber-room for ideas, worries, anxieties and terrors. He can live on very much less, with much greater joy for himself and others. If only he remembers that he is a treasure chest with the Divine Spark in it he will bSai Rainbow - Clicking on this picture will take you to Words of God index page.e more loving and more useful. God incarnates for the revival of Dharma (Righteousness) which includes morality, truth, virtue, love and host of other qualities that uphold the communities of man as well as the individual. The other purposes usually given, such as serving the devoted, destroying the wicked, re-establishing the sacred tradition-these are all secondary. For, he who is righteous will be guarded from harm by righteousness itself; he who is unrighteous will fall into disaster through the evil that he perpetrates. The one task includes all else.

I shall fulfil that task, whatever the comments that others may make. Comment is a natural corollary. I do not pay any attention to it; nor should you. The higher the hill, the deeper the valley. Praise or blame will not affect me in the least. The unshakable foundation on which My work is proceeding is Ananda. I cannot be moved away from it by anyone, at any time.

..... Do not exaggerate the creation and the manifestation of the Linga; it is only the manifestation of an atom of My Majesty. In Me, who can create worlds, and fill the Universe, there are things more worthy of adoration; universal Love, the teaching of Dharma, the revival of the Vedas, the fostering of the good, the benediction on Sadhakas.
- Sai Baba

Source: Atom of Majesty SSS Vol VI
Prashanti Nilayam Maha Shivaratri 26.2.1968

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